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Stewie - 9 Year Old Male


Happy Tails

Stewie is now doing very well in his adoptive home after a less than ideal transition. As a dog who is easily stressed, he wasn't too happy about his long drive to his adoptive home. For the first couple of days, he urinated constantly and his new mom noticed blood in his urine - off to the vet for suspected urinary infection and/or crystals. However, his urinalysis and radiograph came back fine and we've concluded that it was caused by stress, a situation that very occasionally happens in dogs. The symptoms disappeared and a repeat urinalysis showed no problems.

Stewie also wasn't originally impressed with his new pug sister but they are now showing signs of warming up to each other. True love takes time.

His new mom is thrilled with Stewie and reported, "I cannot express how much we enjoy Stewie. He is a loyal, loveable guy. He is a great match for us and I think he loves the security of having someone home most of the time. He is attached to us all."


Stewie is a wonderful 9-year-old male. He is smaller in size, and is very affectionate. Stewie does suffer from allergies, and if his diet is not monitored, he will quickly show signs of his allergies. Stewie does also have anxiety, but given proper behavioural adjustments and a kind hand, Stewie tends to settle down. Overall, Stewie loves to sit on your lap and will follow close by.

Stewie is house broken and is very good at waiting to be taken outdoors. Stewie does not enjoy cold weather, but once out in it, he will promptly take care of business and hurry back indoors. On a nice day, Stewie loves to stroll around the neighbourhood. He enjoys a quick pace, while happily greeting those who walk by.

Stewie doesn't necessarily enjoy playing with toys, but he does enjoy the company of other small dogs. He will play and cuddle up close to them. Stewie does not enjoy being left alone, but settles in nicely with a small friend. He must be with another small dog.

Stewie has shown the biggest improvement with his Kangaroo & Oat Diet. His itching and licking is minimal, and he no longer gets rashes or sores. Maintaining this diet is imperative along with grain-free, low-protein treats. Stewie is a wonderful eater, and looks very forward to mealtime!

Stewie's ears have a tendency to become infected if not cleaned regularly. He is an excellent patient while having his ears cared for. Stewie does not enjoy having his nails clipped and tends to squeal. This can be surprising. However, it doesn't hurt Stewie, it's only his way of saying "Not this again!"

Stewie is also very good in the bath. He will sit or stand patiently while being washed. Once out of the tub, he loves to run around quickly with his bum tucked under him... we call this Stewie's "dry cycle."

Stewie did have a behavioural analysis. He does have some learned behaviours that are a continued effort. Stewie is a very vocal little pug and sometimes needs to be reminded that this is not the correct behaviour. If Stewie whines at you, it is best to ignore this behaviour or walk away from him. Once he begins to notice his whining isn't getting him the attention he wants, he will stop. It is then best to calmly acknowledge this improvement; good job buddy!

Stewie is a kind, gentle pug. He prefers the company of other small dogs, as he does not enjoy being on his own. Stewie is the perfect pug to snuggle up close, while relaxing with the family or crawling into bed. He loves to be a part of any excitement, and will make a fantastic addition to any family.

Foster Update, January 15, 2015

Stewie had his teeth cleaned on January 9th, 2015, and also had 9 teeth extracted. Stewie has been recovering wonderfully, and is scheduled for his post-op appointment January 19th. The staff at the vet clinic raved about how talkative and sweet Stewie was while in for his appointment. Stewie definitely loves to chat! He will greet you with many "hellos" when coming home from work, and when waiting for his meals to be served, he often follows close behind, trying to contain his excitement. Stewie is such a pleasure to have around, he absolutely loves to sit on your lap, and will also snuggle up close to our resident pug for a nap. Stewie has really taken to our other foster pug Louisa, and the two of them are inseparable. If given the option, Stewie would thrive in a home with another small dog.

Stewie seems to be learning to tolerate car rides a little better than before. If lucky enough, his preference is to sit on the passenger's lap where he will eventually settle down for a snooze. Otherwise, if in the back seat on his own, he will pace and tremble the whole ride.

