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Toffee - 1.5 Year Old Pug/JRT


Happy Tails

We adopted Toffee just over a month ago now and things are going very well! We have all been having so much fun! We were a little nervous at first about what our 2 year old pug mix, Corky, would think as he had been our one and only, however, we began to feel reassured immediately on the car ride home. We picked Toffee up at her foster home which was a 2 hour drive from our home and Corky and Toffee snuggled the whole way home! Corky has anxiety in the car so Toffee was a very positive role model for him because she does wonderfully in the car.

Toffee has settled in well and it feels like she has always been part of the family. She really gets us all going in the morning, no hitting the snooze button with Toffee around! She hears the alarm go off in the morning and she's ready and raring to go! She makes the funniest sounds in the morning, these really high pitched squeaks and squeals when she yawns.

We initially had quite a few accidents in the house but we've pretty much got her routine down pat now and she's doing very well with doing her business outside. She has even began to give us a 'signal' where she will sit by the patio door and raise her paw, its so cute! We taught her to shake a paw and now she does it whenever she wants something.

Toffee and Corky have had a few spats (they are just like kids, always want to play with the toy that the other one is playing with) but for the most part, they enjoy each other's company. Considering Corky weighs 12 pounds more than Toffee, Toffee sure holds her own in their games of tug! He drags her around but she holds her ground and she wins every once in awhile!

Toffee is an extremely cuddly girl, she loves to snuggle with anyone, dog or human! We have found that she is somewhat shy and timid and even a little skittish and nervous at times, but she is beginning to come out of her shell, sometimes she just needs some reassurance. Toffee is a very loving, well behaved and polite dog, she melts the hearts of everyone she meets.

Toffee and Corky are perfect for each other because they both have lots of energy, they love to play, play and then play some more, then they crash and cuddle for awhile before its back to playing! Toffee sure loves her walks!! She practically jumps right into her sweater and harness because she is so excited to go for her walk.

Toffee puts a smile on our faces from the minute we come into the house as she does her full body wiggle and makes the silliest sounds-her grunts of excitement. We really do feel that our family is complete; Corky and Toffee are snuggled together in between us as I write this. Thanks Pugalug for making this such a smooth process. We are so happy to have added this wonderful addition to our family, we just love her and we think its safe to say the feelings are mutual!!


Please stand by for Toffee's Happy Tail

If you like to play ball, Toffee's your girl! She also enjoys a good game of chase with our cat and any visiting dogs. If you are considering obedience, agility, rally or flyball Toffee would be an eager participant. I'm not sure how she feels about swimming, but if she likes it half as much as playing ball, she would be a dandy 'Dock Dog'.

Toffee has no medical issues and has been given a clean bill of health.

Toffee does well on a grain free diet. Portions need to be managed as she has inherited the 'pig' gene from her pug side. She will sit for her meals and takes treats very gently.....my kids can hand feed her. She also enjoys a variety of fruit and veggies....awaiting anything to fall when I'm prepping for meals.

Toffee is bright and eager to please and would enjoy attending a basic obedience class with her new human companion. She sits extremely well and has good recall. She is quite a 'hoover' and will attempt to help my gang with their meals once she has finished hers. Toffee loves her walks and hops around like a rabbit. I think her leash manners will greatly improve with some 'one on one' and better weather where salty streets and sidewalks aren't an issue. Toffee is not a big barker but will bark when someone comes to the door or if there's action out on the street. She is confined to the back of the house when we're out and she settles in fine with my gang for company. Toffee will dash at the door if given the opportunity. Her house training is about 80% complete and I find she will only potty inside next to the litter box....so needless to say, access to that room 'has been denied'. Like any new adoptee, she will likely have accidents during her transition period.

Toffee is great with other dogs males and females alike. She engages other dogs in play and she's usually gentle at playtime. She loves her toys...particularly un-stuffing them. She is fine with cats that are as active and playful as she is. Toffee requires a home with direct access to a fenced yard where she has the opportunity to run. Toffee is a medium energy dog so it's important that she get regular exercise.



