360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Whisper - Estimated 2006 - 2014 Female


Whisper is at the Rainbow Bridge

Little Whisper was acquired in 2010 from an unknown puppymill when she was pregnant with at least her third litter of puppies. She came into foster care showing that she was a tough little nut - she knocked down the dog gate, escaped her crate, hobbled over to the neighbours to introduce herself and told the resident dog to stay away from her dinner. She was also extremely sweet and kissy. From the moment she came into rescue, the foster parent identified that Whisper was in severe respiratory distress which continued for several hours. She was taken into emergency where they took x-rays that showed she had a severely hypoplastic trachea the size of a drinking straw which caused the very loud breathing and respiratory discomfort. This longstanding condition, coupled with a hugely enlarged heart and obesity, finally caught up with her and she went into cardiac arrest at the clinic. She passed into peace surrounded by love. Like her name, she was a small little whisper in this life but she was heard, and left her mark. Run free, little Whisper, like you never have before.