352 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Walter - 3 year old male


Furever Family Update, October 24, 2010

Walter was understandably nervous and cautious when he first came to our house. He was missing his family and of course his Pugalug foster family as well. But he was so brave! He gave us lots of sweet crooked smiles and ate every meal with enthusiasm right from the first day. We love how he spins around with anticipation for his dinner. We love how he greets us with a happy trot and his smiling, lifted head, when we come home. Walter and Jasper are really great buddies. They do everything together. They go out into the backyard, play chase, chew bones, play tug-of-war with stuffed toys and they snuggle on the couch and on their floor cushion together. Walter loves going for a walk. He is nervous when new people and new dogs approach, but he is becoming more comfortable each day and he has made lots of friends in our neighbourhood. He is always the first one to the door when it is time to go out and he knows his own harness and collar. When we make dinner he sits at our feet, because he knows that we will give him some bits of vegetables to nibble on, and he loves blueberries and raspberries. He loves to snuggle with us on the couch and the closer he can get, the better! He loves children and gets so excited for visitors that he knows. He has settled into our family so nicely. We love him so much and Jasper is so very happy to have a brother!

Happy Tails, February 7, 2010

We are so happy that Walter has joined our family! He is such a sweet, kind pug and he is so cute! He is a really wonderful boy and he has settled into our daily routine so nicely! It seems like every hour of each day he is happier and happier to be with us. He gives us the biggest tail wags that turn into body wiggles and then he jumps up to give us lots of kisses. He has a really cute way of holding up his head to show off his crooked little grin as he runs around to greet us. Jasper is thrilled to have a brother and they are becoming great friends, running around the house together and then cuddling on the couch. Walter chose a teddy from the toy box all by himself and he carries it around all day and sleeps with it at night. He has so politely let us dress him in a coat and boots, but he will definitely put on his puggy brakes to let us know if the weather is not to his liking! Our neighbours and friends have been so pleased to meet him. Thank you for letting Walter complete our family.

Katie, Michelle, Janet and Paul Methot.




Adopted! January 17, 2010

Walter is a sweet boy but is a bit skittish. He's not your typical in your face attention seeking pug. He will warm up once he settles in. He doesn't like the big bed, we've tried and tried. He prefers to sleep in the comfort of his crate and goes in himself and settles right down at bed time.

He loves people and is not a huge barker but will bark if someone he doesn't know comes over. He quickly settles down and within a short time will approach that person. Walter seems to prefer women but men will do too if none are around.

Walter loves to chew nylabones but isn't sure about sharing toys with other dogs. He does like to play tug of war with people but if the others try to join in he backs off. He enjoys running around in the backyard and will come when called.

He hasn't shown any signs of dominance or food aggression so Walter would do very well with another easy going companion or as an only.

If Walter was to go as an only, it would need to be a home with someone there for him during the day. He doesn't like to be left alone and that's when marking takes place.




Foster Update, December 24, 2009

The vet just called with his blood work, it's SPOT on.

Foster Update, December 23, 2009

Walter's vet visit went very well. He weighed in at 11.2 kgs., not bad but he could stand to lose a tiny bit, not more than a pound. They don't want him to get any heavier than he currently is.

He had his wellness bloodwork done along with heartworm and probably won't have that back until next week due to the holidays.

He was a bit skittish around the girls but with the help of liver treats we managed to occupy him and get his blood drawn. I forgot his fecal so I will have to drop that in.

His eyes are in Dr. Goodman's words "beautiful". Not one issue there. His ears are clear, his heart is good and shots are now UTD. As a precaution I did give him Benedryl before.

His teeth have a little bit of tartar but not enough to worry about. He will need a cleaning in the future but not right now. He is missing teeth on the top and I didn't know if they were broken off or fell out. They had a real good look and could tell he never had those teeth to begin with, otherwise his teeth are in good shape.

So unless something shows up in the bloodwork he should be ready to go soon. He still needs an eye kept on him, when we go out he sometimes will mark so bellybands have been dusted off.

Introduction, December 13, 2009

Walter is a 3 year old owner surrender. He is just getting used to his foster home resident pugs. We will be taking him for his vet checkup sometime next week once he's more comfortable and settled. He has a cute little underbite.

We had a good first night, he was tired and went to his crate all by himself and slept until 8:00 this morning without a sound. Had one pee accident yesterday but I expect that and luckily it was on the ceramic floor and not carpet.

He's eating fine, both dinner and breakfast but he's a slow eater so I had to put him in a room by himself so that my guys wouldn't help themselves to his food. He likes to take the food out of his dish and line it up on the floor to eat. It's like an all you can eat buffet laid out for my guys. Walter also discovered the loon that is Jed and they played together last night. Not sure what he thought of the blind dog loonie squeal and spaz run at first but there was no issues.

He had a little nail trim and is settling in nicely. Moe the pug cat introduced himself by rubbing up against his head and there was no reaction. He's a sweet little guy and has given kisses to all of us.