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Teddy - 10 Year Old Male Pug


Adopting Teddy will be like winning the lottery; your life will change for the better. Teddy went from a loving family of 10 years right into emergency surgery to have crystals removed from his urethra, waking up to many strangers to being driven to a new house with new people and a dog. 1 month settling in and he found himself having another surgery, this time to remove a cancerous lump.

Teddy has not had any difficulties with his crystals since his surgery. We believe that Teddy may initially go pee inside the house when he moves to his forever home. This is how he behaves when he experiences change or is nervous. It is very easily corrected. Teddy just needs to learn the rules and feel safe. He is highly food motivated and will be accident free once he is settled and knows his new home rules. He will also pee inside if he has crystals.

All of this and Teddy remains an incredibly happy, kind sweetheart. He meets everyone with a big, wagging tail, a "woo-woo" and a present of one of his toys. He has gotten along great with the dogs he has met.

During the day, Teddy climbs up on the sofa and snuggles with his foster dog/brother. They spend the day together waiting for dinner. Teddy was introduced to a cat at his vet clinic and, after getting up close for a good sniff, gets along splendidly.

Teddy can be vocal while he is waiting for his dinner or playing. Although he does not need to be in a fully detached home, the adopter must be aware of this. He will be quiet if asked and as long as you don't take too long making his meals.

Teddy LOVES bed time. After his final time outside, he charges down the hall to the big bed; he can't wait to go to bed. He cuddles right up to his foster mom, gets covered with his blanket, and snores softly until the morning.

Teddy loves to play and prance around with stuffies. He will chew a gumma bone or nyla bone for hours. Teddy is super on walks with his harness and leash. He was brought up with nice manners and knows sit, stay and quiet please.

Having Teddy as part of your family, life and heart will be a jackpot.




Foster Update, October 8, 2019

Teddy has settled in and made himself comfortable in his foster home.

Since his surgery one month ago at the emergency clinic, Teddy's urine has been crystal free but we are checking regularly to make sure it stays that way. Teddy came into rescue with a few lumps and bumps and it was determined that he should have a few biopsies. It was a good thing the vet decided to check them out; as it turns out, Teddy had a mass cell tumor. He had surgery again last week and had three lumps as well as the tumor removed. Some of the lumps have been sent away for testing and we should have the results soon.

Teddy loves to eat. He has allergies so he has to eat special food for that and his crystals but he loves fresh fruit and veggies added into his kibble: his very favourites are pumpkin, blueberries, and watermelon. He also loves chewing bones and they are helping keep his teeth clean. Teddy loves to sleep in the big bed and snuggles in close every night. Teddy has also made some new friends. He hasn't had a lot experience with this and he needs a bit of help, but he is getting the hang of it and is adored by everyone he meets -- two- and four-legged.

All Teddy has to do now is relax, recover, and get strong because he hopes to go to the Niagara Pugoween later this month. He is looking forward to meeting more of his kind and introducing himself to all of his fans.



Introduction, September 24, 2019

Please meet Teddy, a charming and chatty pug. He is a happy-go-lucky gentleman and likes to be included in whatever is going on. Teddy is a storyteller and wants everyone to know all about it. He is social and trying his hardest to convince his foster dog/brother that he is his best friend. They were caught snuggling on the couch together so it is going pretty well. Teddy has met other dogs on his walks and at the vet's office and is very happy to make their acquaintance.

Teddy had emergency surgery at intake to Pugalug and had to spend a few days at the emergency clinic. He was brought to his foster home by a generous volunteer and is fitting in well. He has a long history of harsh allergies which are being monitored closely. Teddy will be getting his stitches out soon and will have a few other medical needs attended to. He will also be getting a bubble bath!!

We will update you once he has had his check up.