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Sir Maximillion

Sir Maximillion

Sir Maximillion is at the Rainbow Bridge

Until We Meet Again, The Love of My Life

Sir Maximillion, My Baby, "Huggy", My Little Teddy Bear,

There are no words to express the monumental love I feel for you or the immeasurable joy, laughter, and comfort you brought into my life. It seems like a very short time ago I rescued you from a shelter and introduced into my life an intense relationship of companionship, friendship, and a bond that will never be broken.

It almost seems redundant to write this final letter of "goodbye" to you; you must know how much my heart is aching because you are not physically with me. However, you will always be with me spiritually and in my loving memories of you forever. And, of course, when it is my time to cross over to the other side, I will anxiously await your greeting and I look forward to seeing you again, wrapping my loving energy around you, and cuddling with you for eternity.

You made a significant impact on this world, My Little Teddy Bear. Since your passing, I have received so many condolences from many people who remember you and love you. These people know how much you and I are connected and they know how much pain I am experiencing over the loss of my pug. Given my spiritual beliefs, although I am suffering from your physical absence, I know that we will be together again - this thought is what keeps me going.

I could not have asked for a better life partner. All the time we spent together was the greatest gift the Universe could have given me. Our shopping trips, our travelling between Toronto and California, our combined efforts to teach others about kindness and compassion towards animals whether in schools, colleges and even a few visits to universities, our breakfast and dinner times when you begged and won food from my plate, our shared time on the sofa watching our favourite videos, our walks and stroller rides around town, our shared time driving to and from many places, our joyful time at stores that welcomed you and doted over your most charming and ingratiating personality, and the most comforting of all, our "cuddle" time at night -- from the first night I adopted you into my life, you insisted on sharing my bed - now that you are gone, I wish you were laying beside me again so I could feel your warmth, your soft and squishy body, and just rest my hand on you while falling asleep, as we did night after night for over thirteen years.

My life feels so much emptier and lonelier without your presence, but at the same time, I feel so privileged, fortunate, and blessed to have had your presence in my life. I am truly honoured to have this connection with you, my love. I am a very lucky guy.

Sir Maximillion, Huggy, My Little Teddy Bear, you were, are, and will always be the Love of My Life.

Rest Peacefully, my baby. We will be together again, some day.

Your Daddy

Sir Maximillion

Sir Maximillion

Sir Maximillion