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Ronnie - 3 Year Old Female
Happy Tails

Happy Tails

I'm not sure that anything can prepare you for a rescue pup. In fact, there were moments on that first day with Ronnie that I thought to myself, I can't do this. I was terrified that she wouldn't be happy with me. She wasn't like other dogs that I'd had and I was worried that maybe she just wouldn't bond because of everything that she had been through. It's really a testament to the patience and dedication that the Pugalug foster parents and admin have for these dogs that have been traumatized and abandoned. I wasn't sure if I was equipped.

The first car ride for Ronnie was upsetting for both of us. She had grown attached to her foster mommy and wasn't all that happy to be in a car on the best of days. She screamed and shook and cried, which upset me because I didn't want to see my new puppy so upset. Luckily, my companion had some experience with these types of situations and we stopped at a pet store a few minutes away to get some distraction supplies (something we are still using today to go on car rides until we can get her a little more comfortable and works wonderfully!).

When we got home, Ronnie was reintroduced to her new Nana, who will undoubtedly spoil her rotten. During those first days, I wasn't sure if she would ever stop looking out the front window for her foster mommy. In fact, I found myself sleeping on the floor at the front door with her that first night. I wanted her to know that she could take her time and join our family when she was ready, but that she wasn't alone. But there were also glimmers of hope that told me to keep going. For instance, when she came to me on her own and lay her head on me with those big sad eyes and crooked teeth or when she tried to play and for a moment forgot to look out the front door. Those moments quickly passed, but more and more Ronnie adapted.

There is something so special about a rescue pup. Little by little, these creatures let you into their lives and show you their personalities. I can't believe how much has changed in only a few weeks. I can't believe that I ever doubted that Ronnie would bond with me. She now bounds to the front door when I get home from work, tail wagging. She follows her Nana about while she makes lunch in the kitchen and goes outside to get a breath of fresh air. They have become best of friends who keep each other company throughout the day. Ronnie is doing fantastic. We've grown to love the personality that she brings to everything she does. Her foster mom had a big family of dogs with whom we're sure she was accustomed to sleeping. Thus for the few nights she was with us, she would bark at my bed until I followed her and try to get me to sleep in her nana's bed with her and nana. If she doesn't get her way, she doesn't mind telling you how displeased she is about it. She loves to cuddle and have someone pet her. She has really settled in to our little family. In fact, this weekend she went on a short car ride and didn't even cry. She's enjoying her time exploring the many parks and trails by her new home and then snuggling up by the fire on her brand new dog bed. She really enjoyed meeting all of the children in the neighborhood over the weekend as they came by for some trick or treat candy. Today she took another short trip in the car with Nana to get a new collar that will hold her new diamond encrusted nametag. She really is a little diva. It seems like she is finally happy and settled into her forever home. I look forward to years of fun with Ronnie as we learn more about each other. She'd like to thank her foster mom and all of the volunteers and supporters for their love. She wouldn't have found this loving place to call home without them.


Sweet Ronnie is an approximately 3-year-old pug mix that came to Pugalug Rescue as a stray through Brampton Animal Services. Ronnie is one of the sweetest dogs that I've had the pleasure to meet. She seems to love all people and cuddles are her specialty. She would happily stay in bed all morning snuggling with her humans.

Although Ronnie does like dogs, she tends to come on very strong and can be confrontational with other, especially new, dogs. She is also a very vocal growler when playing and when she doesn't like someone in her space. However, she truly seems to enjoy other dogs and, since learning to play, she loves having fun with them. Tug of war is her current favorite game. Since being here, nothing has escalated much beyond a lot of posturing and vocalizing. Luckily her growls give lots of early information to humans and other dogs. Presently, dog parks are not the best place for Ronnie. Even though she is still learning to play, her "I'll chase you then bite your bum" kind of tag isn't always appreciated.

Ronnie was not potty trained and did some marking when she first arrived. She also had an enlarged bladder that the spay seemed to help with. This might explain the early marking behaviour. Presently, she now does very well for short periods of time but still appreciates a pee pad down for longer absences.

Ronnie has also showed some signs of separation distress, including whining and barking. This has improved immensely in the last couple months but she still can be quite vocal. For this reason, a condo might not be the best fit for Ronnie without some work.

Like all the pugs I know, Ronnie does not like having her nails trimmed. We are still working on this. She is generally good about all other kinds of grooming though, including having her ears and face cleaned. I haven't given her a bath yet but suspect she'll be just fine.

Ronnie loves going on walks and enjoys seeing all the people on the street. She also loves squirrels and would happily chase every one that she encounters. If it were up to Ronnie, we would greet every human and squirrel in the neighbourhood. She has so much love to give and will make a wonderful addition to some lucky person or family. I just love this dog!!!

Foster Update, August 10, 2015

Ronnie is still sweet with a little bossy on the side. She is all healed up from her spay and has only one more trip to the vet for her rabies vaccine. I think she'll miss going to the vet though, given that the staff are all completely smitten with her.

Ronnie's potty training is going very well. She is nearly accident free, but does appreciates a pee pad for backup. I am so proud of her improvement!!! Now if only she could teach Henry and Logan (former Pugalug pugs) to be as reliable...especially in the rain.

Ronnie still loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch and provide endless kisses. She would do this 24 hours a day if I let her. She is quite good about sharing the attention, but does get a little snippy from time to time with her little, and often annoying, foster brothers. They can be a bit crazy though. She has complete patience with her older foster brother though, and loves to curl up beside him.

She will be a wonderful addition to any family that enjoys tons of pug kisses and endless puggy cuddles!



Foster Update, July 14, 2015

Miss Ronnie has had a bit of a hard week. She had her spay surgery on Thursday and recovery has been a bit tricky. After a visit to the emergency vet on Sunday night, it was determined that she is also having a false pregnancy and it's making things more painful and uncomfortable for her. An increase in pain medications has helped a lot.

Ronnie still dazzles us with her sweet nature. Every morning, she joins the alarm clock in getting me up for the day - it's basically a kissfest. The cone has made this ritual a little more hazardous and I tend to get up faster than ever before.

We're still working on house-training, but the accidents are definitely fewer and further in between. We're hoping that the spay surgery might also improve things in this department.

And she is still putting up with all the nutty boys in the house. She can get bossy at times, but they pretty much ignore her objections just like any real brothers would do.

Any person or family who gets to accept Ronnie into their lives will be very, very lucky indeed!!!




Introduction, June 12, 2015

Say hello to Veronica (whom we now call Ronnie), an approximately 3 year old pug mix who came to us as a stray from Brampton Animal Services. She's only 14 lbs, but well proportioned and a real cutie.

In the last week and a bit, she has settled in very well despite all the abrupt changes in her life. She is a really sweet little girl and an excellent cuddler. She has also been a joy to walk and has made friends with all the people in the neighbourhood. She does have a habit of marking and we're starting from scratch at potty-training her. Poor girl may never have been trained.

Ronnie received a clean bill of health at her first vet visit. Yay! Her next visit will be for pre-spay bloodwork and to load up on lots more attention from the Dr. and his staff - she was very popular :)