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Samwise - 8-9 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, January 9, 2012

Samwise is such a wonderful fellow and we are in love with him. He follows me everywhere when I am at home with him. When I come back home after being out, he does a happy dance that makes my heart sing. I tell him when ever I go out that I will be back shortly and when I come in the door I always say "I told you I would come back. I will always come back. I promise." He is such a good boy and has not had one accident or done one thing wrong. Not that I would have minded had he done either. :-)

He sleeps on my bed every night and I am so happy to have his little warm body snoring beside me. Life is good for both of us. Samwise does not like to go for big walks and that works out well for me and him as we both have arthritis and shuffle along happily with Toad, my older pug (14). I tried to walk him a little further yesterday and he stopped at one point and refused to go further. I carried him home most of the way back. I am glad he is not a Mastiff - ha ha.

I think Samwise is as happy with his new home as we are happy to have him here. I think we all are blessed in this wonderful new life together. Thank you to Blanche, Candace and ALL the fabulous, devoted, caring people at Pugalug. You all do wonderful work ! Again my deepest heartfelt thanks for this wonderful boy!!




This is a very wonderful, gentle, mannerly gentleman who just wants to be loved and love you back. A real gem.

Samwise is the type of dog that breaks a rescuer's heart because you know his heart was broken when he was left at the shelter. This dog has been loved and cared for, so how he ended up in the shelter as a stray is a mystery. As a result, we don't know his true age, but guess that he is between 8 and 10 years.

Samwise is deeply attached to his people. He is fine with the other dogs and cats in my house, but his focus is on people. He would not do well in a home where the humans will be gone for long stretches. He is inclined, when anxious, to load up on water and then pee in the house. This has improved dramatically during foster care, but an adopter must be aware of his tendency to initial anxiety. He doesn't get comfort from the presence of other animals in the house when the humans are gone.

Samwise would be happy in almost any housing situation as long as he can be with his people. He is not a busy or energetic guy, but does need to get out for some exercise and fresh air. He's not a jogging companion, but happy to go for a stately constitutional at a refined pace.

Samwise hasn't been specifically tested with children, but he is generally such an easy going guy, I can't imagine he'd be a problem with children who are older and gentle. If there are other dogs in the home, he would do best in a home with older dogs who will also be gentle with him and not bug him to play. He is a true gentleman and has great manners.

He has a somewhat stiff walk, but isn't severely arthritic - it may be lack of exercise and weight. He can do stairs, but the ideal home would have limited stairs or a willingness for the adopter to carry him up and down as he ages. He is currently fine going up my stairs (which are steep and uncarpeted), but is less confident coming down.


Foster Update, November 19, 2011

Sam is now neutered and has had a dental. He lost 8 teeth which isn't a surprise given he's an older guy and we have no history on him. He came through the surgery fine except for being incredibly stoned afterwards. He had a bit of a rough night (and so did I) as he kept waking up and wandering around. I think this was mostly due to the anaesthetic and possibly some pain and discharge from his dental. However, he was right as rain the next morning and ate a hearty (but soft) breakfast.

He continues to be an exceedingly well behaved gentlepug and is a real pleasure to have around. He will be getting his rabies in a couple of weeks and that will complete his vetting. If he continues to do as well as he has been, he should be ready for his forever home by the new year.


Foster Update, November 7, 2011

Samwise continues to do well and his blood work results are back. He has one liver result that is a bit high, but nothing to worry about at this time. His blood work shows signs of inflammation/infection--which is not a surprise since he has kennel cough at the moment. We will keep an eye on the elevated liver enzyme--which may just be age--and the CBC results, but again, nothing to worry about at this point. We will be neutering him in a couple of weeks when the kennel cough has left the building.

He continues to be a very sweet man and very cuddly. He's a bit anxious if he can't find his humans, but I'm hoping that will abate as he settles in. After all, he hasn't been here a week yet as of this writing. He did get a bath today as he was smelling a bit rich for the human nostril. He was a very good guy about the whole deal and had many zoomies after the bath like most pugs. I did manage to catch him so I could give him a good drying with the blow dryer and he stood quietly like a champ for that.

He continues to get along well with both felines and canines although Hazel and Tank would prefer that he not hump them (the cat doesn't seem to mind....) He's not a terrible humper and he gets yelled at by four legged and two legged when engaged in that unseemly activity so he is learning.

Introduction, November 2, 2011

This older gent was found as a stray and taken to Toronto Animal Services. TAS very kindly turned him over to us for fostering and placement. The shelter estimated his age at 13, but the vet thinks that given his mobility, general muscle tone and the good shape his eyes are in that she wouldn't put Samwise at any older than 8 or 9. He will need to be neutered, lose a bit of weight and probably have some dental work done, but he's a delightful older pug and is getting along well with all the canines. He has yet to meet the felines.