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Sanford - 9 year old Male


Sanford's Foster Buddies:

  • Dan Hoyle
  • Tracy Strike
  • Jasper and the Atkinsons
Happy Tails, February 12, 2010

As for our first week with Sanford, it has been absolutely wonderful and I cannot say enough about how attached we have gotten to him already. As you know, he is an affectionate and well behaved dog and just in the past day or two he is letting his personality shine through. He can be stubborn and funny and seems to be getting quite comfortable in his new digs. He has quickly won over all of our friends and family - my newly retired Dad has been over to take him to the park every afternoon and my parents already have a bag of treats, a waterbowl and a bed for him over at their house.

One thing that makes him quite happy these days is to go out walking and explore his new environment. There is a great park across the street from our house where he gets to sniff around to his heart's content. He has been eager to walk for about 30 minutes or so at a stretch - we are amazed by the energy and excitement he shows for his walks, even with the snow and the cold. It took a couple of days, but we have even heard a few barks out of him - it only seems to happen on his walks when he meets up with another dog. He shows true bravado when face to face with the German Shepherd from down the street. Though the Shepherd hardly acknowledges his presence, you've got to hand it to Sanford, he certainly has personality.

We have been fascinated to watch him as he gets comfortable in his new home. He already has a spot to hang out in in each area that we tend to spend our time. He is quite content to have an after-school nap with Nathan, or sit in a sunny patch of the kitchen as I prepare dinner (go figure). He is happiest as long as he can see us - or more likely that we can see him.

Another funny story - I got him one of those tartar busters from the pet store last weekend. Unwrapped it and put it on his bed - we weren't expecting too much excitement. Sanford went totally nuts and went to town on this bone - chewing and grunting and snorting...it was just too funny, and it went on for well over an hour! He seems to love it and carries to from one of his spots to another, eating it only in one of his beds. What a smart guy!



Sanford is Adopted, February 5, 2010

Stand by for Happy Tails from his new family


If you're looking for a laid back dog, you couldn't ask for a better one. Sanford is a great companion. Although he loves attention (particularly scratches behind his ears), he is not demanding about it. Nor is he a high energy dog. He enjoys short walks, waddling around our yard, and the occasional play session with a stuffed toy, but he spends a lot of time napping -- on a dog bed, at our feet, or beside us on the couch. At first, Sanford was nervous when we held him or put him on our lap, but he has now warmed up to us and to the idea of being cuddled.

Sanford gets along well with our pugs. Because of the age difference, he doesn't play with them much, but he seems to like having them around. He has been submissive whenever our pugs have tried to challenge him. Therefore, Sanford would be fine in a home with or without other dogs.

Sanford is also very well behaved and obedient. Now that his ear infection has cleared up and he can hear us better, he comes when he is called and responds to basic commands. He is house trained and has never had an accident. We have him on a schedule, but he will ask to go out (by tapping at the door) if he needs to. Although his preference is to not be crated, Sanford tolerates his crate at night and when in the car. Sanford rarely barks, either. We've also never had a problem when he's been left alone at home.

Sanford has been given a clean bill of health by the vet. His ear infection has completely cleared up, and his tear production is now normal. His owners will have to regularly clean his ears and apply eye ointment, though. It would also be a good idea to add joint powder to his food; it seems to help his legs, which sometimes get stiff and sore.

His owners will also have to help Sanford continue to lose weight. He has lost a few pounds while he's been with us due to close monitoring of his food intake. Sanford has not been pushy when it comes to food, nor does he beg, so it really shouldn't be a difficult goal to meet. His owners will also have to watch him if he's given edible chews. Although he really enjoys them, now that he has fewer teeth, Sanford sometimes tries to swallow large pieces, which causes him to choke or throw up.

Sanford has been the least challenging dog that we've ever had in our home. Although he is nine years old, he's healthy and happy and still has a lot to offer. He is so sweet and easy going.

Foster Update, December 20, 2009

Sanford was neutered a week ago. He also had eleven teeth removed, including two opposing canines. As a result, his tongue sticks out just a touch, which is quite endearing. Sanford seems happier now that his teeth have been pulled; I suppose they must have been bothering him. He still has enough teeth in the back of his mouth to properly chew his food, though.

Sanford has now fully recovered and should be ready for adoption after the holidays. All in all he's in very good shape--he has even lost a few pounds (which was definitely needed).

Foster Update, December 4, 2009

Sanford continues to be a joy to have around. He is so friendly, laid back, and well behaved. The only thing he is stubborn about is stairs: sometimes he'll go up and down them, sometimes he won't.

Sanford had a follow-up appointment with the vet yesterday. Everyone's pleased by how well he is doing. The vet tech immediately noticed that his coat is softer and that his dandruff problem has improved. The switch to a higher quality dog food is really making a difference. Fortunately, his ear infection has also cleared up, and the swelling has gone down in his ear canals. Because of the eye ointment, Sanford's tear production is now normal, too.

Since he's doing so well, we've scheduled the neuter and dental surgery for next Thursday. Wish him luck!

Foster Update, November 21, 2009

We took Sanford to the vet yesterday. Here's what we discovered. He is 27 pounds and needs to lose some weight. He has dry eye and pigmentary keratitis (he's now receiving optimmune and eye lube). He has a pretty bad ear infection (he's now receiving a topical antibiotic ointment). He has some decayed and loose teeth (he'll need to have them removed and the remaining ones cleaned).

Sanford's ear infection needs to clear up before he can undergo his dental surgery and neuter. His ears and eyes will be checked again in two weeks.

Introduction, November 17, 2009

Sanford is a happy-go-lucky pug. He gets along well with our young pugs and has been friendly with every person he has met. Although he's nine years old and a bit stiff in the legs, he is still fairly active. He really enjoys waddling around our backyard and will follow us from room to room until he gets tired. Sanford will flop just about anywhere, but he particularly likes to sleep at our feet. When he wakes up, he'll often tap us on the leg until we scratch him behind the ears and give him some attention.

So far Sanford hasn't had any accidents indoors, and after one night he'll go inside his crate without complaint. He has been very well behaved and eager to please, but we'll need to work on basic commands like "come" and "sit." He's also a big boy and could afford to lose a few pounds. He is either unable or reluctant to climb stairs, and carrying him up them can be quite a feat.

Sanford has a vet appointment scheduled for Friday. Hopefully everything goes well!