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Sandy - 4 Year Old Female


Happy Tails

Bridget (formerly Sandy) is a fabulous addition to our home. We can't imagine a day without her and Holly is just loving having a playmate! They enjoy tug of war and a good chase. Every day they are both walked to our kids' school where they are greeted by a ton of kids and they both eat it up. Abby is enjoying her new little pup. We are so glad to have found each other.





Sandy is a happy, playful girl. She has a sweet temperament and will cuddle and be held. She would enjoy another active dog, who loves to chase! She can also be an only dog.

Sandy wouldn't do well, with older dogs or cats, as she wants them to play so much, that she doesn't give up trying! She does seem to be getting better about that and it may be that she just needed a few weeks to settle in to her new environment.

Because she is an active dog, she should have two good walks a day. Sandy loves to run and would benefit from the space to do that. She loves the dog park and will happily wander up to people. If there is a playful dog there, she will lead a merry game of chase.

Sandy should live in a detached home, as she likes to bark. She doesn't bark as much, as she did when she first came into foster care. This is probably because she is getting acclimatized to the noises around her. Sandy will bark at sirens and dogs, that are on the television.

Children over 9, is best, as Sandy will jump up. We have been focusing on teaching her the off command and she has been really improving. As long as the expectations are there, she should continue to improve. She knows how to sit and lay down.

We got the all clear on her UTI (urinary tract infection). Her urinalysis and culture were both fine. She doesn't have a history of any problems. Her general health seems to be very good.

We have only been crating Sandy at night. When I'm out, she is gated in the kitchen and hall area, with her foster brothers. She would be happy to sleep with her humans, if invited!

Sandy is apparently, a mix of pug and pekingese. She looks and acts like she is all pug.

This happy, active girl should be a lovely addition to the right home.



Foster Update, January 27, 2011

Sandy is settling in nicely. She is a happy, friendly girl and is quite playful. As most pugs, she is always close by and likes to follow me about. She will entertain herself, but loves to have someone play with her. She really wants my older pugs and my old cat to play, with her. A younger friend would be a good idea.

She had a check up and her bloodwork was very good and the fecal was clear. She had a bladder infection or some sort of UTI and has been on medication for a week. This seems to have cleared the infection. In a few weeks, we will have her re-checked and make sure everything is back to normal. If all is well, she will be ready for adoption.

Introduction, January 22, 2011

Sandy is a 4 year old female. She is a pug pekingese mix, although she looks mostly like a pug. She came into rescue because her family is growing and their busy lifestyle doesn't leave enough time, for this energetic girl, to get the attention she needs.

Last night, she spent quite awhile, running around inside and out in the yard. She was doing pugtonas through the deep snow. In reality, she was very stressed about being transported and being in a strange home. She couldn't settle down and sleep in the big bed. I ended up crating her and leaving her in a quiet room. She barked a bit and I went to reassure her. After that she settled in and was fine until I came to get her, this morning.

Today, she seems much more settled. We went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood. She really enjoyed that and stopped to sniff, here and there. When we got back, she wanted to play with my guys. They looked at her like she was nuts! It was nap time for my guys. She yipped at them and at my cat, trying to entice someone to play! I started throwing a toy for her and she happily ran up and down the hall.

She will be going for a general check-up, next week. Her records show that she has been healthy and well cared for.