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Stanley - 2006-2015


Stanley is at the Rainbow Bride

Stanley has been in our care (Pugalug) for a long time--over two years. We've struggled with his diabetes and he began to fail badly recently with ataxia, lethargy, unable or unwilling to re-engage with the world. His wonderful foster mother and vet tried to get his failure under control, but after a very brief rally, he again became very ill and unable to engage in his world. So his foster mother made the kind and wise, but oh so hard decision to release him from his body.

A candle is lit for Stanley

Foster Update, February 24

Stanley has had a couple of vet appointments since his last update. He did have a slight cough for a bit, but his heart and lungs checked out just fine and, as usual, he didn't actually cough at the appointment. The vet said that it could be the cold air or dry air. His foster mom will keep an eye on him and hopefully the cough will resolve itself as the weather continues to improve. Stanley also had his eyes re-checked and they are doing wonderfully. The tear production in his left eye was 20, which is perfect, and the tear production in his right eye was 18, which is pretty amazing given that it was producing 0 tears not that long ago! He now weighs in at at slightly chunky 11.1kgs, which is disappointing news for a pug who LOVES his food. His foster mom will cut back on his food slowly in hopes that it won't be as traumatic for the poor guy! The vet also did some blood work and urine tests. The blood work came back fine. His glucose was a little high, but not a worry. His urine test was also okay. Overall, he's doing pretty well for an old guy. His foster mom continues to do curves to help manage his diabetes. He's still not ready for adoption yet, but hopefully we've started moving in the right direction.

Foster Update, January 8, 2015

Stanley may finally be on the road to stabilizing! He had a curve done today and it was the best that it's been in quite a while. He'll have another one done in a week or two. We're optimistic, but obviously crossing our fingers that it doesn't drop too low, which is what happened the last time.

Stanley also had a birthday in December. He turned 11 on the 17th!! However, it was a bit upset that all he got was a hat! Fortunately Santa made up for that with a new dog bed, which has been placed in front of the heat vent and he's been happily enjoying it every since - except when his foster mom wakes him up to take his picture!




Foster Update, November 2, 2014

Stanley is still having trouble with his diabetes. Despite the best efforts of both his foster family and his vet, his diabetes refuses to stabilize. They are still working on it though. Currently, they are slowly increasing his insulin from a fairly low dose to see if they find the sweet spot that will allow his diabetes to finally stabilize. Fortunately, none of this has affected Stanley at all. He isn't lethargic or losing weight, which most dogs would be in his situation. In fact, he's GAINED 0.4kg! He eats like a pug and looks fantastic. Stanley is a bit of a medical mystery, that's for sure!

Foster Update, August 11, 2014

Stanley needs some time for his diabetes to be regulated and a lump to be checked. At this time he is not set as ready to adopt and we will update you in the future.

Not Ready to Adopt At This Time

Stanley is a 9 year old boy. He is full of love and gives kisses, all the time. Stanley does s funny little dance, when you scratch his bum. He likes to be close to you, so if you like pug cuddles and kisses, Stanley is your man.

Stanley is blind and diabetic. He requires a very strict routine of feeding followed by his dose of insulin twice a day. He will require vet visits to make sure his diabetes is still in control every 2 to 3 months. Stanley is very good about getting his insulin shots. Cost of insulin and syringes is approximately $400 to $450 a year. This is only an estimate, based on his current does of insulin.

Stanley is on Wellness Core Ocean Formula and will need to stay on this. His insulin is regulated to this food.

He is a little vocal when someone comes to the door or when he hears another dog barking. Being blind, makes him a lot more in tune to the outside sounds. He does occasionally have a pee accident in the house. He has a set bathroom routine and if it's thrown off he will sneak into the bathroom and pee. Stanley gets along very well with people but, due to his blindness, it would be best if he went to a home with kids 12 & up, that understand he doesn't see. He is good with small less active dogs. Again, due to his blindness, a playful young dog is not for him.

He requires a house with a fenced yard. Stanley does walk well on leash but is very cautious and slow. He loves to just wander around in the back yard.

