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Mr. Tumnus (aka Pugger) - 2000(?) - 2012
At the Rainbow Bridge

A member of the Sammuts Dec 18, 2007 to Jan 8, 2012

It is with the saddest heart that I announce the passing of my precious boy. He left the world with the spirit and dignity with which he lived his life.

An honorary Mortgage Broker, he enjoyed his days at work and at home with his buddy Chance. He taught us to take life as it comes. He could see the world more clearly with one eye than most of us can with two. He gave everyone a fair warning and although he had a shortage of teeth, he knew that a quick strike was more important than a powerful bite. He adored his girl and boy and all his four legged buddies. Waiting paitiently for home time each afternoon. Breakfast and dinner were a special occasion every day. He looked at every meal like it was a gift and he was the luckiest dog alive.

We will take our lessons he has shared with us and remember to say "gerf" everyday. We were so blessed to share his final years. The parting is so hard but I wouldn't pass up the senior moments.

Run free my boy, then sleep well. You will be sadly missed and always remembered with a laugh.

Tummy Rubs Forever - December 20

Mr. Tumnus has been officially welcomed by his new family. I went over there on Tuesday for a home visit and to meet the rest of the family. It is a little slice of heaven. Andrea and Joe Sammut have recently moved to a beautiful farm in the Orangeville area. Their office is located in a newly renovated building on the property and they will be taking him to work every day. He has an older, sweet natured german shepherd sister to hang out with and some cats to entertain him.

There will be no shortage of attention from his family and those that work in the office. They have already bought him a bed, a raincoat, a sweater and a new collar. They are a loving, caring, sensible family who seem smitten with him already. There’s plenty of room for country walks and a lovely warm home to curl up in with his family. I couldn’t have chosen a better place for him, but I’m afraid he’s left my heart a bit broken.

I am reminded why I don’t foster more often, and how amazed I am at the strength of those who do. But it makes me happy to know that Mr. Tumnus will certainly be living the good life, and that perhaps he’s made this Christmas a very special one for the Sammut family.


Ready for his tummy rubs

Adoption fee: $300

Mr. Tumnus is a fit, healthy 8-9 year old neutered male. He has had one eye removed and the other has a cataract, so he has limited vision. He is very sweet natured and even tempered, but can be slightly wary of new people (especially men). When he is unsure of someone he barks at them (or at their hand, if offered). He enjoys the company of other mild mannered dogs and tolerates younger, more active dogs. He is fine with cats and other animals. He thrives on the company of his humans and seems to love children.

Mr. Tumnus is housetrained and will sit for treats. He puts up with nail trimming and other grooming chores with grace and absolutely loves a good belly rub. He will tolerate a crate but doesn’t really need one in the house. He will go in the crate for car rides.

The ideal home for Mr. Tumnus would have someone home most of the day and another laid-back dog (or two) to snuggle up beside. Mr. Tumnus also enjoys his walks and outdoor time. He just wants to be part of the family. This guy has a heart of gold and needs a family who will love him, cuddle him and give him his daily ration of tummy rubs.

Foster Update - November 25

Mr. Tumnus had his dentistry on Friday. Apparently he was missing quite a few teeth already, and 7 more virtually fell out on their own during Friday’s procedure. We think he has about 9 teeth left, and they all cleaned up really well.

He did amazing throughout the operation – no trouble at all under anesthesia, good strong heartbeat, recovered well – and was a perfect gentleman before and after. He is on antibiotics for another week and then should be as good as new. He was also microchipped on Friday.

At home he his just one of the gang. The only time we know we have him is when people come to the door. He barks. If they offer a hand, he’ll sometimes bark at that too, indicating he can be hand shy with strangers. This behaviour seems strongest with strange men. I have found he recovers quickly with women and even men can bring him round with a soft hand. He hasn’t shown this behaviour at all with children. He has been to the school bus stop with me numerous times and is very comfortable there.

Foster Update - November 13

I took him to the vets today for a check and (I thought) and dentistry. He seems to be in good shape except for a cataract in his remaining eye (so he has limited vision) and terrible teeth. His heart sounds good and his skin and coat are in good shape too.

Unfortunately, his mouth is so bad that the vet has prescribed a course of antibiotics BEFORE he performs the dentistry, just to clear up some of the bacteria in there. No wonder he eats slowly! His new dentistry appointment is for next Friday (Nov. 23). He will be on antibiotics for 9 days after the surgery as well. We anticipate at least a few tooth removals. I will try to get a urinalysis and a fecal flotation done at that time as well.

Other than this he’s doing very well. He’s been on some nice country walks and has adjusted easily to our routine. He gets around well and seems to like everyone – human, canine, feline, and camelid alike. Pictures have been taken and will be sending them soon.

Introduction - November 7

This pug was surrendered to us from the Barrie OSPCA. Here is the foster report from his first day:

"Firstly, we have named him Mr. Tumnus (after the centaur in Narnia). This guy is fabulous. I'd say he's closer to eight years old since he gets around just fine. He does our stairs no problem (wooden ones at that). He has obviously been loved since he's neutered and had the eye removal operation.

He is housebroken and very clean - only one very minor marking incident so far. He gets along well with the cats, other pugs and even the bossy golden, who he has learned to avoid. He LOVES my kids and generally is happiest when with people. I took him on a walk around our farm today, off leash, and he really enjoyed himself. He had no trouble keeping up. really can't say anything bad about this guy.

He tolerates the crate but prefers to be out with everyone. He's been so easy to have around. When I picked him up I opened the van door and he just jumped in, wagging his tail.

He needs his teeth cleaned. He is reluctant to eat dry kibble but eats better when it's moistened.

I'd say the ideal home has some activity and a lot of human/dog contact. This guy likes to be one of the gang."