352 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Rusty - 2.5 Year Old Male


Happy Tails

Rusty's been in our lives for just over one month now - he is a complete joy and the best little guy ever! Rusty quickly adapted to his new home and family almost within the same week. He's very loving and gentle - even Onez the cat can't resist his charm. Rusty's a great little walker and loves going to the beach and dipping his paws in the water - oddly, he's not a fan of rain, so we got him a raincoat and he LOVES it! he is invincible with his blue raincoat and looks really adorable. The neighbourhood gave him a great welcome - everyone respected his shy personality and there's been a real effort at the local dog park to ease him into doggy society slowly. His confidence in meeting strangers, children and other dogs has really improved - his tail stays up! He's even made a few dog friends that he likes to hang around. Rusty likes the car and goes everywhere with us, including work! but the Sunday farmers market is a favorite of his. He's great at playing fetch and at watching soccer with Scott and enjoys shopping and helping Corina in the kitchen by keeping her feet warm. Bedtime is the best because all four of us can snuggle together and listen to the sound of his little snore. We feel such a profound connection with him and are so happy to have him in our lives...he's our dream dog. Thank you Pugalug for the gift of Rusty!


Rusty has been an absolute gem. He has just gone to his last vet visit, and had a few teeth removed. While his health is excellent, his teeth will need to be regularly cleaned.

Like most pugs, Rusty has an healthy appetite. Over his three month stint in foster-care he has shed a few pounds, but in order to maintain his curvaceous figure, his portion sizes ought to be monitored. He will never refuse a treat or an extra morsel, so his treat intake requires limitation. He receives plenty of exercise, and his three to four walks a day have helped keep off the weight. He is thriving on a grain free diet.

Rusty currently resides in a home with two other dogs. While he does not seem overly dependent on their company, the joy he manifests from this arrangement makes us feel that he would do best in a home with other dogs. He also lives with a few too many foster cats, and while regularly shows them love and is of no dangerous threat to them, the constant chasing and terrorizing may put an unnecessary burden on an adorable kitty.--Of course, this may simply be a matter of very particular relationships.

He is very shy and gentle by nature, and it takes him a bit of time to adjust to new people. Upon an introduction he may be timid, or he may bark a bit, but once he overcomes unfamiliarity, he is very loving and affectionate. An environment with children may be a bit too stressful for him as he does not like to be rough handled. He seems to sigh all too often at his foster dad. However, importantly, he has never demonstrated any snippity behavior.

Rusty takes his time on his walks to explore his environment. He very much enjoys being outside. He also loves dog parks, though he may be shy at first and may stick by his human companion. He is not yappy except when a new person first appears in the home. He will put out his raspy bark for a bit until he feels comfortable, and he may yap if there is something going on in the street that he can see from a balcony. But he does not howl in the home for the most part, and he is okay being left alone for short periods of time. His only anxiety comes from being crated or locked up away from everyone else. For this reason, he requires a home where he is free to roam and take over the bed.

He is very well house trained, and has had no accidents since he's adjusted to our environment.

He has been the joy of our household, and has taught us a lot about kindness and trust. He is the best greeter on earth... and will dissolve any bad day his new family may have with the love he gives when you walk through the door.


Foster Update, June 22, 2011

Rusty is doing great. The initial barking that happens when a stranger comes in have shortened, they still occur but he adjusts faster as time goes by. He will be going in for dental next tuesday. In the mean time here are some more pictures!



Foster Update, June 12, 2011

Rusty, who is about 22 lbs, came into our home very timid but has quickly adjusted with the help of the resident dog, a large German Shepherd. He has been an absolute joy to have around. He is very cuddly and sleeps alongside his foster parents throughout the night because he likes the human contact. However, he is skittish with new people and he tends to bark at visitors when they come into the house. He doesn't like strangers approaching and touching him, and it can take quite some time for him to become comfortable with new people. But don't be fooled ... anyone that sticks around for a few minutes will soon experience Rusty's adorable charm! He currently lives with cats and loves to chase the ones who are less self-assured. He loves to play with toys and dogs and tends to be happiest in the company of others. In fact, he thrives amid other dogs.

Rusty is well behaved and sits on command. He behaves amazingly well at the off-leash park. When he gets overwhelmed, he just hides behind foster mom but other than that he is great with other dogs. He has excellent bathroom manners and while he doesn't ask to go out, he doesn't have accidents unless left alone for long periods of time. Typically, he seems to always have room for one more snack. He's not a fan of crates.

Rusty was recently neutered, microchipped and brought up to date on his shots. He is having dental work at the end of June. Once he recovers from his dental, he should be ready to start looking for his furever home.

He has melted the hearts of everyone he lives with and will be an amazing addition to his forever family. We have been really lucky to have met this little man!

Introduction, April 20, 2011

Rusty is a lovely neutered fawn boy who was surrendered to us due to health issues in the family. He's 2.5 years old. He is fitting in very well in his foster home and has been taken under the wing of the resident German Shepherd mix. So far, he's done well with the resident cats. He was initially a little on the shy and anxious side, but this is improving and he's beginning to play.