Stanley will go into a crate, to eat. Once he's done, he lets you know that he wants out. Crating is his safe place, to eat away from the other dogs and that's it. He needs to be around people. Even at the vet, he needs to be talked to and reassured that someone is there, when he's in the kennel.

He is a very funny little man, who loves nothing more than to sit and cuddle.



Foster Update, July 5, 2014

Stanley had some bad news at the vet this week. His eye had a discharge so we went to get it checked. They did a Schirmer tear test on both eyes. The right eye is producing no tears while the left had a reading of 2mm. Normal is 10. Stanley is on Torbrex for 2 weeks & will have to have dirt flushed out of his eyes & Optimmune for life. Poor old man can't catch a break. :(

Foster Update, April 29, 2014

Stanley continues to remain regulated. He had a dental done on March 27th and lost 21 teeth. But in true pug fashion, this lack of teeth has not affected his eating in the least! Now that the weather is nicer and the snow is gone, Stanley is also partaking in the traditional pug ritual of sunning himself on the deck. He enjoys this alone time away from the resident seniors, however they do keep a close eye on him from the door. When they are together, Stanley does get along very well with the old resident pugs. He's actually showing more of an interest in toys now, but hasn't yet mastered the tug of war with the others. Nevertheless, it obvious that he's much happier now that his teeth are gone!

Stanley     Stanley

Foster Update, November 12, 2013

Stanley is still looking for that forever home. He went to the Toronto Pugoween last week and did very well, but wasn't sure about the elevator ride in the parking garage. He is so funny!

Although it's been a week now since the clocks went back, Stanley still let's me know around 5:00 that it's dinner time. He is my constant shadow and loves nothing more than to sit and cuddle. He gets along nicely with everyone now and even let's his foster brother clean his ears.

Stanley is such a sweet little man & full of kisses. He will make one special family incredibly happy!


Foster Update, September 6, 2013

Stanley is doing very well. He is still on the same insulin doses (4 1/2 & 4) and is maintaining his weight.

He is such a sweet boy & loves to sit outside when the weather is cool enough. Stanley makes his foster mom laugh often. For instance, when he's ready for bed at night he lets her know by sitting in the bedroom waiting to be lifted into the big bed.

Once this sweetie gets the "all clear" from the vet, he'll make one special family very happy!

Foster Update, July 21, 2013

Stanley continues to be a bit of a medical mystery. His morning blood sugar continues to be exceptionally low, even after eating and having 5 unit dose of insulin. A visit to the vet revealed the same results, as did the follow up visit last Wednesday after readjusting his insulin dose. His foster mother and vet are a bit baffled by it, but he continues to be happy and energetic and has been gaining weight. His insulin dose was adjusted after this last vet visit so hopefully that will help stabilize things again. Of course, in true Stanley style, he just rolls with the punches, or in this case, needles!

Foster Update, May 30, 2013

Stanley continues to have difficulties with his diabetes. At his one month recheck, his sugar was running high again. The vet recommended increasing his insulin to 4.5 units and rechecking a week later. Unfortunately, his sugar was still running a bit high after that week so his insulin was increased up to 5 units. Thankfully, he seems to have stabilized a bit after a week at the 5 unit dosage. He won't need to be rechecked for another 2 weeks. Through all of this, Stanley has somehow managed to gain weight, which is great news! Hopefully he will continue to remain stable and keep gaining weight!

A couple week ago, Stanley started peeing in the house and waking up in the night to drink. It's most likely that this change was due to his diabetes, but a urinalysis was done to rule out any bladder or kidney issues. Fortunately, those results came back negative. Once Stanley's insulin was increased to 5 units, he stopped needing to drink as often and slept through the night again.

As if Stanley doesn't have enough on his plate, it's become apparent that he's completely blind. Although he came into Pugalug with cataracts (most likely due to the diabetes), he seemed to be managing well. Unfortunately, as the snow disappeared and he was able to access the entire backyard, it became obvious that he was lost and unable to see his surroundings. If he is totally blind, it would explain why he grumbles when he wants up on the couch or when he accidentally bumps into his foster brother, who is also blind. Pugalug is looking into various options to hopefully help Stanley and give him back some sight.

