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Zelda - 7 Month Old Female

Zelda Zelda

Happy Tails, April 8, 2014

We've had Zelda for a week now and she has been an absolute delight. She's incredibly sweet and affectionate with an endless amount of kisses to share. She loves curling up on our laps in the evening and is very excited to be able to sleep in bed with us at night, often snuggling right up beside our pillows. She has settled right in and is getting along great with her new pug sister. They spend hours running around and playing outside and her pug sister has finally accepted that she has to share her toys and food.

We're continuing to work on Zelda's house training and she has been doing well. She's had a few accidents in the house when she's been alone for a few hours during the day, but when given the opportunity to do her business outside, she does. She's very smart and her extreme motivation for food has definitely made training easier.

Overall, Zelda has filled our home with so much love and joy. She is always eager to join in whatever we're doing and makes us smile with her silliness every day. She already feels like part of the family and we look forward to giving her a long, happy life in her new forever home.

Ready To Adopt

Zelda is a lovely young pug girl. She is sweet and endearing and has lots of kisses for everyone. She is somewhat timid when first meeting new humans and, if approached too rapidly, can pee a bit. But, she warms up quickly. She needs slow and gentle exposure to new people.

Zelda is a busy girl and will need an owner who can give her the time, attention and exercise she needs. She'd love a canine companion, but needs one who is willing to play with her. She would not make a sedate senior dog happy at all. Zelda has enjoyed being around my cat, but does tend to play with him as if he were a dog and most cats won't enjoy that.

Zelda has been sleeping in an X-pen next to my bed, as I already have a full bed of dogs, and it provided a break for my crew, from her energy. She would absolutely LOVE to sleep with her humans, but will also be terribly excited by this and it may take some work to get her to settle down in a timely fashion.

Her housetraining is not bad, but she does still have accidents - mostly when she is too involved in playing to take the time to either use a pee pad or go outside. She has used the pee pads with some reliability and if taken out regularly, is quite good. She is young and some accidents are to be expected.

Zelda needs to take a basic level obedience course with a positive reinforcement trainer. This will help solidify her basics and help teach her and her adopter some techniques for dealing with her jumping and her enthusiasm for life. She is VERY bright and would really benefit from this.

Zelda is an utterly delightful and happy girl who would make a lovely addition to any family that is willing to accept and work with her perfectly typical puppyness.

Foster Update, February 17, 2014

Zelda continues to do very well and is making significant progress on her initial timidity towards people. I don't know that she will ever be totally comfortable in a mosh pit, but she is certainly much more comfortable when meeting small groups of new people.

She has very good skills with dogs and has enjoyed playing with everything from pugs to schnauzers to shepherds and doodles. She is a busy girl, but not obnoxious (or not in this house where obnoxious is the norm). She can be a bit barmy especially if feeling unsure or wanting another dog to play with her. She is working on general impulse control (it's hard to wait for a reward) and learning to be patient around meal times.

So far, she has not been bothered by the snow in the least and enjoys leaping from snow bank to snow bank.

She has had her initial vet assessment and all of her tests came back perfect. Next step for this little girl will be her spay in March.




Foster Update, February 3, 2014

Zelda has settled nicely into her foster home and enjoys playing with her foster siblings, both young and old. She is very interested in the cat, but can't quite figure out what he is or if he's safe. Consequently, she has adopted a very funny approach and run away style of engaging with him.

Her house training is pretty decent for a 5.5 month old pug and even better, she's not fazed by the snow. In a pinch, she can and will use pee pads (in my house that is newspaper held down by a pee pad holder).

She's somewhat timid with new people and can do some anxious peeing if approached too quickly, but she shows no worrisome behaviours and recovers and warms up to new people quickly. Her dog skills are very good and she's been having fun at my wiorkplace (I work in a dog training and day training facility).

She will be seeing the vet in the next couple of weeks for general vetting and assessment and to do blood work in preparation for her spay when she reaches 6 months of age.

Overall, she is extremely sweet and loving and has lots of pug fun in her.


Introduction, January 28, 2014

Zelda is a delightful young lady with a happy prance and an abundance of affection. She was surrendered to Pugalug when allergies in the family became an issue of concern.

She is somewhat timid initially, but soon warms up. She has had a great deal of fun playing with my crew and is trying to figure out the cat.

She seems healthy and will be spayed before adoption, but that won't happen for a while. She is a long and leggy girl with lots of fun in her and so far, seems to think the snow is a GREAT thing.