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Taya - 2 Year Old Female


Happy Tails

Taya, whom we have renamed Lola, waltzed into our home and was immediately loved. Perhaps not quite that immediately by our 4 year old pug Elvis; however he is definitely beginning to warm up to her and is more tolerant with her when she showers his flat little face with kisses.

Lola sleeps in bed with us and wakes up running. No more need for an alarm clock with her in the house! She is full of energy and loves to chase the ball in our back yard. She particularly enjoys when our daughter's pug puppy Gus visits as he has the energy to keep up with her. Elvis tends to get left behind! Her entire body wiggles when she sees her harness and leash appear. Lola spends a lot of time looking out the front window and makes it well know when someone is walking by her house. I love to see her face watching out the front window for us when we have been away. She is so happy to see us, she can't stand still and almost jumps into our arms.

We are thrilled with our little Lola and very thankful for the folks at Pugalug for all the support they have shown us.


Taya is an affectionate and playful girl. She absolutely loves chasing a laser and will run up and down my hall, over and over! She needs a family that has the time to give her the exercise that she requires. Taya is a loving, playful puppy and wouldn't do well in a home that doesn't have time for play with her.

Taya is a large pug, but well proportioned. She is quite light on her feet and can jump up on a high bed, landing very softly. When it is time to sit on the couch, Taya is happy to settle in for a snuggle. She may decide to play with a toy and then comes back for more cuddles. She sleeps in bed with me and the other pugs.

Strange noises or someone at the door, will make her bark. She would do best in a home, instead of an apartment.

She eats grain free kibble and grain free canned, soaked with water. We add cranberries 3 times a week to keep her pH down. She did have struvite crystals, when she came into rescue. That cleared up and her pH levels have been in the proper range. It would be a good idea to check them, once in awhile. The test strips are easy to use to test her urine. She hasn't had any accidents, since her crystals cleared up.

We put drops in Taya's eyes, twice daily, to keep them lubricated. Taya has a few inverted eyelashes on the left eye, that shouldn't cause a problem in the future. Taya does get excited when going for a walk and will pull on her leash. We take her to an off leash park and she likes to run around. She wasn't comfortable with bigger dogs, at first, but is getting better about it. She was having a blast, chasing a setter, the other day.

Taya could be an only dog, but wouldn't want to be alone for very long. She would be fine being left with another dog.



Foster Update, February 9, 2011

Taya is doing well here the past two weeks, she is a true delight for Odie - they are the same age and just love one another. Odie kisses her face and bites her ears, and she just loves it. They play chase, and tug of war with toys. Sami is just in the background watching.

Taya had her wellness check and urinalysis. Her wellness came back great, she has some inverted eyelashes on the left side that will need to be look at. Her initial urinalysis showed some struvite crystals ( I know the year for crystals) so we had a culture and sensitivity test done, and her PH is 9.0 which is very high. There were few crystals in the urine and no infection. So we are hoping with a change in diet and some cranberry added to her diet we can get the ph down to normal levels.



Introduction, January 23, 2011

Taya is a 2 year old spayed female. She is an owner surrender, her family had a new baby and couldn't give her the attention she needed. She likes to play with our young resident pug, and follows my husband and son around. She is moderately active, and likes to play with a few favorite toys.

Taya is full of big pug love and needs to lose some weight. With the activity around here, and a new kibble she should lose a few pounds. She slept in the big bed with us last night sucked up to my husband where she stayed all night. We used the PAWS balloon booties on her because of the weather and she didn't mind them at all. She is going for her wellness check this week.