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Wally - 2-3 Year Old Male


Furever Home Update, Mar 4, 2012

Wally Duke has been doing really well in his new forever home. He was nervous the first week or so, a little unsure with tail down and shedding a lot, but has settled in a lot better and is now playing non stop with his best friend Zoey all day. They are never apart, except to sleep. We are all getting to know each other better, and are learning his habits - like how he quietly sneaks to find a vacant couch in the front room to sleep on rather than in his doggie bed! But he listens well now when we say get down, pays very close attention all the time to both humans and Zoey, and is a really fast learner. Zoey has taken to being his very patient teacher for some good habits and he's picked up really quickly - like sitting quietly for a treat, not rushing through the door when it is opened, and settling down on their own doggie couch when we watch tv instead of trying to jump on our lap, and even some new tricks like high five and rollover and wait for ok before taking food. He's also teaching Zoey quite a bit of good stuff too - a lot about doggie socializing - to be more observant to see when he's had enough playtime and to leave him alone when he's doing his "business" in the yard, and to be more relaxed around other dogs. He is incredibly affectionate and attentive to all, starting to listen really well, and just an absolute joy to have around. We had our first trip to the doggie park together and they had great fun exploring in the mud (and the much needed warm bath after)! We're still working on playing fetch, and learning to run free and play outside more, but he's progressed really well so far, so we're sure he'll be playing Frisbee and catch with us in no time.

Here are photos of the Dukester learning how to sit nicely for a treat; Duke & Zoey releasing some energy on the treadmill, and learning some new tricks (down and wait to take treat).

We are very grateful to Pugalug for our newest edition to our family and looking forward to our usual summertime run around in the soccer fields and the beaches with both Duke and Zoey. Thanks very much again for your dedication. When we think of where our fabulous Dukester could have ended up, we appreciate even more what you do. Keep up the good work!

Happy Tails

Wally Duke (kids renamed him in memory of their Godmother's dog) now resides with his four legged sister Zoey, three two legged children, Corey, Karena, Jordan and his new parents Tammy and Ian.

He has settled in and is learning the rules of the new house. On the first day he had a bit of a tussle with Zoey when he tried to eat her dinner. He sat at the door and would whine a bit.

Tammy reports he's very affectionate, not barking as much and not as nervous. He's calmed down quite a bit and is doing his treadmill every day with Zoey, is playing a little more and they are getting used to each other. He never really knew how to play when he came here so it's great to hear. He is very smart and a quick learner. He is also taking his treats nicely.


Wally is really a sweet boy. He's young, big, goofy and busy.

He requires a home with a fenced yard and people that will give him the exercise and play time he needs to burn off his energy. He can be an only dog or be placed with another dog, with a high energy level. He will whine and bark, for a short period, when you leave him alone. He is getting better and quickly settles down. Wally is fully house broken.

Children should be over 8. He's not mean, just a bigger boy that thinks he's tiny. Wally is not great with cats but is better than he first was.

He is fine crated. I don't, but he will go into the crate of the pug I'm looking after all by himself and is quite happy.

He will play by himself with toys and loves to chew on Nylabones.

Wally is very smart, he quickly picked up sit, give a high 5 and another with the other paw. He will lie down when told to and will roll over for you.

He is excellent in the car and will just curl up on the seat and not move or make a sound. He is also great on leash and doesn't pay any attention to passing dogs. Squirrels is a different story, he's not crazy when he sees them, just curious about where they went.

Wally really is a good boy and is full of affection. He loves to sit with you and will be your shadow. If we weren't already full he'd be staying put.


Foster Update, October 20, 2011

Wally had a good vet visit today. They confirmed that he is 2-3 years old and a good weight at 14.3 kg. The lump on his front right foot was an interdigital cyst that is drying up. He has very mild tartar on his teeth that brushing should get rid of. He was microchipped. His fecal results were good. Bloodwork was done and the vet will call if anything shows up. Unfortunately Wally has a recurrence of kennel cough which he shared with his foster siblings. It is a strain responds well to antibiotics and, since it is his second go with it, chances are it will be a mild bout. His fur siblings are already improving. Other than that, he is doing well in foster care. He's clean in the house and afraid of Wednesday. He thought he'd get a sniff of her private parts and she charged him. It was funny to see since she only comes up to his back kneecap!!

Introduction, October 11, 2011

Wally came to us from Toronto Animal Services as a stray. He's a pug mix and the best guess is boston terrier due to his nubby tail and brindling. He's been neutered and is UTD with shots.

He's a tall boy, is young and VERY busy. So far he's settled in well with the resident pugs but loves tormenting & chasing the cats, which we are working on. Wally sits and gives a paw so someone has spent time with him. He's gentle with taking treats but when excited will mouth your hands and feet. He doesn't bite, he just wants to play all the time.

He will be settling in for another week before going to the vet for a check up and microchip.