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Sushi - 7 year old male


Happy Tails, February 22, 2011

Sushi, or Brucey as we have re-named him, is getting along exceedingly well. We have been using clicker, positive reinforcement training for his car anxiety and in 2 days has gone from not liking the car to being somewhat comfortable. He has his own room, a BIG bed and has gotten through the night for 2 nights straight. He has met his godparents, his first set of grandparents and has made a canine friend. Tonight his other grandpa and grandma are coming over to introduce themselves. We watched the Toronto Maple Leafs on TV and he feel asleep (it wasn't a very exciting game). He is absolutely wonderful. What a little gentleman. We would like to thank you for making this a really positive experience. I was nervous at first, but because of Brucey and Pugalug we will never be without a pug again.



Sushi is seven years old but is fairly active for his age. Like most pugs, he has mastered the art of napping. However, he also enjoys going for short walks, fetching toys, and chewing bones.

Sushi is friendly, but he's not overly demanding. While my pugs constantly pester me to sit on my lap, he is content just to be near me. When I call his name, he enthusiastically wags his tail and plops at my feet or sets his head on my knee for a scratch behind the ears. Sushi is not overly playful with other dogs, but he gets along well with them, and he'd probably cuddle with our pugs if they'd let him. Although Sushi tolerates puppies, he'd be more comfortable in a home without young dogs; they disturb his sleep and make him cranky.

Sushi is completely house trained and can be left alone for a regular workday without any problems. He is well behaved and understands basic commands. He can be stubborn, though, and he will briefly bark and whine when someone is at the door or when he's put in the car. As a result, he needs an owner who will consistently apply rules and use positive reinforcement to encourage him to calm down and listen. However, for the most part, Sushi is really laid back -- no trouble at all.

The vet has said that Sushi seems quite fit and healthy. However, Sushi has unexplained allergies and needs to take half a pill of Vanectyl-P every other day; otherwise, he is itchy and uncomfortable. He needs a high-quality, grain-free kibble, and his owner should be cautious about introducing new foods to his diet. Sushi also has moderate arthritis and luxating patella in one of his knees. The only time it's really noticeable, though, is when he tries to run -- which isn't very often. Overall, he gets around really well.

Sushi would be ideally suited to a home with a low to moderate level of activity. He has a lot of love to offer to the right family.


Foster Update, January 2, 2011

As a precaution, Sushi's legs were recently x-rayed. His injured one has healed nicely. However, he does have moderate arthritis, which is not uncommon, and will need joint powder added to his food daily. He also has signs of luxating patella in his right knee. Fortunately, it does not really hinder him. Although he occasionally limps or hops, he gets around really well. He enjoys short walks and can be quite playful. Overall, he does not seem terribly bothered by it. As a result, the vet does not think that surgery will be necessary.

Over the holidays, Sushi accompanied us to our parents' houses. He got along well with all of the dogs, kids, and adults that he met. In other words, he was as friendly, easy going, and well behaved as usual.

Sushi should be ready for adoption in a few weeks. He seems to be doing well on his diet, but he has unexplained environmental allergies that need to be treated. We are currently in the process of finding an appropriate dose of medication to keep his allergies under control. At his current dose (half a pill every other day), he occasionally scratches his faces but seems pretty comfortable. We will continue to monitor him just to be sure, though.


Introduction, November 12, 2010

Sushi is a 7 year old fawn neutered male surrendered because his family is growing and no longer has enough time for him. He seems to be in pretty good shape except for a slight limp from a previously broken leg and allergies for which he has been taking medications for a while. The vet will be checking him out next week and we will be changing his diet to see if that makes an improvement with the itchiness. Sushi has been enjoying playing with his foster siblings.