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Tuni - 2002-2013


Tuni is at the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a heavy heart that I wanted to update Pugalug about my beautiful Petunia who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

I adopted Tuni at 9 years of age through Pugalug in November 2011. She quickly and seamlessly joined our family of four felines and her Pug sister, Mya. She was a delight and a joy and every animal and human she met fell in love with her. In October 2013, she developed hind leg paralysis and deteriorated very quickly. Over the last 2 weeks she experienced complications from the medication she was on. I am a registered Vet Tech so I am fortunate that I was able to keep her comfortable and I have a huge network of veterinary professionals and amazing friends and family who stepped up to help me. Tuni passed away peacefully in my arms on November 21, 2013. I am broken hearted but also feel so fortunate to have had this wonderful dog in my life.

Pugalug is a wonderful rescue group and I recommend you guys to people all the time! When I am ready to add another Pug to my family, you will be the place I come to find my fur baby.

Happy Pugging.

tuni  tuni


Happy Tails

The addition of Tuni to our family has been so smooth, it is honestly like she has always been here. Her four feline brothers completely accepted her immediately. Tuni is so polite and unassuming, sometimes I have to invite her to do the simplest things, like coaxing her to come to the door to leave in the morning since her little sister Mya is more like a bulldozer and is already outside before Tuni is even off the couch! The only drawback we have found is that Tuni does snore a little more than I am used to! Mya also introduced her to the "treats" in the kitty litter so neither Pug gets left with access to the kitty litter when I am out. Overall, Tuni is a gentle, sensitive soul who seems happy to be anywhere. My niece and nephews are all in love with her because she actually sits quietly to be petted, which is the exact opposite to Mya!! A big thank you to Siobhan and Pugalug for bringing this wonderful dog into my life!!


Adopted, November 29, 2011

Tuni has been an absolute dream to have in our house. Her quiet dignity has been noticed and appreciated during her time with us. Her foster home has 2 small children and she is phenomenal with them. Additionally, she is good with all other kids that come in to the house. She loves to sleep on the big bed (at the foot of the bed). If she went to a home where that would not be okay then her second favourite place to sleep is on a big dog bed beside her people (on the floor)

Her absolute ideal home situation would be one where she would either have a person home with her most of the time or where she would have another dog sibling to hang out with. Tuni doesn't play with other dogs but she does get lonely without something else around to occupy her.

She loves to be near her people and to get lots of love, but she is not assertive in asking for anything and is just happy to be included.

She takes daily drops, in her eyes, to prevent any issues as a result of her being a pug. She has a tendency to develop tartar on her teeth, so she gets a supplement in her water to slow this down. Tuni gets Glucosamine/ Chondroitin twice a day, to ease the arthritis in her front left leg.

She is an older girl but is very healthy and well worth the little bit of extra attention that she requires.


Foster Update, September 30, 2011

She continues to be perfect. She had her last vet visit and her urine gravity test came back perfect so there are officially no issues for her in that regard.

She is a very quiet little girl who likes nothing more than to be near her people. When we come home from anywhere we are greeted with a little wiggling mess of Tuni...her greetings are the best. She only barks when she has been extremely provoked (by Sophie) and loves to meet new people on our walks. She is a very gentle little girl who would never hurt a fly...in fact a chipmunk ran across her toes last week and she didn't even move.

Foster Update, August 13, 2011

Tuni has been to the vet and overall she is healthy. She has normal pug eyes with the markings (as her eyes are in good shape, she gets daily drops to ensure they stay good). Tuni has a bit of arthritis in her front left leg and she is currently taking glucosamine to help. Additionally, Tuni has a tendency to get tartar build up on her teeth, so she is currently on a supplement to try to help with that.

Tuni has just finished her summer vacation and I am attaching some pictures from her vacation. Tuni really enjoyed her boat rides and just hanging out on the beach.

Overall Tuni is officially perfect. She loves nothing more than to just be with her people. She gets along with all dogs that she encounters as well as all people big and small. She does not have a mean bone in her body and will never even defend her self if challenged. She is a very quiet little girl and I can't imagine any dog lover not finding the same.






Introduction, June 15, 2011

Tuni (aka Petunia) is a 9 year old fawn female pug whose had to be given up by an owner who really loved her and looked after her. She arrived on Saturday and is a total doll. She gets along very well with my crew and that includes my 2 small children. She is eating well and sleeping well (on the big bed or in her dog bed). She was sad on Saturday but has perked up since ... I think that she was pining for her people. She loves to participate in anything that we are doing and loves to spend time outdoors. She appears to be the perfect weight for her size. We will be making an appointment for her to see the vet sometime next week and we should have a better update by then.