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Winston - 5 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, June 23, 2012

Winston has far surpassed our expectations! His foster mom couldn't be more right when saying that he is incredibly easy to live with. But not only that, he has added so much happiness and dynamic to our little family. Winston (or "Winnie" as we have come to call him) and his new sister, also a Pug named Huggs (aka "Huggies"), have gotten along from the day they met. But after only a few days they really discovered how valuable they are to one another! They have discovered how much fun it is to play tug-of-war and wrestle with each other, as well as chase each other around to see who can get the best toy to play with. The best word to describe Winnie is our "snuggle-bug". He follows us around all the time and could spend hours in our arms getting belly rubs. Though he cannot jump onto the couch on his own, he makes sure his presence is know by tapping us on the knee meaning "I want up". We are so happy that his transition has been so easy, we can't imagine what it was like without him. Thank you to Pugalug and his foster mom Kathy for bringing such a wonderful, loving little boy to us.


Winston is a wonderfully kind and patient fellow who loves to be loved. He is a very gentle soul who can become quite timid with loud noises but this is getting much better. A quiet home is best for Winston so he can continue to gain confidence. Winston asks nicely to be picked up, standing up with his paws on your knee and he loves to lay on your knee to nap. He does bark, but it is a low pitched. At the vets, he was curious towards the 4 resident cats, but relaxed and calm.

Winston has loose hips and requires a supplement such as Sasha's Blend. He does not get on the couch or chair without assistance and due to the loose hips should not be jumping off any furniture.

He is thriving on Acana Pacifica- 1/3 c - twice a day with water. If there are other pets in the house he needs a spot to eat on his own. He eats well but slowly with the lack of teeth and requires a wide shallow bowl for eating. Winston only has 9 teeth left and while he loves to chew on raw turnip etc he can make a bit of a mess - which he cleans up afterwards. He loves soft treats and fruits and veggies.

Winston travels perfectly in a crate in the car, he lays down and sleeps or looks around but is never stressed travelling. He is a very handsome pug gentleman, with a deep nose fold, that needs daily care and a very flat face. Keeping him cool in the summer, will be very important, especially on walks. He is very good with other dogs, who are equally dog friendly.

Winston is a fabulous fellow who has come a long way. I can't even express what a terrific little boy Winston is and I know there is a perfect family out there to give Wins the forever home he needs.


Foster Update, March 20, 2012

Winston had his surgery today and a big day it was. The neuter went fine and while he was under anesthetic, the vet removed 7 teeth, leaving only 9. She could have removed a couple more due to chips but the teeth were largely intact and solid. Others were barely hanging on and those came out readily. His anal glands, which according to the vet were pretty bad largely because he remained unneutered so long, were cleaned out. An x-ray revealed that his loose hips are a result of his having hardly any socket. However, the vet doesn't think surgery is necessary and feels supplementation with Sasha's Blend will be treatment enough. Finally, a urinalysis indicated Winston has a very few tiny struvites as well as a very few transitional cells but no stones showed up in the x-ray and he has no infection. The vet feels that a good water supply and better food should help him.

Because of his dental problems, Winston has been unwilling to eat hard treats but will try to chew on carrots and turnip and some fruits. It's a very slow process and there are lots of messy pieces but he is learning to enjoy them. He has required a low broad bowl under which we keep a microfibre mat to keep the dish still and to absorb any of the water he spills. Twice a day he gets 1/3 cup of Acana Pacifica with water which does not require softening in advance. Because he eats more slowly than the others, I put up a gate across the kitchen doorway so he can eat separately in peace at his own pace. We will have to see how he handles things after his dental.

Housebreaking continues to need work to overcome his habit of peeing wherever he chooses, a product of living outdoors in his past life. We hope this will improve now that he has been neutered.

Winston is timid with loud noises. If you drop something or raise your voice, even to call people to dinner, he will cower. He is rarely underfoot in the kitchen, preferring to lie down close by and wait patiently. In fact, "patient" accurately describes Winston's nature.

Winston is at ease with other dogs but doesn't play much with them. He loves being near people and will cuddle for a few minutes before settling down next to you. He gives kisses only occasionally, when he is feeling particularly happy and excited. He shows his affection by pulling in his cheeks and nibbling (no squeezing) on your hand. He'd never try to hurt you and couldn't do so accidentally because he has so few teeth. He is a very good-natured and happy guy.

Foster Update, February 19, 2012

Winston continues to settle in nicely, he is generally a pretty laid back fellow. Sudden noises can startle him and make him cringe, but otherwise he is pretty quiet and sweet.

He took about a week to feel comfortable going up and down stairs but now its no problem. He loves to snuggle up to you whether on the couch or in bed. Winston is a gentle, lovable fellow. On Saturday he went to the vet and did really well. He weighs 20.4 lbs and this is a pretty good weight for him, he has lots of extra skin around his shoulders and neck - but its just that extra skin. He has a nice waist. If he loses a pound or 2 that would be ok but he is ok as he is too.

He goes in to be neutered and have a dental done on March 19th. We should have blood work back this week.

We now know he is cat friendly - he met a couple on Saturday and he wagged his tail and pressed noses with the one cat. there were also two large dogs, one quite silly and Winston stood calmly and wagged his tail.

The pictures were taken by one of the boy's friend who is starting a photography business. He did a great job and I appreciated his pics of Winston and some of Bugzy and Sophie as well.





Foster Update, January 21, 2012

Winston continues to settle in nicely over this past week.

He is a friendly, loving boy. When you call his name he comes running with a big grin on his face. He was reported to have some food aggression but I have seen absolutely no evidence of this at all. He has had a few some accidents but is not a mad marker at all and its only been a few days. We will continue to work on this as we go forward but overall it has not been a big problem and he gets better ever day.

Winston sees the vet on Tuesday to have his blood work etc done and get booked for a dental and neuter. He is reported to have had a bad reaction to beef based foods.

Winston is a funny, goofy boy who loves to get a soft toys and push it around the room with his nose. He likes to give gentle kisses but is not a licking fanatic. He enjoys sitting on your lap or laying across you being petted. The first couple of nights he slept in a crate and since then has slept in the big bed which he was very excited to try out.

Winston knows sit and is very mannerly while you prepare his meals, sitting quietly like a gentleman, only getting up when you turn and walk to "his eating spot". He is very smart and learns routines very quickly. He enjoys people and so far is very good with the other dogs as well.

He has very long hair for a pug and a really deep nose fold which requires regular cleaning. He takes treats gently.

Winston requires some time to eat as his teeth are bad and his gums are sore. It will be good to get this work done so he feels better.

Introduction, January 14, 2012

Winston arrived today and what a honey! He is a smutty fawn pug with a huge ruff and a lovely personality. He is a barrel chested, with shorter legs than my two. Winston is friendly, pleasant pug that loves to prance around. His transporters all say he traveled well in the car.

Winston has a very flat face with a large face roll and needs to loose 3 - 5 lbs. Winston needs some dental work and to be neutered.