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Sinead - 4-5 Year Old Female


Happy Tails, October 23, 2012

Ginger (formerly Sinead) has fit in well at her new home. We have nicknamed her "glue" because she is always attached to one of us. Her obedience has improved quite a bit. Every day we come a little further. When we first started taking her for walks, it was clear she has never been on a walk before. She didn't understand and would walk in a zig-zag up and down the street! Now she knows as soon as that harness comes out, she is ready to go with her brother Rocky for her evening walk ,and mirrors his movements (including lifting her leg at every tree!). She is a bundle of love and likes nothing more than sleeping in someone's arms. We have grown to love her very much and look forward to seeing her bright happy face as soon as we walk through the door.


Sinead, now known as Ginger, has gone to her forever home!

Sinead has come a long way since coming into foster care. Look back at her previous updates for her full story and what she has been through. She still has the occasional accident, so will need someone to let her out during the day, around lunch time.

She is great with other dogs and cats but doesn't like dogs that bark. It makes her nervous and she'll run to you to pick her up. She would do better with an older laid back dog or by herself.

Sinead needs a yard since she has not mastered doing her business while on a walk and will only relieve herself in the yard. She doesn't necessarily like to go out so she has to be made to go.

She also gets nervous and anxious in the car and gets car sick very easily.

Sinead is fine in a crate for short periods of time. I feed her in the crate, only so she can eat in peace. She has no problem eating, she loves her food.

She is a little thief and will steal anything she can jump up and get. You can usually find it hidden in her dog bed. She's also very fast for a little short legged girl.

Sinead is really a sweet, tiny little thing and it's very hard to get mad at her. She will need someone who is willing to work with her and, with time, will be the best addition to your family. She has a lot of love to give once she trusts you.

Foster Update, May 29, 2012

Sinead is now fully vetted having had her last set of shots. We have been working on brushing her teeth and they are looking a whole lot better than they did. There is no need for a dental at this time.

She still has issues when you come at her quickly and will drop to the ground and roll over on her back. We are working on a new issue, she sneaks off and marks spots. This started after her spay. She knows it's wrong and if you catch her sneaking off and tell her no she won't do it.

Sinead loves running around out in the yard but when it's time to go out to do her business she would far sooner just sit on the couch so you have to pick her up and put her out. Once out she will do her business no problem. This tiny girl may have short little legs but she is FAST!!

Sinead loves to be sitting right on you, the closer the better and she now knows that the harness means good things and as soon as she sees it she dances around waiting for you to put it on. She loves her walks and going in the car but gets car sick sometimes.

We took a urine sample into the vet to see if the marking is behavioural or medical. She has struvite crystals and is starting antibiotics. She will need her urine rechecked 7 to 10 days after the medication is finished. If there is no improvement they are going to do a culture. We're hoping there are no stones, she's been through enough already.



Foster Update, April 4, 2012

Warning: This update contains some graphic details. We try to keep things at the "family" level on this site, but these kinds of details need to be posted sometimes in order to give you the full story.

Sinead went in for her spay. When she first arrived she had bloody discharge which I thought was possibly her going into heat. The vet checked her over and said no it wasn't her heat cycle. The decision was made to vaccinate her immediately and book her spay A.S.A.P. Little did we know that the decision we made saved her life.

When he went to do her spay he was shocked at what he found. Her uterus was hemorrhaging in spots and was in such bad shape that it fell apart into 3 pieces when trying to remove it. That's not the most horrifying part. Once the uterus was removed, inside was dead fetuses. Dr. Z said there is no doubt that had we put this off any longer she would have been in serious trouble and the possibility of losing her would have been very high.

Sinead is so sweet and full of love so I was shocked when they told me when they tried to restrain her to put in the I.V. she went crazy, snarling and biting. They had to muzzle her and once they did, she immediately settled right down and let them do anything to her while she wagged her tail the whole time. The vet said it's very likely given that behaviour she was held down or restrained and forced to breed.

In all my years of rescue I've seen and heard some pretty horrible stories and thought I had somewhat of a tough skin by now but I found out I'm still human. This reduced me to tears. I guess in a way that's a good thing, it proves to me I still care and that's why I do this.

She is doing very well now. Eating out of a bowl, going outside to do her business and just being an all round sweetheart. No more panties that she hated, so for now we'll deal with the cone and my shins.

Thank goodness she ended up with rescue, I don't even want to think about what the outcome could have been. Things are all uphill for her from now on.


Foster Update, March 13, 2012

Sinead is not in heat. Dr. Z says she most likely either just finished or had a litter about a month or so ago. The discharge is pyometra waiting to happen and she needs to be spayed sooner rather than later.

Today she had the fecal, bloodwork done and rabies vaccine. Dr. Z will call me and let me know what the bloodwork shows. It should give us an indication of if or if not an infection is brewing.

She weighs 5.9kgs, and Dr. Z said there is NO way she is 4-5 years old, most likely 2-3. She will need a dental, she has a mouthful of retained baby teeth and the canines are pretty gross only because of the way the teeth line up.

The spay is a huge priority right now and she will be going in on April 3rd to have that done.

Dr. Z figures she's had at least 3 litters of puppies if not more. Weight wise she's great and everything else checked out fine. Everyone loved her and she wagged her tail the whole time.

Introduction, March 12, 2012

Meet Sinead an approximately 4 to 5 year old puppy mill girl. She is a tiny little thing, probably less than 15 pounds, that has had her fair share of puppies. We think she is possibly a chug (pug/chihuahua mix). We gave her a nice Irish name since St. Paddy's day is fast approaching.

Unfortunately her vetting will be put on hold since she went into heat. I'm just thankful she got out before she could be bred yet again.

Sinead loves human attention and will follow you everywhere. So far she has had no accidents in the house. Sinead is so sweet and has settled in nicely with the resident pugs.