360 pugs rescued since October, 2005



Our beloved boy, Pugsley, died in the early hours of Tuesday, September 29th, 2009. He was 8 years old, born June 3rd, 2001.

He was incredibly brave for the six months he was being treated following his diagnosis of terminal GI Lymphoma, and the team at Guelph said he was the most amazing patient they have ever had the joy of working with.

But, he could fight no more and needed to rest.

We are absolutely heartbroken but thankful he is now at peace. He is resting at Gateway Memorial in Guelph and I will be bringing his ashes home early this coming week - one last journey and he will be safely back with us.

I know he will watch over us always.

While you could not speak the words,
I could hear the whispers of your voice.
Telling me it was time to go,
to celebrate your life and rejoice.

You decided it was time to go and
find your resting ground.
You lay down your tired head and
went without a sound.

In my heart I know you loved me,
as much as I loved you.
I pray you've found the peace,
that's helped to see me through.

I thank you for all the joy in my life and
the smiles you've brought to me.
May God guide you on your journey and
may your spirit always run free.

Hug your Pug and forever smile.