Even with everything that's going on with his health, Stanley is happy, especially now that he can lounge on the deck in the sun! He has also learned to follow his exceptionally vocal foster brother around. All the commotion allows Stanley to know what's going on and where everyone is located. Stanley is full of energy and loves going for walks. He is great on leash! In his down time, he's a big cuddler and gives lots of kisses to anyone who wants them! He's an overall fantastic little pug!


Foster Update, April 25, 2013

Stanley's blood sugar has continued to be stable (yay!) after a month of receiving 4 units of insulin twice a day. He's gained 0.2kgs (about half a pound), which is also exciting! He will return to the vet in a month for a recheck. Stanley is obviously feeling better now that his blood sugar has been sorted out. He's much more active and thoroughly enjoys his walks. He makes sure to stop at every tree, pole, twig and anything else that looks interesting. He has also been enjoying the few sunny days that we've had by relaxing out on the deck. I'm sure he's eagerly awaiting for Mother Nature to make up her mind!

Foster Update, March 25, 2013

Poor Stanley's two week retest didn't go so well. His blood sugar levels started out ideally, but after eating and insulin, they dropped significantly. The vet recommended increasing his food to a 1/2 cup twice a day and dropping his insulin down to 4 units twice a day, which was his initial dosage. The vet suspects that the consistency in feeding times and insulin are causing the issues as Stanley's body adjusts to being on a regulated schedule. Fortunately, Stanley's retest levels 5 days later were exactly where they needed to be so it appears that his body has finally adjusted to the routine and his blood sugar should hopefully remain stable. He will remain at the dosage of 4 units twice a day and he'll go back for a recheck in a month. The goal now is to get some weight back on him. Given that his blood sugar has stabilized, he should hopefully start to gain. Stanley is definitely feeling better though. He has a lot more energy and has even started playing with toys! He makes the funniest little noises with you play tug-of-war with him! Such a happy little guy!

Foster Update, February 21, 2013

Stanley's first few weeks in foster care have meant a lot of vet visits. He received his DA2PP vaccine and has been switched to Caninsulin. His foster mom continues to work with the vet to get his diabetes under control. He has been going in frequently for testing in an attempt to do so. His blood sugar level was initially quite high after the first dosage of 5 units of Caninsulin. An adjustment was made to 5 1/2 units, which caused his sugar levels to drop too low, although not dangerously so. The vet recommended returning him to the 5 unit dosage and retesting in 2 weeks to see if his levels will even out. Stanley's weight has also been fluctuating; however that's normal given that his diabetes isn't yet regulated. It should stabilize once everything is under control. Given his previous medical history of seizures and trembling, the vet suspects that Stanley has been diabetic for quite some time, as those are two key indicators of the disease. His foster mom has some great literature on canine diabetes as well so she's been reading up on how to best help Stanley get healthy!

Despite all the poking and prodding that Stanley's been going through, he's a happy guy! Although he's not a fan of the vet's (for obvious reasons!) he LOVES to go in the car ride there and back!



Introduction, January 31, 2013

Stanley is a 9 year old black neutered male pug who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He has a sweet, calm nature about him and thoroughly enjoyed the car ride (and nap!) over to his foster mom's house. He was a bit hesitant of all his new foster siblings, but after recovering from the initial shock, his first few days in foster care have gone smoothly. He hasn't had any accidents and is eating well. He's also very good at receiving his insulin shots every day. He especially enjoys playing tug of war with his foster mom, although he's not quite ready to join in with the group tug of war game, but it's obvious that he wants to!

Stanley's first vet visit went quite well. His is an ideal weight of 9.2kg and he isn't in urgent need of any dental work. The fecal and urine tests came back clear as did all the bloodwork with the exception being his diabetes. Stanley is currently on Novolin, a human insulin, but his foster mom will be switching him to Caninsulin, which is better suited for dogs. It's likely that this switch will allow his diabetes to be better managed. He will be switching to a higher protein diet to see if that will help as well.

Even though his diabetes isn't completely managed, it doesn't slow Stanley down one bit! He's happy, playful and overall sweet little pug that's looking forward to his forever home!