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Thor - 3 Year Old Male
In Foster Care

Introduction, November 16, 2019

Thor, formerly known as Frank, is a friendly 3-year-old male pug.

He has been with me for a week and has settled in well. He was a little anxious the first day but was made to feel welcome with lots of cuddles and pets.

He started play with one of the resident pugs and soon there were play bows around the room. With the first snow, Thor was doing zoomies around the yard. He loves his walks and has spent lots of time sniffing the neighbourhood.

In typical pug fashion he follows me around the apartment, lying down by my feet when I'm at the desk, or stretched out on my lap watching television. I started to watch The Art of Racing In the Rain - about a Golden Retriever. But Thor insisted on a running commentary so we switched to a non-dog show.

Thor is going in for his first vet check. He appears to be in good health, eating well and sleeping through the night. He is house-trained and there have been no accidents in the house.

Looking forward to getting to know Thor better and helping him to transition to a new home when the time comes.