360 pugs rescued since October, 2005

Zsu Zsu, 2002 - 2007

We adopted Zsu-Zsu 5 years ago. A family illness brought the "girls" as they were known, into all breed rescue. Zoe was 5 and Zsu-Zsu was 10. No one was willing to adopt a senior Clumber. People hesitate to offer themselves to the "seasoned" pets, yet they have so much unconditional LOVE. We welcomed both into our hearts. Zsu-Zsu was the alpha dog. She ate first and slept where and for as long as she chose. Usually this was in the middle of the room. The "girls" loved their monthly "spa" days where they were pampered. Zsu-Zsu loved the dog park, and trips for icecream.

When Zsu-Zsu lost her hearing, she quickly learned sign language. As her vision dimmed she relied on our touch to guide her. As arthritis set in, we slept in the downstairs bedroom so our dear lady would not be alone. Sadly Zsu-Zsu passed, with us by her side, loving her as she left this world. She will be missed.

Colleen and Lori