352 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Quinn - 4 Year Old Female


Happy Tails

Quinn is doing great! She is an absolute doll. She continues to love her daily walks - especially when a stop at the park is involved and she gets to be the centre of attention. She adores the backyard and on a sunny day she loves finding the warmest spot to lie in the sun. Our other two pug girls have settled in very nicely with her and Missy is happy to have a playmate again! The two of them will go absolutely wild chasing each other around the backyard -- it's hilarious to watch! Quinn has established her spot on the big bed for sleeping but doesn't mind sharing it with Missy - or us! She is wonderful with our two daughters and they absolutely adore her. She is eating well (we kept her on the food that she was eating with her foster family), sleeping well, and seems to be enjoying life! We are so happy to have her as a part of our lives. Again, we cannot thank Quinn's foster family enough for all that they have done for her and for Pugalug too for bringing her into her lives.


It is time for Quinn's journey to its final step. She has recovered well from all of her medical procedures, spay and dental. Quinn has a healthy appetite and eats her meals with enthusiasm, she is fed twice a day. Her weight is perfect, keeping up with her regular exercise routine will keep this in check. She loves to walk and enjoys the off leash park very much. Quinn has a very bubbly personality. She loves all dogs, big and small. Quinn would love to have a canine companion. The best buddy would be a dog around her own age, as she does like to play outside. Inside, Quinn enjoys a chew bone, and best of all, a snuggle on the couch while watching TV.

We feel a house / townhouse / semi type home with a fully fenced backyard would be best for Quinn. Coming from a puppy mill situation, she deserves the freedom this type of dwelling could offer her. Quinn has been squeaky clean in the housetraining department while in foster care. She does sleep in the big bed at night, and let me tell you, you will never be cold on a winters night - this girl has got that covered.

Quinn is a super happy girl and she has been a joy to work with.



Foster Update, July 25, 2012

Miss Quinn recovered well from her spay and her belly looks great. After 3 weeks, she had her DHPP shot and today she had her deferred dental surgery. We were very anxious about how this would go after her last experience on the operating table, but she came through with flying colours and lost only 2 teeth.

Socially, Quinn is making great progress and her wonderful temperament is now shining through. She no longer needs melatonin to sleep well. Her chewing and scratching has settled down a lot. She's had two very little squabbles with other dogs but with one "NO", it's over. Her reaction to over-stimulation with touch has moderated dramatically and she just likes to snuggle up close. She's lots of fun and is turning out to be a lovely girl.


Foster Update, June 20, 2012

Quinn had her surgery on June 12th. The plan was to spay her and do a dental as well. Things didn't go as planned. She had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic, so the vets felt it was best to just do the spay and leave the dental for a later date. Quinn also had a reaction to the staples that were used to close the incision. There was a lot of swelling and discharge from the surgery site. A few staples were removed and we've kept the area clean. She was also put on antibiotics for 14 days. Quinn has been a real trooper through the whole ordeal. We took her in to see the vet today for a re-check and everything is healing nicely. The other two staples will be removed in a week, and in two weeks she will receive a distemper/parvo booster vaccination. We are hoping to have a dental cleaning done 6 weeks after her surgery, but we are taking one thing at a time. Quinn is having a little trouble with some itchy skin and we are working on some different diet ideas. Quinn is a super sweet girl, and very affectionate. Once she is feeling 100 %, we will be able to go for longer walks and meet new people. She is a little shy with new folks but healing is our priority right now.

Introduction, June 11, 2012

On Monday June 4th, a 4 year old female pug arrived at our home. She is a puppy mill survivor. We named her Quinn, not sure why, but it suits her. She went into the vet immediately to check out some vaginal discharge as we were worried about the possibility of pyometra. Although that doesn't seem to be a problem, it has been decided that she is to be spayed as soon as possible. She will also be having a dental cleaning at that time. Quinn is a big girl at 23 lbs but isn't really overweight - just a big and tall girl. She is adapting well to living in a home situation and is enjoying every second. She loves to snuggle on the couch. She's making up for lost time in that department. Although Quinn doesn't interact too much with the resident dogs at this point, she isn't nervous of them either. Her first big hurdle is her upcoming surgery. All in all Quinn is doing very well. We've told her the past is the past, and that her future is going to be great.