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True - 5 Year Old Female


True's Foster Buddies
  • Jenna Seguin
Happy Tails, November 3, 2012

Truly is fitting in amazingly! Her and her pug brother, Drake, have become inseparable. She has become very fond of our daughter Savannah and her lap and has being enjoying her morning cuddles from our son Tyler. She loves going to the parks and is an amazing walker.

Truly has not let her pug brother win a wrestling match as of yet! He comes in as the heavy weight (3 lbs fluffier) but is wrestled to the floor each and every time! We believe she has had professional training!

If we weren't told of her vision impairment we would never have known. It doesn't seem to interfere with any activity that she participates in!

We finally feel as our family is complete and we couldn't have adopted a better fit. She is kind, gentle, and like Drake, a true cuddle bum. If they aren't cuddling us then they are cuddling each other. We thank Pug-a-lug rescue and Blanche for taking such good care of her until she found her furever home!



True is a wonderful girl. Bright, friendly, happy and a pleasure to be around. She has very limited sight due to low tear production and abrasions from eye lashes, but it doesn't slow her down at all. She will likely need to have Optimmune and eye lube for life.

She will need to have medial canthoplasty surgery, which Pugalug will pay for, but doesn't currently have the funds for. I'm putting her up as ready since it makes no sense for her to remain in care while we wait for the surgical funds.

She is prone to some ear infection in her left ear and this will have to be monitored. She needs a high quality grain free diet and may do well on raw.

She is extremely friendly, but due to her limited vision, she tends to get very close to dogs and can't always see the signals that they are uncomfortable. Her adopter will have to make sure that True's good nature doesn't get her into trouble.

She loves to go for walks, but again, due to her limited vision she should not be off leash in any area that is not fenced.

Foster Update, August 15, 2012

True had her re-check with the ophthalmologist and the surgeon and it is all good news. The Optimmune has worked and her tear production has increased from 13 in both eyes to 20 in one and 15 in the other. The other eye may just be a bit slower to respond to the meds so at this point, we are looking for moving forward with her eye surgery. That will be scheduled when the rescue has the funds in the coffers to pay for it.

The surgeon felt that her leg was no worse and certainly her mobility is improved. Losing almost 2 lbs has helped and at this point, he doesn't see any need for surgery. If it gets worse, then we will reconsider, but at this point, the weight loss, the physiotherapy and controlled exercise seems to be doing the trick. She certainly has had NO trouble getting onto the kitchen table if someone leaves a chair pulled out!

She remains an utterly delightful and friendly girl with love and tail wags to spare. And thanks to Rebecca Thomas for the pictures of Truly!



Foster Update, July 25, 2012

True saw both the veterinary ophthalmologist and the surgeon today. As to her eyes, the tear production was 13 out of 25--better than we had anticipated. She does have entropion and her eyes don't close all the way. While she is mostly blind, she does have some sight so we are going to try Optimmune for a couple of weeks and see if we can increase her tear production. If we can, then a medial canthoplasty makes all kinds of sense and we will move on to that. If the tear production doesn't increase, then we will have to re-think our options as regards her eyes.

The surgeon gave her left hind leg a good feel and thinks that she may have a partially torn cruciate ligament. At this point, he'd like her to lose some weight and restrict some of her activity to see if the cruciate will heal. He said he'd want weight off her in any case even if we were doing the surgery immediately. So mostly good news for Miss True.

Foster Update, July 24, 2012

Miss True continues do very well, in fact, she's better than I expected. While her eyes are pretty much shot, her hind end mobility is fine. There may be some issue that causes her to hop, lifting the left leg for short periods, it isn't a constant thing and only seems to happen if she's really booking it. She is now fully vaccinated, had blood work and fecal done and is in good shape overall. We will be seeing the eye specialist and the surgeon on July 25th to assess her eyes and further investigate the left hind leg. It is quite likely that True will have both eyes removed as her tear production is essentially non-existent and she is very close to totally blind. Without lubrication every couple of hours, her eyes dry out completely and become painful. However, we will see what the ophthalmologist thinks.

She is an utterly delightful and friendly girl who has yet to meet someone she didn't like. She was friendly with all the vet staff at my clinic and even tried to make friends with an enormous German Shepherd in the waiting room.

She has learned her new name very quickly, but responds best to being called Truly.....and she is Truly Scrumptious.

Introduction, July 21, 2012

True is a spayed black female who will turn 5 in August. She is an owner surrender for financial reasons.

She is a big girl who needs to lose some weight, but isn't morbidly obese. She has little to no vision and may have some bad knees. She has been extremely friendly with all the four and two legged members of the family and was a tail wagging fool during introductions.

As she settles in we will update more on this pretty girl with the dazzling smile.