Stewie impressed his Vet at his last weigh in of 19lbs. He is a small-medium size build, and loves all the exercise he can get! He will be the perfect dog for an active family!




Foster Update, December 12, 2014

Stewie seems to be doing a little better, day by day. He met with a K9 behavioural specialist and since his appointment, we have been taking her advice and fine tuning some of Stewie's learned behaviour.

Since fostering an additional pug (Pugalug's Louisa), Stewie has been more playful than ever. They run around together, and playfully wrestle. He really thrives in a group setting!

Stewie still doesn't enjoy car rides. They really bring on his anxiety. It would be best to limit his car rides whenever possible. He does however love his walks. On a nice day, Stewie could spend the whole day strolling around town! On a chilly or rainy day, Stewie is quick to do his business and will eagerly run back to the door to tell me "ok mom, that's enough of that!"

Overall, I am very proud of Stewie's accomplishments. He is settling much better in the evenings, and isn't whining or pacing. He is a sweet, kind man, who would excel in a home with another dog, someone who will roam the world and play with him.



Foster Update, November 16, 2014

Stewie has been taking his medication for his anxiety twice per day (half a tablet with breakfast, and the other half with dinner) and he does seem a little more settled in the evenings. However, he does still have moments where he will pace, and not stop crying until someone give him their full attention. Stewie is scheduled for his behavioural consultation with K9 Shrink, and I am hoping they can shed some light on Stewie's anxiety.

Now that most of the leaves have fallen, Stewie enjoys running and chasing the leaves. If he finds a pile of leaves neatly raked together, he will run and jump through them, with his little bum tucked under him. Stewie is a joy to take for walks. He comes when called, and loves to lead the way at a quick pace. If he sees other small dogs on his walk, he enjoys saying hello, but tends to bark at larger dogs.

Stewie has been a great pleasure to have around. He would make great company for any family looking to add to their fun.


Foster Update, October 15, 2014

Stewie's sore are healing well, and his skin is far less irritated. It seems that we have found the right diet to keep his allergies from flaring up.

This little guy is full of beans and very alert. He's great on the leash, but prefers a quick pace. He enjoys being around a lot of action - so he will do best in a home where he has plenty of social simulation and activity.

He is very well-behaved and a bundle of love, who wants to be by your side at all times.





Foster Update, September 24, 2014

Stewie went for his vet visit on the weekend. Unfortunately, narrowing down poor Stewie's allergies may be a bit tricky. As mentioned before, we did switch his food to grain-free as soon as we got him, but that doesn't seem to be completely resolving the issue. The vet took a swab of his tummy because some of his scratching has resulted in open sores, and after testing for yeast and bacteria, the vet concluded that Stewie does have a bacterial infection of the skin. Stewie is now on an antibiotic along with an oral steroid to help with the symptoms of his currently unknown allergy. We will be discontinuing the antihistamine that we'd been giving him twice a day. We also are going to try a new shampoo that the vet suggested, which we are to leave on Stewie's skin for 5-10minutes. It was also determined that Stewie has an ear infection so we're giving him drops twice a day. Fingers crossed that Stewie starts feeling better soon!

Despite all of his itchiness, Stewie is a lovely boy who enjoys his snuggle time once his foster family is home for the evening. He is he definition of a love pug!


Introduction, September 2, 2014

Stewie is a 8-year-old neutered male pug who was surrendered to us after a family separation.

Stewie is such a delight to have around; he's very social, loves to snuggle and be as close to you as he can. He is a very chatty pug and, as soon as he sees his leash, he begins making all kinds of crazy noises because he just loves his walks. He also meets you at the door upon your arrival to say his funny "Hellos." Stewie does suffer from allergies, and had itching and yeastiness in his ears and belly when he came to us. We have switched Stewie's food, but the itching has continued. To help with the itching, Stewie enjoys his baths with Oatmeal & Tea Tree Oil shampoo, and takes his Antihistamine 2x a day. Stewie warmed up to us right away, and enjoys the company of other dogs, including our resident pug. Stewie loves to curl up and sleep in bed with the family, and he was right at home the very first night. Overall, Stewie has been super, and has settled in very nicely!