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Sophie - 10 Year Old Female Pug Mix


Sophie's Foster Buddies:

  • From Jackson Dollack - Sophie says "Thanks and Happy Birthday"
Happy Tails, August 19, 2011

Sophie continues to be a little character. She has blended in very happily in our home and she loves to play with all of the other dogs that come through our house. She is continuing to work on her leash manners when she sees other dogs (but I don't know that she will ever be much better than she is now...which we can totally live with)

The best part about miss Sophie is the way that she is with my two young daughters. Every morning when they get up Sophie is beside herself with excitement. As soon as my girls are out of their beds, she tugs on their PJ's with her teeth and then races around following them wherever they go.

She is an absolute joy to have with us and we are so glad that she is our forever girl.

Adopted by Foster Parents

Sophie has found her furever home -- she is going to stay with her foster parents. More information and a happy tails soon.

Foster Update, May 20, 2011

She continues to be a doll to have around the house. Initially she was not good with other dogs but she now loves to meet new dogs (inside our house) and loves to play like she is a 2 year old.

We are continuing to work on her leash manners. She is great on the leash, she just doesn't like other dogs when she is on her leash.




Foster Update, April 11, 2011

Sophie is doing well. She is great in the house and has started to be welcoming to new dogs in my house but she continues to have great issues when we are walking outside of the house. She lunges at other dogs. Luckily she keeps lunging at these 3 Newfies (dogs not people!) in the neighbourhood and they take it all in stride and don't take the bait.

Her hair has also grown in and she currently looks like an Ewok.....

Foster Update, March 14, 2011

Sophie has had her dental done and she did very very well. She cam around from the anesthetic without any problems. She was very sore the day of and the day after but has been fine ever since. She lost a couple of teeth in the dental but the vet commented that she has either had a dental previously or her previous people took very good care of her teeth.

She continues to be a little character and is very fun to have around.

The last little thing that we are working on with Sophie is her interactions with other dogs outside of the house.

Foster Update, March 4, 2011

Sophie went to the vet yesterday for her physical. She had her bloodwork done and her fecal testing done. I just received the results a few minutes ago and her results were all great. She is doing well for a "puppy" of her age. She still has the pin in her shoulder from the surgery that she had years ago so she will need to be careful when she is outside when it is cold but otherwise she is perfect.

She does need to have a dental done and the vet is in the process of preparing the estimate for me to forward.

Anyhow, she continues to be a joy to have around and is perfect in the house is every way. She loves to play with her stuffed schnauzer and her stuffed duck. She also loves to do the pugatonic dance as well.

The one area that we are working on with Sophie is her socialization. While she is a joy to walk on a leash she is not friendly with the other dogs that she meets on her walks. She is getting better but we are still working on it with her.

She is an absolute doll and it is a pleasure to have her here with us.

Introduction, January 30, 2011

She is a 10 year old pug/lhasa apso mix. When she arrived today, she was quite nervous and spent some time under my kitchen table. We left her for an hour or so and then when I was putting her leash away, she let me know that she was ready for a walk. She is a dream on a leash...she doesn't pull and stays right by your side. Then she went back to the table. Then when it was dinner time, she let me know that she was ready to eat. Now that she has been for a couple of walks and had her dinner, she is a whole new girl. She is currently wandering around the house exploring and hopefully she will come upstairs to sleep for the night.