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Tinka - 4 Year Old Female


Tinka's Foster Buddies
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Happy Tail, May 7, 2013

Tinka joined my husband and I and her new best friend, our 4 year old pug Timmy, about two weeks ago. She has been an absolute delight with her sweet, loving, inquisitive nature. She is a happy little girl. She loves sleeping in the big bed, snuggled in tight. She loves to roll over for belly rubs and likes to go for a walks.

We were told that Tinka has been known to jump up and take food since the plate was placed in her leg Well, we have seen Miss Tinka in action and she is part mountain goat! She has already learned where to find the treats. One day, she worked at it until she opened the cupboard and helped herself to them - her little body in the very back of the cupboard with only her legs dangling out! The treats have now been put in a Tinka-proof spot. She has no trouble getting up on the table if a chair is left pulled out. She upset the heavy jar where unshelled peanuts were kept for our tame chipmunk. There were peanuts strewn across the entire floor and Tinka and Timmy were happily munching away. The peanuts are locked away now.

She is a silly scamp and loves to take something that has dropped on the floor and play catch me, chase me!! Timmy's laid back manner and Tinka's silly, loving nature is a perfect match for our home. We are entertained daily by her dragging herself on all fours across the room, rooting through the toy box for a toy and searching for the perfect spot of sunlight in different rooms as the sun moves. Tinka has settled right in and we are so happy with this little girl, who has been through so much. She is home now and she will get all the care and love she deserves! She is so loved and she knows it - she can't give us enough kisses and we can't give her enough pets and love in return!


Tinka is absolutely a lovely dog. She has been through so much and is resilient as ever (see her previous updates for more information on her leg). Tinka should have her weight watched closely, so there is no extra strain on her legs.

Her personality has really come shining through after her healing process. Tinka can be mischievous and will bark to get your attention and will tip over the garbage to see what she might find. She likes to look out the window when she is home.

Tinka has been sleeping in a crate but would like nothing more than to sleep in the bed. She is a sound sleeper and will sleep as long as you do.

She likes her foster brothers and will cuddle with them. She likes her ball with treats in it and chewing on her nylabone. Tinka just loves kids, but children should be over 6 years old, as she will grab any food.

Tinka will be a wonderful companion, wanting nothing more than your attention. She is loving, likes to give kisses, and enjoys her belly and ears rubbed.


Foster Update, February 6, 2013

Tinka had her eye surgery (medial canthoplasty) on January 29 and is doing great. She wears the cone but wasn't happy about it at first. She had her checkup on Monday, February 4 and is doing well. She will need one more recheck in 4-6 months. She will require tacrolimus drops and eye gel on a daily basis. The poor little girl shakes uncontrollably when you take her into the vet's office. She has been through so much. She is turning out to be a saucy girl when she wants to be. She loves wandering around the office. Now that she feels better and her leg works, she loves to climb on things - desks, file drawers - to see if there might be some food around. She will knock over the garbage cans to see if there is anything worth retrieving and don't leave your coffee on your desk. She will knock it down and lick it up. She stole an entire bagel with butter in the blink of an eye - what a find she thought as she licked her lips. The mail lady gives her a treat so she expects everyone else to. What a character. We have discovered that she can shake a paw and rollover. Her recall is good. If she hears a startling sound, she will bark or if she is suspicious about someone. She hardly barked before her surgery. She loves going to the office and gets truly annoyed if she has to stay home. She is a smart girl, that is for sure. She sleeps in her crate at night but would love to sleep in the bed. She will sleep in, not a problem at all. If she is not ready to get up, she won't. She absolutely loves her food. I have her on a cooked product. She has become a part of our office and will be missed.



Foster Update, January 2, 2013

This little girl is really starting to show her personality. She will bark for attention and gets quite annoyed when you don't play with her the minute she demands it. So funny. She has started to engage in play with her big foster brother and will sleep in the same bed now as her senior foster brother. She loves to play with her toys and chew on her bone. She is very mischievous and has started getting into all kinds of things so I have to keep my eye on her. See what happens when she feels better! I have just recently let her be in the backyard and wander around at the office without her leash. She is loving every single minute of it. There is no more of this "cuddle me, I am not feeling well", although she still likes to cuddle. She has come into her own and when I don't see her near by, I have to think "hmmm, what is she getting into?" At Christmas, Tinka and the resident Boston had a few disagreements, but nothing that couldn't be worked out. She loved sleeping with the crew on the air mattress as I wasn't worried about her leg. She isn't particularly fond of the cold and I wonder if the plate in her leg feels cold. She has put on a little bit of weight and is looking perfect. She will go for a checkup on her leg soon and will then have the medial canthoplasty on her eye. She will then be ready for her forever home probably in mid to late February. The one thing I am working on is taking a treat as she tends to be quite rough but she is gentle in every other way. She is a wonderful little princess!



Foster Update, November 29, 2012

First and foremost, thank you to everyone for your donations. This little sweetheart has been through so much this year and is resilient as ever.

Thanks so much to the generosity of a trust fund, Tinka had her surgery on November 13 and is recovering well. She had her staples out this week. She is weight bearing quite well and is getting used to having use of her leg again. She cannot run, jump or do stairs and is leashed to go outside. She can start short leash walks after week 4. She will have a recheck and x-rays at the 8 week point. Assuming adequate radiographic progress, Tinka can start doing stairs; and leash walks can be gradually increased in weeks 8-12. She takes everything in stride. What a little trooper. She developed a hotspot on her cheek so between that and her staples, she had to wear the cone 24 hours a day. She just goes with the flow. She is an amazing little pug that is so deserving of a loving new family. She says look at my pretty gold bow, it's Christmas and once my leg heals, I will be as good as new and ready to love my new family. She sleeps in her crate readily in my bedroom but is just dying to sleep on the bed. Since her surgery she has been with me pretty much 24 hours a day so when I am out of sight she starts to cry. She is getting a little more independent now that she is feeling better but likes nothing better than snuggling into my elbow on my lap wrapped in a blanket. So cute!

She weighs 15.6 pounds so I have increased her food a little. Her poor pug foster brother is jealous as he has never been able to eat that much and maintain a slim figure. She eats like a supervac and watch your fingers when she takes a treat. It is best that she have a grain free diet as she has had hotspots in the past as well. She has had bloodwork and a wellness check and all is good.



Foster Update, November 5, 2012

We were at the orthopedic vet this morning. He can save her leg by inserting a plate and removing the loose pin. A full recovery is expected. The leg is still broken and is only being held together by the pin. Because the pin is loose, it keeps the bones from knitting together. This surgery needs to be done asap. If the pin snaps there is nothing holding the femur together and her leg will collapse. Please find it in your heart to donate to Pugalug to help with the surgery for Tinka that will be approximately $4000. She is a calm and gentle soul with a wonderful disposition. She loves her belly rubs and you can cradle her like a baby.


Introduction, October 31, 2012

Tinka is a 4 yr old female pug. She has settled into her foster home nicely. Tinka is a happy easygoing little girl and just wants to be right where you are all the time. She has had some medical issues and had her right eye removed in May 2012. Due to the pigmentary keratitis, she requires 2 drops per day in her left eye. She also had a break in her right hind femur in February 2012 that has not healed properly. We have an appointment on Monday, November 5 with the specialist to review options. She gets around fine and moves quickly. She loves her food and eats way faster than her senior foster brother so they eat separately or she would go to town on his food too. She rarely barks unless her foster brothers do. She is very inquisitive and likes to explore and sniff everything in her environment. She comes when you call her. She is a little bundle of joy.