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Thor - 3 Year Old Male


Thor loves to cuddle. He enjoys stretching out on a lap while watching TV. However, he is quite good about being shifted. He will rest his head on your knee for attention. Other times Thor will bring over a squeaky toy for you to toss so he can run and get it. He usually pushes the squeaky toy into your shin if you are not engaged.

Thor sleeps with his humans but will sleep on his own bed if trained.

He also likes to give licks and kisses on the cheek. I think this is his way of letting you know that he is happy and feels safe.

Thor does make this little squeal when you get up to get his dinner. He loves his treats and enjoys fruit and vegetables in addition to his liver treats.

Thor follows me around and I will find him curled up by me feet when I'm sitting at my desk.

He got a new sweater for Christmas from Grandma's Pet Sweaters https://grandmaspetsweater.wixsite.com/grandmaspetsweaters. He wasn't sure at first but once outside, he was trotting merrily around.

Thor should go to a single dog home. He has integrated with the resident pugs but I feel his nature is to be the only dog.

Thor will make a great companion to a loving family and will return that love a hundredfold.

thor in his sweater

Foster Update, December 16, 2019

Thor, the gentle giant, has settled comfortably in both the house and my lap. You can see his favourite spot when I'm watching television. But he is very good at being shifted around. I can tell he is okay because he chooses where he wants to sleep at night. Sometimes it is the big bed and sometimes it is his dog bed.

He wasn't quite sure of the transit vehicles. In both the bus and subway car, he wanted to sit between my legs. After a few rides he was okay with laying down on the floor as he got use to the movement.

While waiting for a bus he was inquisitive about a pigeon that was walking around him. He didn't make a lunge at it, just quietly sat and watched it go about its business.

He is more comfortable around the bigger dogs in the park but we don't spend much time with them. Just a sniff and then on to explore other areas. He likes to meet and greet people. There is a little competition with the resident pug whenever people stop to say hi and pet.

Looking forward to a quiet time, keeping warm with a pug on my lap.





Foster Update, November 29, 2019

Thor had his vet visit and is in good health. He is 14.3 kg of pure pug love. Yes, he is a big boy but not fat. He is trim and athletic. His blood work and fecal test were all good. He was anxious, being at a new place, but did not struggle. He waited patiently during his exam, which included taking of blood and vaccination.

He has been doing well, is very easy going, and is eating regularly. He is still getting comfortable with the neighbourhood. At night, when it is dark, on the walk he will growl or bark if he sees a dark figure. During the day he is fine with people. In the park, at first, he kept his distance from the large dogs, enjoying the company of the smaller ones. But over the past 2 weeks he has become familiar with the dogs in the park and now sniffs around.

The resident pug has been initiating play with him. When they start it on the couch, though, I get slammed if I don't watch out. It's good to see him interacting and playing. He loves his stuffy toys and will bring one over and push it into my leg to get me to play.

Thor enjoys being close to me. As I sit here at my desk he is sleeping under my chair. I think that is still part of his anxiousness of being away from his previous home. But it is also part of his nature to be a cuddler. Over the next month I'll continue to watch his behaviour as he adjusts to his foster home.





Introduction, November 16, 2019

Thor, formerly known as Frank, is a friendly 3-year-old male pug.

He has been with me for a week and has settled in well. He was a little anxious the first day but was made to feel welcome with lots of cuddles and pets.

He started play with one of the resident pugs and soon there were play bows around the room. With the first snow, Thor was doing zoomies around the yard. He loves his walks and has spent lots of time sniffing the neighbourhood.

In typical pug fashion he follows me around the apartment, lying down by my feet when I'm at the desk, or stretched out on my lap watching television. I started to watch The Art of Racing In the Rain - about a Golden Retriever. But Thor insisted on a running commentary so we switched to a non-dog show.

Thor is going in for his first vet check. He appears to be in good health, eating well and sleeping through the night. He is house-trained and there have been no accidents in the house.

Looking forward to getting to know Thor better and helping him to transition to a new home when the time comes.