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Ziggy - 8 Year Old Male


Foster Update, June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Ziggy!

Happy Birthday Ziggy! Although he's a little greyer, he is still doing well and is very active! Enjoy your day, little man!

Ziggy     Ziggy

Happy Tails, August 13, 2012

This photo of Ziggy was taken at a family gathering this past weekend. Everyone was quite taken by him and the new people around didn't affect him at all. He found time for everyone including young kids and another dog. His dispositon is marvelous and he truly prefers humans to animals. I notice that when he is let out back to do his business, he returns to the door immediately and barks at me until I go out with him. Then he is fine. I presume this was how it was done during his early training and is accustomed to this way. His addition to our household has been a blessing and were pretty sure he feels the same way. We look forward to our future with him.



Ziggy is a very mellow fellow that goes with the flow. While he's not particularly snuggly, he does like to lean in and put his head on your lap, if you give him a lift up on the couch. He likes to be touching, his human companions, in the big bed at night. He'll curl up at your feet. Although Ziggy is a large pug, he doesn't snore. Ziggy is a one person dog. While he's happy to see everyone, he holds a special place in his heart for number one. He'll shadow you night and day.

Ziggy has recuperated well, from his dental surgery. He'll get his rabies shot just before he's adopted. He could lose a few pounds (current weight 27 lbs.) and his thyroid levels should be checked annually. He has good vision in his remaining eye. Ziggy knows basic commands and can be left alone for a work day without incident. He'll wait patiently, by the door, for your return. Ziggy gets along well with other dogs and more or less ignores cats. There are no children, in his foster home, but given that he's an older dog, he'd do well with older kids (12+).

Ziggy has had a cough for several months. The origins are unknown. The vet has checked it out and the coughing has subsided, since his arrival in foster care.

He'd do well, in a one level home or condo. Ziggy sometimes doesn't like to do stairs and needs a lift onto the couch or the big bed. He's not a big barker but will let you know if someone is at the door or there's some activity in the neighborhood.

This sweet laid back guy would be a great addition to any family.

Foster Update, June 4, 2012

Ziggy's vet visit on Friday went well. He passed his wellness check with flying colours and his organs are functioning properly. He had a low normal T4 count which should be monitored going forward. It's an indicator of hypo thyroid which is treated with a supplement. Since he's still in the normal range, no treatment is required. He has a yeast infection in one ear that is clearing up nicely with Surolan.

Ziggy requires a dental. His teeth have a lot of build up and once this is removed, some of his teeth may need to be removed. His gums are raw and swollen. He's scheduled to go in for his dental tomorrow.

On the home front, Ziggy is as good as gold. He's such an easy fellow to have around. He has been absolutely perfect where house training is concerned; even when I've left him for a full work day. He loves a snuggle on the couch but won't beg to come up. Instead he'll rest at your feet. He has much the same approach about the big bed. He'll sleep in the dog bed in my room but he's quite content if you give him a lift up. His foster siblings have tried to engage him in play but he just gives them an odd look. I guess he's just not familiar with this concept. I'm lucky to have such a happy go lucky pug come my way.

Introduction, May 21, 2012

Ziggy came to us from a shelter. I was expecting him to be an older senior, but when he arrived he turned out to be friendly and energetic. He's an eight year old sweetie. He seems more interested in his human companions but he's very good with his fur family as well; even when they are not being so kind.

Ziggy's got a big beautiful thick coat. He's a large in length and height for a pug and likely he should loose a few pounds. Ziggy likes his food and his way of begging is to sit nearby and look at you longingly.

Ziggy has become my shadow. He didn't like being separated when I put him in a room to eat in peace. I have heard his voice but he's not a big barker. Ziggy knows how to sit. His recall is quite amazing (much better than the resident pugs) and Ziggy is exceptionally gentle at accepting his treats. Ziggy has not had a single accident since his arrival on Friday evening. Ziggy's a good traveller as well. He "talks" for the first few minutes and then settles right down.

Ziggy enjoyed a walk at the local conservation area. He's good on a leash and paid little attention to the other dogs at the park. Although he only has one eye, it does slow him down at all. His vision appears to be pretty good. He's a spirited eight year old.

On Ziggy's first night with us, he seemed a little over stimulated. He calmed down with a good snuggle and his head in my lap.

We'll let Ziggy get comfortable in his new surroundings and vet him in a couple of weeks.