360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Salvador     July 1999 - August 11, 2011


  • Jason LaChappelle
  • Jane MacGillvray
  • Glen Fletcher

Salvador was my first pug and came into our lives when my family needed comfort. We got him, at 10 months, from Animal Services. He added so much joy and love to our lives.

He has made a big impact on pug lovers and has many friends, who know him as Salvadorable.

Sal had many health issues and surgeries. He went through an eye graft, eye cyst removal, a number of MCT that were all malignant, grade 3 luxating patella, and spinal issues. As well, he had numerous allergies, that eventually were controlled. This all aged him, even more. The last few years, he has been carried upstairs and picked up to be put on the bed or couch. Through all of this, you would never know that he suffered any pain. He was always happy and full of life, until he was stricken with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. This worsened to the point where his essence was being taken from him and we were losing our wonderful old man.

There were many happy years, when he would entertain us, with crazy antics and a variety of tricks.

He was a super cuddler and loved all humans. He loved Pugalugs and would camp out, with Paul and Colleen, at the pedicure table. He loved them and they loved him.

He has many friends, that are already at the bridge. I hope they are arranging a big party and welcoming him to a wonderful new world.

The video shows a celebration of his first 10 years, that I did for his 10th birthday. The other video shows his love of going to the park, in his stroller. He sways, like he is walking. Goodbye, my sweet Salvador. We will miss you.

Candace, Laura, Dan and Ian and your fur brothers Mookie and Mocha.