360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Volunteering for Pugalug

pug face If you can't say no to this face ... then volunteering for Pugalug Rescue might be for you!

Pugalug Pug Rescue always needs volunteers to help in caring for our rescued pugs and pug mixes. Below is a list of the types of volunteer opportunities available:

Fostering Pugs
fostering   If you have pug experience and feel that you would like to offer your home and skills as a foster parent, please contact us at fostering@pugalug.com and we will send you our fostering manual. We screen our foster homes carefully and prefer homes that have previous pug experience. You could help a pug start a new life. Not all rescues will come to you with the same circumstances.

Some duties may include:
  • Transition pug to new home.
  • Vet check ups and post surgery care.
  • House training.
  • Behavioural assessment.
  • Reviewing applications, checking references and home visits.

Fund Raising
fundraising   Pugalug Pug Rescue fund raises all the monies spent on our rescued pugs. The majority of our money goes into vet care and costs. We are always looking for new ideas, energetic folks to help with fund raising.

You can be part of a fund raising committee to:
  • Collect and store raffle items.
  • Manage the raffle table at our events.
  • Take special photo shots of our pugs in costume.
  • Annual calendar and walkathon.
  • Thank you letters to donators.

events image   Part of the fund raising activities of the Pugalug Pug Rescue are various events. We need people to help out in a variety of ways-- from staffing a booth at canine shows to our own pug get-togethers called Pugalugs.

You can help at these events with:
  • Talking with people about pugs and pug rescue.
  • Selling merchandise.
  • Handing out brochures, business cards.
  • Decorating for our themed pugalugs

events image   In this area you will work with our Treasurer in areas where we collect money.

You can help with:
  • The admission table at pugalugs.
  • Donation bucket.
  • 50/50 raffles.
  • Event services like tag engraving and pug pedicures.

events image   The transport of an incoming pug is organized by our Transport Coordinator. Depending on the location of the pickup, transport legs are around 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Duties include:
  • Providing car and contact information.
  • Pick up of pug from surrender location, getting forms signed.
  • Transporting to a relay destination and/or a foster home.

If you are interested in any of these areas, or would like to know more, contact our Volunteer Coordinator: volunteer@pugalug.com