Toffee has been returned to us due to a change in her family's circumstances. In the adoptive home she exhibited stress by toileting indoors but this has not been a problem in either her new or previous foster home. Her new foster mum says she is a delightful dog who loves people of all ages. At 1 1/2 years old, she still has puppy exuberance but the pug in her moderates the energy of her Jack Russell Terrier genes. She would love to have other dogs to play with but her older foster siblings are just not that interested. However, she and the resident 7 month old cat have become buddies and will stalk, chase and wrestle one minute and share the couch and the big bed the next. Toffee has a good appetite but is not a pig; she sits for food. She sleeps on the bed/couch, toilets outside, doesn't bother with any toys that aren't hers, doesn't bark excessively and has great recall. In short, she is a delightful young puppy who needs lots of company, exercise and play-time.



Happy Tails

Life with Toffee (or Toffa as my toddler says) has been fun, funny and warm! Toffee continues to make us laugh chasing bugs and more recently squirrels in our yard. She has also helped to pick many of the tomatoes in our garden for an afternoon snack. I am sure from grazing in our garden and the food dropped by my son she is loving her new eating arrangements!

Toffee is trying hard to get along and make friends with our cat, but her high energy has proven a challenge for the cat to match when they are playing! Toffee's favorite activities are chasing our son around the yard, playing with balls and going for walks. Once her energy is spent, Toffee loves to cuddle on the couch and at nighttime she snuggles in around my feet.

Toffee is a wonderful addition to our family. She has a great balance of high energy and cuddly down time. We are all happy!


Stay tuned, we should have some Happy Tails to post soon!

Toffee is ready to start her search for her forever home. She is as sweet as her name. She came through her spay surgery with flying colours, and is ready to roll. She eats a grain- free kibble with a little warm water. She likes kids, but because she has some spunky jack russellness to her, she would best suit children over 10 years old. A home with a fenced yard would be great for Toffee, as she is still a youngster, and needs space to burn off her puppy energy, so an apartment wouldn't be the right surroundings for her. Toffee sleeps in her crate at night, and rests there when left alone during the day. She is quiet in her crate, but is an early riser. She goes out to do her business, has her breakfast, and will go back to bed....ah the lazy days of summer!!!

Toffee gets very excited when over stimulated, for example when her family arrives home, or first thing out of her crate. She would do best with a family that has had a dog before. Toffee would only do well when her housemate is a laid back male, or on her own. She can be a little unsure of things, so a quieter life style would be great.

Toffee is a snuggle monster, so after a long walk she love to curls up on the couch, or chew on her toys. She is a talker, she makes the cutest sound when she's happy, I can't describe it in words, but it's a hoot. So Toffee is looking for a boy to share her life with, but would be just as happy to be an only "fur-kid."



Foster Update, July 15, 2010

Toffee is a very snuggly girl. When she comes inside from her playtime in the backyard, which in this hot weather are short periods of time, she love to curl up on the couch with another warm body, be it canine or human. She enjoys going for walks and meeting new people, she is shy at first, but warms up quickly. Her spay is booked for July 22nd. so until then she's just hanging out with the gang enjoying lots of snuggles, and attention.



Foster Update, July 1, 2010

Toffee is doing very well. She is a sweet and quiet little girl. She enjoys playing in the backyard with the rest of the gang, big and small, and then is quite content to curl up on the couch to watch soccer. She will be spayed the 3rd. week of July.

Time to go for a walk and then get ready for the next game!!!!

Foster Update, June 3, 2010

Toffee had her check-up on Monday, and she passed with flying colours. She has finished with her heat cycle, so her spay can be booked for the end of July. She is a fabulous house guest, she has been given the nickname of the "Toffenator" due to the fact that she can catch any bug. It's so funny to walk her at night when she spots a moth in the street light and the chase is on!!!! She enjoys soaking up the sun in her favorite lawn chair.....ahhh life is good.



Introduction, May 25, 2010

Toffee is an owner surrender. Toffee is a pug/jack russell terrier, and turned a year old this month. She has the sweetest temperment, and has settled into foster care very well. Toffee and her foster brother and sisters have become great playmates for each other. She was a little restless the first evening but by the next morning she was just one of the gang, and has adapted to our routine very quickly, that says alot for her stable and easy going attitude. She has snuggled her way into our family and looking after her will be our pleasure. She has her check-up at the vet scheduled for Monday, she is in heat at this time so her spay surgery will have to be a little ways off.