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Taz - 1996-2014


Taz is at the Rainbow Bridge

They say a dog is part of our lives ... Well, Taz was our whole life.

It's hard to describe Taz in only a few words. At 11 yrs old we were asked to be his foster parents and he stole our hearts immediately and we knew he already found his forever home with us. He never left our sides until Aug 4th, 2014 when he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

At 17.5 yrs old with arthritis, limited vision and a few other medical issues it never stopped Taz from always meeting us when we arrived home with a wag of his tail and a big bark to say "welcome home."

Taz and Troy had a very special bond that was clear to anyone that saw the two of them together that they were soulmates.

All those that met him could see he was a gentle and wise old soul. He loved everyone and his pug brother and sisters and all his canine friends.

Taz, ALAIS: Popabear, Popa, Tazman, we miss you terribly, but feel so blessed to have had you in our lives and you will always be with us in our loving memories forever.

Rest Peacefully, and say to China for us. We will all be together one day never to part again.

Love you always and forever,

Bonnie, Daddy Troy, Finnigan and Lola.



Taz - 11 year old male

Taz ain't movin' - November 28

Taz has been officially adopted by Bonnie, Troy and Pug China. They will continue to give him the love and care he has enjoyed these last few months. And they will work at reducing his weight so he can lead a long, senior life. The are getting a family Christmas photo done so we will use that for the Happy Tails when they send me a copy.

Meanwhile, expect to see Taz and his family at future pugalugs.

Foster Update, Nov 1

Taz is doing very well. He still has the slight cough , but the vet advised that it is probably from years of living with a smoker and inhaling the smoke and of course his weight condition. She advised it may never go away, but it has subsided quite a bit since taking the antibiotics the vet prescribed him. He finished the antibiotics around 2 wks ago. I dropped by the vets with him today to weigh him and he lost a bit of weight. His last weight on Oct 22 was 32.6 lbs, today's weight is 32.4 lbs, not much, but we are pleased with that.

Other than that, he is doing good. He has a lot of loose skin that probably is weighing him down too. He is getting around good despite the arthritis and is a happy go lucky guy. I will send pictures in the next few weeks.

Foster Update, September 29

Taz went to the vets today for a exam as we found a few lumps on his chest area and wanted them checked. The vet said they are more than likely fatty deposits, but to continue to keep an eye on them for any changes in size etc. Ears are looking good, no more infection, but still some brown discharge in the ear and will require continued use of the ear cleaner once weekly. Nose folds are looking good, no more bad odor, but again continued use of the prescribed meds for that. Has been sneezing and hacking up a little (confirmed it's not kennel cough) so the vet prescribed an antibiotic for 10 days and that should fix that problem(hopefully).

Disappointing news...Taz has put on a pound and is now up to 34lbs. Not really sure how that happened, as he is eating better and getting more exercise, but we are determined to get him down 5 pounds at least. He has more mobility now that he is on glacosomine for his arthritis. He even runs a little every now and then. Vet has confirmed there are 2 fractured teeth that will require attention along with vaccines once he looses a significant amount of weight.

All in all he is doing ok, he is such a good guy and a pleasure to have around.

Taz at Pugoween

Foster Update, September 24

Taz is doing good, he is moving around alot better since starting the glacosomine pills. Still tires after a few minutes of walking, but that is to be expected considering his weight and age. His weight as of last Friday was 33 lbs and holding. We got 3 pds off him from the time he came to us. You can see the weight loss in his face and extra skin hanging off his waist. You can even start to see a waist line.

He is adjusting really well, and everyday he surprises us with something new he learns. He now gives a paw when he wants a treat, something he probably learned from watching our girl "China" do that. He has also learned that the couch is more comfortable than his bed on the floor and has chosen to take occupancy on the couch.

All is good though. We are holding off a little longer on getting his vaccines and tooth fixed until he looses some more weight. The vet thought it would be a good idea to do those procedures when he sheds some more weight.

He and China are getting along great, and he has really found a special place in our hearts.

Foster Update, September 3

Taz had a vet visit on August 27th and the vet said Taz's ear infection looks like it has cleared up some and to stop the Surolan and to just continue using the ear cleaner for maintance/preventative once weekly for a while then to switch to once every two wks. She advised to just keep an eye on the ears for any bad smell as this would be an indication that the infection has returned. She dispensed "Douxo Seborrhea Spot-On" for his nose folds. Taz has some lumps that the vet said could just be fatty lumps, but to keep an eye on for any changes in size etc....

The vet dispensed 1 bottle of "Cosequin DS 120" for his artheritis/joint problem, he was microchipped today as well. Overall the vet said he looks good and no follow up visits are required unless any issues arise that need attention. He weighed in at 33 pds. No more weight loss since Troy took him for his last visit, but no weight gain either. We haven't gotten any vaccines yet, we are hoping as soon as he sheds some more weight to get the requried vaccines. He gets his daily walks and enjoys them, but still tires easily.

He has really made himself at home and gets along well with our female pug. He is a very sweet guy and gets along well with everyone that meets him. When he gets excited his tail wags (its a very cute sight to see)

Foster Update, August 11

Taz has been in our home for a week now since the owner has surrendered him and he is adjusting very well. The vet informed us that all blood work and fecal sample came back good, no problem there. He enjoys his daily walks(even in the rain) and hopefully between the exercise and change in diet he will start to shed some weight.

His ear infection is looking like it is clearing up, but that will be confirmed on his next vet visit on Aug 19th. He is such an easy going boy who loves lots of attention (and he gets it). He follows us around from room to room and if we are out of his sight for any length of time he lets us know with a quiet howl. It's kinda cute. He has come to make friends with many of our neighbors and their dogs and he gets along well with everyone.

Foster Update, August 4

Taz is a wonderful guy, sweet and playful and loves to give lots of kisses. Since he has been with us we find him to be friendly with people of all ages, and other dogs. He is getting along with our 7 yr. old female pug really nicely. He is a handsome man and when he looks at you with those big brown eyes you just can't help but want to let him lick your whole face.

He had a vet visit on Saturday and the vet found he has an ear infection in both ears of which he is currently being treated. Taz is overweight at 36 lbs. He has a fractured molar that will be treated later when he has lost a significant amount of weight. He has the beginning of cataracts of which is no surprise given his age and possibly arthritis which the vet will confirm at a later date. We will hear back shortly from the vet with the blood test results to decide our next move regarding his weight.

Bonnie & Troy

Introduction August 2nd

Taz sadly had to come into our care when his owner had to go into a nursing home. Taz was very well loved and cared for through out his whole life. However, circumstances changed and he is now in a loving foster home. Taz has adjusted well, for his first day, to his new foster family. We will have an update and pictures in a couple of days.