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Tomas - 4 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, February 28, 2012

Well it has been over three weeks and Tomas has integrated into our home rather smoothly . He has been a good addition to our family and has fallen into the routine quite nicely. Our cat still has to take to him yet, but she is tolerating him and will even lay on the same bed as him. Tomas of course has no issue with her! He is a very social pug and always wants to say hi to anyone walking by, being it human or canine. He has found his areas to sleep, one being on the couch and the other my bed. We are very happy and excited that he has joined into our family. Thank you Pugalug!


Tomas the wonder dog is coming along great. From day one, he bossed the dogs in the neighbourhood and those in the foster house, giving all a run for their money. He out runs them all! So don't let his cutesy face and small size fool you. He is full of energy, excitement, and joy for life. Neither cold weather nor rainy days, have managed to get this little champ down. He is quite the little ambassador, greeting everyone on walks, no matter the weather, no matter the distance. He lives to run off leash.

Because of his mild patellar luxation, his weight should be maintained on the lean side to avoid putting excess strain on his knees.

While Tomas may not require a companion dog-pal, he sure loves the company of people, and craves attention. A home, where he is regularly left to his own devices, would be disheartening. Moreover, because he regularly shows affection and tends to be rather boisterous, a home with small children may pose an unwelcome problem. Due to his size, and because he is surrounded by larger dogs, he tends to be rather dominating; so we think he may make a larger dog uncomfortable, and would recommend pals to be either smaller dogs, cats or people.

Tomas recently made his TV debut on Animal House Calls--surely the beginning of a studded career--and we were overjoyed at his amazing performance! He tends to adapt quickly to new environments but initially can be REALLY excited. Suffice it to say that we were shocked to see a docile and sedentary pug-a-loo. It must have been something in Larry's treats. Everyone in the Green Room was so proud, when he returned, that his foster mom nearly cried. He's something special, that little T-man.

He has one more dental appointment, but he is definitely ready to find an energetic, loving environment to call his forever home. In exchange for hugs and treats, especially fruit, he promises tons of kisses and tail wiggles. Little Puggle Wuggle.



Foster Update, November 23, 2011

Tomas just had his first visit to the vet, and took it like a champ. He is a happy, healthy little guy. He does need a bit of teeth cleaning, but everything else checks out fine.

We want to say that he is adjusting well to his foster home but he basically adjusted the first day! He gets up happy and feisty every morning and is very patient with his foster dad (who needs to constantly love on him) and his foster cats (who are obsessed with rubbing themselves on him). He gets along great with all the foster animals in his home but he definitely is the dominant dog in the group. So while he would love a home with another dog, his new family will have to see if the animals currently in their home will mind being ruled over by King Tomas.

The only issue we've had is riding the TTC. He gets a bit nervous and scared but it's probably because he has never done that before. He seems to be getting better and better with each ride. He is a champ in the car. The only other issue - he hates being touched on the top of his head (like most dogs) but he's more nervous than usual. Even when we are putting on his harness he gets a bit scared. So again his new family will just have to be slow and steady when getting him leashed up for a walk. Whatever issues he may have experienced that lead to him being cautious with his head are soon forgotten as he greets EVERYONE - dog, cat, human - when he walks through the neighbourhood. Leash free time is very important as he loves to run. He definitely is a people dog and not even the Occupy Toronto site was overwhelming to him. In fact he couldn't believe everyone was there for him!!!

This guy is definitely ready to take on any new adventures!!!


Introduction, November 6, 2011

T's first night went great. Of course being in a new place is never easy, but he took it like a champ! He is very comfortable with the resident dogs - even though one of them is a German Shepherd. In fact he spent the first evening licking and loving on them. What was really surprising though is how calm he is with the foster cats; in fact he won them over so much that one of them took it upon herself to take a cat nap curled next to him. So while we were expecting a bit of cat chasing, the only dogs that had a marathon with any of the cats were the resident dogs. He is definitely a charmer, very gentle, very loving, very energetic - LOVES TO RUN, in other words ... very much a pug. As with all pugs he has not met a piece of food he did not have room for, so his new family needs to be diligent about keeping food away from his pug reach. Nothing seems to faze this guy, and he is ready to wag his little curly tail whenever we look his way to make sure he is okay.