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Shiloh - 1.5 Year Old Female


Happy Tails, October 26, 2012

Shiloh has really settled in. She is such a bundle of love, always happy to see us when we get home from work. Shiloh is hilarious, such a personality! She will often jump up onto my lap, sit on her butt facing me, put her paws on my shoulders, and just stare at me. We then have a staring contest, until she sneezes in my face.

Shiloh has also been coming out of her shell around other people and other dogs. It didn't take her very long at all to warm up to Oliver, our six year old pug. She loves to wrestle with him and they cuddle together all the time. She has her spot on the couch that she loves, and also likes to sleep at the foot of the bed.

Hard chews are her favourite. She loves the deer antler we bought her for her birthday. She continues to improve walking on leash and we are working daily on teaching her new commands. She is smart and eager to learn. We love her so much and feel blessed that we are her forever home. Thank you Pugalug for taking such good care of her until we were united. Hopefully we will see you at Pug-O'Ween.

Shiloh    Shiloh


Well, if I wasn't at my 3 dog limit I would certainly give Sweet Shiloh a forever home. She melts herself into your heart with her energy, cuddliness and affection.

She was shy of me at first, as she is with all people that she first meets. But once she becomes comfortable with you, she is a very loving pug. Because she is shy, she would do better with older children. Each day, I have been taking her to the dog park, to meet new people and other dogs. She has greatly improved her socialization skills and will continue to do so, if this process is maintained. She quickly became comfortable with the dog walker, sitting in her lap watching the world go by.

Her new family should include another dog. Shiloh loves to play, will initiate it, but not be over demanding. If not another dog, then daily contact with other dogs and play time with a toy is necessary.

She does drink a fair amount of water and so she needs to relieve herself regularly. She does let you know when she needs to go out so you have to be watchful for the signs.

She is in very good health and her energy level is appropriate for her age. She will run and bounce around the off leash park, but always comes straight back to me. She even got my 10 year old pug to chase her, quite a few times. At night, she is happy to settle in with a chew bone or her Kong toy filled with frozen peanut butter.

Shiloh will be 2 years old on October 25th and the best birthday gift this wonderful girl could get would be a new, loving, forever home.


Foster Update, August 26, 2012

Shiloh had her Rabies vaccination last Friday and had a quick examination while at the vet's. She has settled in very well and her joyous personality is showing more each day. She has been playing with a couple of 3 year old pugs who have been visiting. The 3 of them have been play fighting, chasing, climbing on top and rolling underneath each other with all the energy of a Pug UFC match (with my body acting as the rebounding ropes when they are on the couch). She plays very well with the others. She is still a little shy in the dog park but is learning to greet much better than when she first came.

We have been working on her "Come" and "Sit" commands while we are in the park. She is responding quite well to the Come but Sit is still off and on (probably because the other pugs are around). I'll be working on this with just her over the next week.

In the one picture I took, I had just finished brushing out the fawn pugs in the park. The hair was everywhere and Shiloh was chasing the little tufts in the grass. You can see a few fawn hairs on her face.

Shiloh will soon be ready for her new home and life.


Foster Update, August 13, 2012

The little black, bundle of joy has really settled into her new foster family. She does follow me from room to room wanting to find a place near me with whatever I'm doing. However, when I go out she will settle into one of the dog beds and sleep with the others until I return. Her favourite spot on the couch is on top, resting on the back of the couch with her wee head next to my shoulder. She has been initiating play with my 8 year old pug, trying to get him to chase her around on the bed (using my chest as a springboard).

She does love her time out in the park. In the off leash area she runs around and around, bouncing up and down, doing a wide circle then coming running back to me. She has been getting more used to the other dogs and dog owners. Today she was playing with a little Jack Russell about her age.

Shiloh's vet visit went very well. She weighs 7.1 kgs. She was good about being picked up by the assistant and waited quietly while she was being examined. Her Wellness Check / Blood work report was very good and her overall health is fine. She will go in next week for her rabies vaccination.

We are working on her walking by my side. She is quite inquisitive with her new surroundings so always wants to dart left and right. The last couple of days she has been okay with, for a short time, staying by my side while we walk.

Introduction, August 4, 2012

Meet Shiloh is a perky 1.5 year old female pug (she will be 2 in October). Shiloh translates as "peaceful" in Hebrew. Her first day in foster care went very well. Because of the heat we mainly stayed indoors, using the time for her transition and getting to know the resident pugs. She is a little timid of new people and dogs but by the end of the day she was comfortable with the new settings.

On our early morning Sunday walk, she was busy moving from left to right sniffing the scents of the new neighbourhood. At times she would travel out in front to the end of her leash, sniff, then come quickly back to behind my legs. By the end of the second night she was snuggling right next to me on the bed, and giving me good morning kisses when she heard me stir awake.

Finally on Monday, we went to the off leash park. She ran around and around with a big smile as she explored the opportunity to be off leash. The cooler air gave her extra incentive to romp and jump in amongst the tall grasses.

Shiloh is a cuddly, loving little pug who will sit quietly by your side, but has the energy to enjoy a good walk/run.

She will be going to the vet this week for a wellness check including blood work. Plus she was diagnosed early in her life with a inguinal hernia. It has since been reduced but will have the vet palpate for that. She is reportedly at 10 lbs but will get her weighed.