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Rupert - 4 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, February 27, 2013

Rupert has been with us for only one week but life has forever changed for the better! He is a very loving guy and cannot get enough attention! He has taken to the kids extremely well and even when things get chaotic, he is happy to play along or keep snoozing depending on his mood! He really likes his walks with Molly and they have a lot of play time throughout the day! He is content when Molly snuggles in too and seems to really enjoy her company. It didn't take him long to come out of his shell. He is SO happy to see any of us when we walk through the door even if you were only gone for 2 minutes! The greeting you get makes you never want to leave again! Even when Molly had to go to a vet appointment, he was so happy to see her when she got home!

Rupert really likes mornings; he is eager to start a new day. He gets everyone up (even Molly who used to be the last one out of bed) with enthusiasm! He has such a gentle nature to him and just sits quietly nearby when I am working. As soon as I move, he moves. He is a total shadow but starting to watch how far I go sometimes now to see if it's worth getting up for!

Rupert does not chew any of the kids' toys and I am happy to say Molly hasn't chewed a single action figure since Rupert arrived! They are a great pair and Molly seems over the moon to have a friend in Rupert. We are so happy with Rupert and how well he has settled in. That little look he gave the first few days for approval and acceptance has disappeared. I think he got the message loud and clear how much we love him and that he is part of the family.



Rupert has been adopted. Happy tails to follow.

Home Visit Scheduled

Rupert has a home visit scheduled, stay tuned for more info.

Rupert the Lovebug is ready for his new home. He went to his last vet visit for a dental cleaning, and received a clean bill of health (and a few "is he up for adoption yet?" inquiries we have to add!). He is a charmer, and an energetic loving dog. He does great in a home with other animals (he currently resides with cats, dogs, and rodents), and would do best in a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time as he thrives on company. He loves going on walks, and needs a home where he will be let out every four to five hours. He will be anxious, when left alone and would do best in a home where he is not left for long periods.

He enjoys off leash dog parks, and has great recall. He is a protective guard dog at home, and will give an initial bark at visitors he does not know, but is a very patient well mannered pug.

He loves to eat, play, and sleep in the company of others and does not like to be shut out of rooms, so a restrictive environment will not be good for him. He is great at learning basic commands and aims to please. He is patient when other dogs are playing with a toy he wants, and shows no food aggression if other dogs are eating around him. Overall he is a wonderful little man.

He is really smart, does not have an aggressive bone in his body, but does occasionally bark. He loves to meet new animals and people, but can be shy and timid in new environments, turning to his primary person for comfort. He loves to sleep on laps and in the bed with his family, at night. He is on a grain free kibble, and is good at drinking water.

He is a gentle loving dog that will make an amazing addition to any patient, gentle, loving family. He's got a big heart and is not afraid to share it!

Foster Update, December 23, 2012

Rupert has just been to his final vet visit for a while. He was very scared at the vet's, so this is a relief for both his foster family and him. He distracted many vet techs with his charm, and everyone at the office loved him. He just got his dental done and he is good to go!

Rupert is a total love bug that loves exploring new places (aside from the doctor's office). He is a great traveler, both in the car and on transit, and does great at dog parks. He spends his days playing with the other foster dogs, and his nights napping with foster cats. He even does great with the resident (cage free) foster rat. Though they are never left alone, after the initial introduction, he now just naps as she runs around him.

We can't say enough about what a great dog he is. He is a zigzager on walks, and keeps everyone entertained. He is a charmer, and everyone wants to take him home!!!




Foster Update, November 29, 2012

True to his initial update, Rupert is a joy, and very very patient. He has to deal with foster cats and dogs and always waits patiently for a toy or food. We find this surprising given how much he loves to eat and play. He is the best greeter in the house - aside from going bonkers when anyone comes home, he also gives hugs! Yup. If you bend down to his level, he will stand upright and put both arms around your neck and stay there for as long as you need him to. He is amazing with the foster cats and playful with the dogs. He would do great in a home with other animals. He loves greeting new people and animals on the street, and is quite the guard dog at home. He does not randomly bark or whine, but does let anyone actually coming in know that they must answer to him first before sitting down. He has amazing manners and learns quickly. He knows basic commands and is good at learning new ones. He would do best in a home where he is not alone for long periods of time as he thrives on company, and with someone who does not mind the occasional snoring at night. We are very lucky to have this little guy share our space for this short time.



Foster Update, November 15, 2012

Rupert's first vet visit went quite well. His blood work results were great and his heart worm test was negative! He's now up to date on vaccines and has been micro chipped. He's a smaller guy weighing in at approximately 18 lbs. He was doing a great job of charming everyone at the vet's office until it came time to draw his blood. He got himself all worked up and emptied his anal glands all over one of the vet techs. Once he got that out of his system he settled down and let Dr. Z draw his blood while he sat nicely. At the end of the day Dr. Z was very impressed by Rupert but the vet tech...not so much. Dr. Z. said he was in great shape except for his teeth which need cleaning so we will be scheduling him for a dental procedure shortly.

Rupert has proven himself to be a busy little pug, bouncing around in a happy way when he gets excited and zigzagging when walking on leash. He really enjoys toys to play with and a nice antler or cow hoof to chew on. He's very good about sharing and doesn't make waves if another dog has something he'd like to have. He just waits patiently for his turn and finds something else to enjoy while he waits. Rupert is also an enthusiastic eater like most pugs. He gets excited about meal time but he has no problem eating next to other dogs and trading bowls when everyone is done for those final licks.

Introduction, October 23, 2102

Rupert came to Pugalug via Brampton Animal Services where he had been taken in as a stray. Rupert is a neutered, fawn male who is estimated to be approximately 4 years old.

Rupert was reported to be very stressed in the shelter environment and he wouldn't approach us or even look at us when we first brought him home. He looked so sad and worried with his ears low and his tail completely straight that we decided to introduce him to our resident black pug in our back yard right away. We were hoping that he would warm up to us if he saw another pug thought we were okay and it worked! Rupert and Clark raced around the yard like absolute lunatics to burn off some nervous energy and soon Rupert's ears were perked up and his tail was curled.

Over the last few days Rupert has proven himself to be a typical snuggly, velcro-pug. This little guy has settled in beautifully getting along with all of the resident dogs and adjusting easily to our routines.