349 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Tucker - 3 1/2 year old male


Tucker's Foster Buddies:

  • Jessica Morris
  • Mike Stead - In memory of Wickett Stead (Best Dog Ever)
Happy Tail - March 27, 2010

Tucker left Thursday night to his new forever home. He will join his pug brother Wilson who is around the same age as well as his new pug parents Paresh & Adriana.

Tucker also gains 2 human sisters, Maya (8) & Briana (12).

Maya & Briana came with Paresh to get Tucker and he walked out, jumped in the back seat of the car with Maya and never looked back.

Congratulations to Tucker on finding a great forever home.


Tucker is NOT a fan of big dogs which I just discovered this week while out on walks. He's fine with small dogs we pass but barks at large ones when they approach. Once they get close his tail drops and he runs behind my legs.

He LOVES kids of all ages.

Tucker is a big boy that loves nothing more than to curl up with people. He is great with the resident dogs and has shown no aggression at all.

He had an abnormal kidney enzyme count but it has since corrected itself. The only thing we can think of is it was caused by a change in his food to a higher protein than he was previously getting.

He is fully house trained. He marked on the first day and nothing since. Tucker quickly picked up the routine and will go to the door to let me know he needs to go outside.

His favorite things are chewing on a nylabone and the stuffed crab that he came with that he sucks on the legs of.

He likes the big bed and curls right up next to you but will also settle on a couch too. He loves the car and sits very nicely. He also enjoys his walks and he is the rare pug that doesn't seem to mind going out in the rain.

Tucker is a real sweetheart.



Foster Update, March 8, 2010

Tucker had his urinalysis done and nothing out of the ordinary showed up. His urine wasn't dilute so they still aren't sure why his creatinine is high.

He is going in next week to redo the bloodwork on his kidneys to see if the creatinine values have dropped.

Foster Update, February 22, 2010

H/W is negative but he has increased kidney enzymes. Dr. Tye is a little bit concerned since he's such a young dog. She said had he been older she wouldn't have been surprised by the numbers and not worried.

Urea should be 10, his is 11 which she said is no big deal. It's the creatinine that has her concerned. Normal is 140, Tucker's is 190. I didn't do a urine sample but am going to have to take one in now to see what's going on.

Introduction, February 14, 2010

Tucker is a 3 1/2 year old completely black male. He is neutered and UTD with shots and will be going to my vet for a check up, general blood work and heartworm test. He will also be getting microchipped.

He is a stunning looking boy, his pictures don't do him justice. Tucker has settled in to foster care very well. He loves to cuddle and can't get close enough. At night he curls up in the big bed and doesn't move until morning.

Tucker loves going in the car and sits really nice in the seat. He is enjoying getting out for walks and running in the yard with the resident pugs. We've had no problems with him and the other pugs and he hasn't had any accidents in the house.

Moe the cat gave Tucker his welcome rub up against him and he wasn't sure what to make of it. He thought about chasing him but with one hiss out of Moe he decided against it. He now ignores the cats all together and they are happily co-existing. He's a real sweet boy.