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Tulip - Three Year Old Female


Happy Tails

It has been just about a month since Tulip has come into our lives, and already it's hard to imagine life without her.

Her playful, affectionate, friendly personality has made her the perfect fit into our loving household. She is always quick to welcome you at the door with kisses, and snuggle up beside you on the couch. She can be vocal when she needs attention and we are always happy to oblige with a loving pet or a throw of one of her, many, toys. She also LOVES her newly fenced in back yard, whether it's lounging on patio furniture, chasing grass hoppers, or just simply running around. It's safe to say the back yard has quickly become her most favourite place at the house.

Not only is she a great fit our home, she has also become something of a "celebrity" in our neighbourhood. It is darn near impossible to take her for a walk without someone stopping to pet her or another dog becoming her friend. We had one moment where a woman made her husband stop the car so that she could get out and pet Tulip!

Thanks to Pugalug for allowing us to bring such a wonderful dog into our family. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have found the perfect addition to our household.




Tulip has been well named and is a happy, sunny burst of springtime. She is a rambunctious girl with puppy-like habits even though she is three. Many balls, toys, tuggies and rawhides will be needed to keep her busy. Tulip will find her own fun if left to herself. She eats a grain-free kibble (which had to be softened with hot water to entice her to eat when she first arrived in foster care), but is very interested in treats. She loves humans, adults and kids alike, but because she's acts like a puppy, supervision would be required for little ones as she might knock small children over in her excitement. She still mouths in play like a puppy, which should be discouraged.

A detached home with a fenced yard would be great for Tulip, as she has been known to go exploring and likes to find holes and passages to discover. She also needs to go out for a pee immediately when she get out of her crate in the morning and frequently requests a yard-break in the evening. Tulip sleeps in her crate at night, but has the run of the gated kitchen/family room when left alone during the day. She is a pleasure to walk and waits patiently to have her harness and leash put on at the door, then enjoys sniffing and greeting people. Tulip delights in rolling in long soft grass wriggling and squirming on her back. She usually waits eliminating until the last yard before the walk is over.

Acting like a puppy, Tulip can get very excited during play, and should be redirected to a tuggie or stuffed toy. She's a busy girl and would thrive in an active family who want a active ready for anything dog. Knowing her basic instruction, Tulip would do well with a family willing to reinforce "Come." Tulip would do better as a single dog. She plays and enjoys sniffing her housemate, although jealous of chewies, toys, location and will bark at them to get what she wants.Tulip is definitely a princess and barks to indicate that the best of everything should be hers.

Tulip is a wonderful kisser, and with such good breath, it's easy to take. She enjoys being with people and follows people around the house. Tulip cuddles up on the couch, nestles at feet, or finds her place in a patch of sunlight.


Foster Update, May 31, 2011

Tulip is continuing to be a girl with a princess mentality. She is vocal, but always with something specific in mind. The water dish is empty, she needs help getting up on the bed, she wants to play, etc. Very funny in her play, Tulip understands "Go get a toy" and selects something from the toy bin to chew, shake or bring for a tug. She's lovely to walk and likes to have an equal share of attention. She'll be perfect for an active home with children to join in on her puppy-like play.

At the end of the week another fecal sample will go to the vet and if all if clear, this spring beauty will be ready to frolick in her new home.


Foster Update, May 9, 2011

Tulip is a real delight. She acts much more of a puppy than 3 year old. She has been delighting in the soft long grass on our walks and rolls around and chews on it. She's quite amusing.

Rock solid in her toileting, Tulip asks to go outside to the backyard. She is no respecter of gardens and tromps through looking for the right place to pee.

She still needs to be convinced to eat. I have to get her started by giving her kibble piece by piece.

Tulip is quite rough on her toys. She delighted in a flat chicken toy. She twirled it around, flung it, pounced on it and chewed the squeaky right out of it. I need to make sure she has plenty of appropriate things to chew.

She loves to be around people and snuggles up close, but is equally happy playing or laying by herself.

Tulip still grouses for a minute when she's first put in her crate for the night, but quickly settled down for a lovely quiet night.

We were at the vet this afternoon. She's down to 23.5 pounds from 24. A start. But the vet warned that the extra pounds could put a strain on her back knees. They are fine now, but ... we know pugs. Her teeth are great, just a little plaque starting which is normal. She has a spot on her left eye. It's not a problem, but her new owners will want to be aware and have the vet keep watch on it. Tulip also has a cyst in her neck. They aspirated and it's full of dark brown fluid. Not a problem, but the cyst won't go away without being easily surgically removed. Just awaiting fecal and blood work results, but the vet pronounced her a very healthy girl. Soon she will be ready to find her furever home.

Introduction, May 2, 2011

This three-year-old fawn girl is getting a new name to mark her new life. Born and given into rescue in the spring "Tulip" is a perfect name for this sturdy, bright, cheerful girl. I can't decide whether she best fits a yellow tulip - which symbolizes a sunshiny smile and cheerful thoughts, pink for affection and caring, or orange for energy and enthusiasm - because she suits all three. Released due to a change in family circumstance, so far she's been a bundle of typical pugness. Tulip is curious, affectionate, silly, playful and loyal. She's been wonderful in her toileting, eager to play with the resident pug, curious about the cat, and eager to get out for walks and smell the world. Quick to greet new people, Tulip shows her friendliness to all ages, but is shy around new dogs. She is crated at night, but voices her displeasure on being separated from people for a few minutes before settling down for the night. Tulip can also be vocal about getting attention, or when another animal is getting something she isn't. We've had to hand feed her kibble by kibble, morning and evening, as she isn't interested in her meals, but that's common for rescues in the first few days. Besides, she could stand to lose a few pounds - that will certainly come off with lowered portions and increased walks. Once Tulip is assessed and vetted (although she's wonderfully healthy, already neutered and microchipped) she will be ready to join a lucky family looking for the warmth of a springtime flower to add to their home.