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Sage - 7 Year Old Female


Happy Tails, August 8, 2013

Sage has settled in beautifully. It didn't take her long to find her favorite spots at home, and to discover the treasure trove of squeaky toys available. Her love of squeaky toys is so profound that during her first thunderstorm with us, she grabbed her squeaky teddy bear and huddled under the covers with it for comfort. We have spent many hours playing fetch, tug and hide and seek with squeaky toys since.

We have had lots of long walks, and Sage never tires. Her bouncy, jaunty ways have won hearts all around the neighborhood. She has also been enjoying the summer wildlife on her walks, including hunting fireflies and bunny rabbits from the end of her leash.

Sage is a very sweet and affectionate girl, who cherishes human interaction. She gives kisses freely, wags her tail enthusiastically, and loves a warm lap. She and her pug brother are also getting along just fine. They enjoy their adventures together and they are starting to cuddle when they sleep.

We are grateful to have Sage to bring such delight to our days. She truly is a blessing.




Sage is a bright, eager, bouncy pug that requires an active family. She knows sit, down and shake a paw. She will, on occasion, walk on tables or try to snag your meal when you're not looking. Sage is generally very gentle taking treats, but sometimes needs a reminder. She may also need a reminder not to jump up when you first come home. She's so excited to be included in any outing and will pull on the leash. Like most pugs, Sage doesn't like getting her feet wet in the rain, but will use pee pads inside. She will have a few accidents and it would be wise to limit her area, when no one is at home.

Sage will bark at noises, so it is best if she is not in apartments. She needs a fenced yard, where she has the opportunity to run. Sage is a medium energy dog so it's important that she gets regular exercise.

Sage is a smart girl and can open the storm door, if it's not securely latched.

Sage is anxious during thunderstorms. She'll pace and whine. She will calm down nicely if you hold and/or pet her during the storm.

Sage is mostly focused on her human companions. She likes to be near at all times (she'll even poke her head in the shower). I wouldn't recommend Sage in a home with small children solely because she may jump up.

Sage has 3 cracked or chipped teeth. There is no infection related to these teeth but they should be monitored. To ensure that she doesn't get crystals in her urine, her pH needs to be checked weekly, which is easy to do at home, with a pH strip.

Sage would prefer the big bed but also does well on a dog bed next to her humans. Sage has never had an accident during the night (she will use the pee pad if necessary).

She thrives on positive feedback. She's a sweet girl who wins over each person she meets, including those who aren't fans of pets. She will just leap into your lap and settle right in. With a little time and attention, Sage will be a real gem.


Foster Update, June 4, 2013

Sage is such a bright girl and she thrives on positive feedback. She learns quickly and is eager to please. We've been working on her jumping up when you return to the house and she rarely needs a reminder. It was quite amazing how quickly she caught on. Sage has some areas where she needs a patient soul to work with her. She prefers to use the pee pads rather than doing her business outside. That said, she can go for a few days without using the pads. I think she doesn't like to get her feet wet. She pulls on a leash so she could use some work on this as well.

Sage is energetic and would do well with an active family. Although she rarely seems to run out of steam, she will sit very quietly for a snuggle. It pulls on your heart strings when she rests her head gently on your shoulder. She is very gentle when taking her treats, although she does need the odd reminder if there's contention with other dogs. Overall, Sage gets along well with her fur siblings, but she will let them know if they are being too intrusive with the sniff routine; however, it's nothing more than a warning and likely do to her being bred in the past. Sage is definitely a "people pug" and is more attentive to the people in her life than the dogs. Sage does chase cats on TV so I suspect she would do so in person.

Sage's surgery went well. She's been fixed, bladder stones have been ruled out and she's had a couple of rotten teeth removed. Sage has 3 other chipped, cracked teeth, but there's no infection so the vet decided not to remove them. She would have been under anesthetic too long to do so safely; however, these teeth will need to be monitored. The cranberries were effective in reducing the PH of Sage's urine. I'm checking it periodically to ensure it stays in the right range. Sage needs one more shot, which she'll receive in a couple weeks and she will be up to date.

Sage will be a lovely addition to a family.




Introduction, May 7, 2013

Sage, formerly known as Bella, is an owner surrender who came from a home with another pug and small children. Sage and her brother were surrendered because one of the children developed allergies. She is a 7 year old long, lean, tall pug with a beautiful slick soft coat. She's young at heart and appears to be much younger than her years. She's a Velcro pug, who gives gentle little kisses and who's happy to be your second shadow. She whimpers a little if you leave the house and is very excited upon your return. Her eyes are bright and she's inquisitive by nature. She knows how to open storm doors with her front paws if the latch doesn't catch. She's one smart girl. Her favourite place to rest is on the top of the couch with her head resting gently on your shoulder. Sage has settled in nicely with her foster gang and sleeps well through the night.

Sage had her wellness check last week. Her blood results were great with kidney, liver and thyroid values exactly where they should be; however her urinalysis revealed the presence of struvite crystals but no bacteria or infection. There was a small amount of white blood cells but nothing outside the appropriate range. Her PH came back high (it was 9), which could be contributing to the formation of the crystals in her urine. There was also a bit of protein in her urine but that could be the result of the switch to a grain free food. We're changing her diet to canned food, which is moister than kibble and making sure she drinks lots of water. We're adding cranberries to her food to acidify the urine and make it more hostile to the development of struvites. The vet will be monitoring both her PH and protein levels going forward.

Sage does need to be spayed. She'll have a full dental done while she's under and the vet will do an x-ray to check for bladder stones, which may be causing some of the urine issues. Surgery will be scheduled for sometime in the coming weeks.