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Valderi - 8 year old female


Furever Family Update, August 4, 2010

Valderi has now been with us for just over two weeks and she has accepted all of us with open paws. My 19 month old daughter was trying to play fetch with her on the first night she was here but, much to Valderi's dismay, my daughter can't throw very far. The two of them have already been teaming up against me and getting into trouble along the way :)

We absolutely love having Valderi in our family. She is the biggest cuddle bug and has the most gentle and caring heart. She is 8 and a half but you wouldn't know it by how active she is. She loves going on our walks to the park and absolutely loves to play fetch with her squeaky ball.

She has never had an accident in our house and has been eating well since the first evening she was here.

We would like to thank Lesley and her partner for being amazing foster parents for Valderi during this whole process. Lesley was able to answer all of my questions and concerns, and believe me there were a lot of them!

Valderi has stolen all of our hearts and we will forever be indebted to Pug-a-Lug Pug Rescue for allowing us the opportunity to welcome Valderi into our family.

Many Thanks,

Courtney, Stephen and Chloe






Happy Tails, July 13, 2010

Valderi is doing great! She did so great on the car ride, she slept for most of it on my lap which I took as a wonderful sign :) I've taken her out for a couple of walks already because she was kind of barking at the kitchen table and I couldn't figure out if she was barking for a treat that was up there or at her leash so I just took her for another walk and she took care of business, so i gave her a treat. :)

... by the time we put Chloe (Valderi's very own small person!) to bed she was already trying to play fetch with Valderi lol so it didn't take long for them to warm up to each other :)



Valderi continues to be a delightful house-guest at her foster home. She has been given the all clear as far as vetting goes which means it's time to start looking for the *happy tail* for this pretty, happy little girl. It took Valderi a few weeks to really settle in and show her foster family what she's all about, after which she has proven herself to be a funny, silly puggie and an absolute gem.

So okay, Valderi loves to go for her walks and is exceptional on-lead. She likes to do all kind of sniffing of trees and shrubs, plus get in some crazy galloping too. She needs her daily exercise and will let you know if you're running behind on getting out into the great world in order to do so. While she will sometimes do her business in the backyard, it is more likely that she take care of things when out for her walkies. This is another reason for not falling off schedule for Valderi's exercise routine because this lady can "hold it" for a long time (which cannot be healthy for anyone).

As far as Valderi's vision is concerned; it does not hinder her, but should be paid attention to, for sure. This simply means patience from her people as she may take a bit longer to figure out things like stairs, etc. due to her impaired depth perception. In addition, dark or low lighting may give her some hesitation though we've not noticed this so much at her foster home. Speedy movement around her head can startle her, so better to give a scratch under the chin than upon her head and best to roll or toss her toys for her along the ground that up into the air.

Speaking of toys, Valderi loves them. The favorite to date is tennis balls. She loves to play fetch. She bounces after the ball adorably, all the while talking to her toy. Valderi makes all kind of clever noises for playtime and for rolling around a la back-scratch too. She is a quiet pug in general, but will let you know if she needs something. She has only just begun playing a tiny little bit with the other dogs in her foster home. Snuggle time is a different story. She will promptly join a cozy dog pile.

Most important are her people. She loves meeting and greeting people, especially kids. When she spots children on her walks, she becomes particularly animated. She wiggles on over to bask in their attention. If Valderi is not busy at play &/or enjoying a snooze fest, she is on the lap or at the foot of her person. (At her foster home, she can most often be found on her foster dad.)

Valderi is simply a lovely dog and a superb pug companion.

valderi-10 valderi-11

valderi-12       valderi-13

Foster Update, May 6, 2010

Valderi made it through her surgery with flying colours. Lump & bump removed, teeth washed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and our pretty girl is back at her foster home taking it light with her friends. Soon as the histology report is in, Valderi will be made available to start accepting applications. No doubt the numbers will be large for families with an interest in this sweet, sweet little lady.


Foster Update, April 21, 2010

Valderi is now up-to-date for her vaccinations. Hooray! Her ear infection is very nearly a thing of the past. We will go a few more days with the drops. The growth on her gumline has grown larger though never fear because in two weeks time, it will be removed along with the skin tag on her leg and her teeth cleaning.

Each day brings with it evidence of her sweet and sassy personality. A *Valderi moment* occured last week when she discovered movement reflecting on her stainless steel dog dish at chowtime. Little did she know that that suspicious action was actually her own reflection. She gave that bowl a real talking to! In the vein of food, I am pleased to report that Valderi has finally joined the resident dogs for cleaning her plate at every meal. Good girl!

She attended her first pugalug last weekend where she had a terrific time with the exception of the car ride. Not too keen on that part of her adventure.

At her foster home, if Valderi is not lounging on the lap of her foster dad, she most certainly keeps him within her view.

Once her surgery is done, this little beauty will be that much closer to landing at her forever home. What a catch!




Foster Update, April 1, 2010

Valderi was in for her wellness exam where she delighted the entire staff. Here's what we found out.

She is precisely where she should be in the weight department at 18 lbs. of absolute cuteness. We've got her on her way for bringing her up to date on vaccinations. Bloodwork came back with all numbers within the normal range. Tests for heartworm and parasite' both returned negative results.

Treatment has begun on a chronic infection in her right ear. Both eyes show the beginning of nuclear sclerosis which more than likely affects her vision in dark or low lighting as well as her depth perception (this would explain her funny behaviour about the stairs!).

The skin tag on her rear left leg and a growth on the gumline in her mouth will be removed along with a teeth cleaning while they're at it. Lastly, we will continue to work on her nails which were very long and in desperate need of a pawdicure.

Valderi is a charmer, to be sure. We are enjoying getting to know her. No doubt as she continues to get used to all of the recent change in her life, we can look forward to seeing her sweet tail up and wagging on a regular basis. For now, there are two guarantees for putting that tail end to happy work... Valderi has taken an immediate liking to her foster dad. Also, when she is out for her walkies and happens upon one or a gaggle of kids, she just lights right up, all a-wiggle.

Here is a picture of Valderi helping out with the housework.


Introduction, March 28, 2010

Valderi, the happy wanderer, is an 8 year old owner surrender. She is a bit anxious at the moment, so we put her wellness vetting appt. a couple of days out; letting her ease into her new environment a little bit.

She has had a bubble bath where we discovered a small skin tag on one of her legs, but otherwise seems in tiptop condition. She has enjoyed snuffling and exploring her new surroundings in the house, the backyard, as well as navigating the neighbourhood on her walkies. Stairs seem to be a new adventure for her. She studies and studies them, then decides that if she backs up, takes a wild run at it and romps up just as fast as she can, it's all good.

Stay tuned for more news as we get to know this cheerful little gal.

In the meanwhile,
"Come join my happy song"!
Valderi, Valdera, Valderi