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Tilly - 9 Year Old Female


Tilly is a playful pug with a surprisingly high amount of energy for her age. She loves to play with her stuffed animals (throwing them up into the air) and going for walks (even in the rain). She also loves to go in the car and look out the windows.

At dinnertime she gets very excited and likes to jump up on her hind legs. She has learned to wait for the word "okay" before she begins eating. As far as commands go, she knows "sit" and "go in crate".

When left alone Tilly does get a little anxious. She will do best in a crate. Left on her own she will get into garbage and anything else at her level. She does bark if she hears a noise or sees someone at the front door. Also care must be taken when opening doors to the outside. Tilly will try to run outside.

Tilly loves belly rubs. She enjoys lying on her back and having her tummy rubbed as long as you are willing. She is very affectionate.

Tilly is great at doing her business outside as long as she is let out at regular intervals. She has never had an accident in our home.

Tilly loves meeting new people and greets everyone with excitement. She really is a pleasure to have around and will take as much love as you have to give her. She does enjoy being around other dogs but will also happily be the center of attention!


Foster Update, April 16, 2015

Tilly has settled into her foster home and is a dream pug. She is housetrained and loves to go in the backyard with her foster siblings for potty breaks. She will even go outside in the rain!

Tilly has been to the vet and is now up to date on her vaccinations. Her spay stitches have been removed and she has healed up nicely. This necessitated a trip to the local pet "spaw" for a bath and nail trim. She is now looking and smelling fine! Tilly has a broken canine tooth so she will be going back to the vet for dental surgery in a couple of weeks. She doesn't mind - as she enjoys going to see the vet as it means another car ride! She has also been told to lose a couple of pounds and now that she is eating good food, playing with her toys and going for lots of walks that should happen in time.

Tilly has learned to nap in one of the several dog beds around the house. She even cuddled up to her big Bernese Mountain Dog foster brother in his bed for the first time. She prefers to be with her people when they are home and sleeps at night in the big bed with one of the resident teenagers. She loves routine and is now sitting before her meals and waiting for the word "okay". Tilly has also found her voice and will bark if she hears the doorbell or sees someone coming to the house or another dog walking by. When the humans leave, Tilly knows it is time to go in her crate. When she first arrived, she did not seem to like going into the crate, but she is a fast learner and has figured out that it is a safe place to go.

Tilly is hoping to attend the upcoming Spring Fling on May 3rd!

Introduction, March 29, 2015

Tilly is a 9 year old black pug who loves belly rubs and going for walks. When she hears the word "walk" she will sit patiently at the front door and wait for you to get ready. She walks nicely on a regular leash and on a coupler leash with another dog. She is very affectionate with humans and enjoys meeting new people. She loves spending time with the two resident teenage children.

Tilly is also spending her time with another Pug and a Bernese Mountain Dog. She gets along well with other dogs and mostly ignores them, but definitely follows everything they do. She takes naps in her dog bed, but will also happily nap in your lap if allowed up on the sofa. Right now we are working with her to only jump on the sofa if invited. She loves to sleep in the big bed at night and snores very softly.

Tilly is very good in the car and will happily sleep in her bed on the passenger seat or look out the window. The trip to the pet store for a new collar went well. Tilly was even polite with a cat that she met.

Other than an accident in the house when she first arrived, Tilly has been going outside in the backyard to do her business. We are going to continue to monitor her house training to make sure she has everything down pat.

We were told that Tilly was refusing to eat in the shelter, but so far she is eating with gusto at our house. She gets very excited at mealtimes and likes to stand up on her hind legs and dance around! She knows to sit (she has that command down pat!), but is learning to wait until the okay is given to start eating out of her bowl. She eats beside her foster siblings and things are very civil.

Tilly's favourite toy so far is the stuffed hedgehog and she will wait patiently for her foster sister to finish playing with it before she has a turn.

Tilly will be going to the vet this week to have her spay stitches removed and have a thorough check up. She has an old eye injury from her previous life so she looks a little cross-eyed at times, but seems to have good vision and hearing.

Tilly is a happy pug and seems to be settling in very nicely at her foster home. Look for more updates on this affectionate girl.