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Riley - 10 Year Old Female


Riley the super dog is now ready for adoption. She is a 10-year-old girl that thinks she is still two, with a zest for life equal to none. Riley is a fantastic listener as well as a great conversationalist. When her meals are being prepared, she loves to stand with us and supervise, while providing a running commentary on how ready she is for her meal. Riley is a champion garbage hunter. All garbage in the house needs to be out of her reach. She has even figured out how to open garbage cans with a pedal!

Generally, she is in good physical health. Riley does have allergies that she has had for most of her life. Her allergies have not been identified specifically, but she is currently doing very well on a vet prescribed diet that she will need to remain on. She takes an antihistamine every second day and requires a bath (bi-weekly) with a medicated shampoo that helps with her itchy skin. Her ears need to be cleaned (daily) and monitored for ear infections (related to the allergy issues).

Riley loves kids of all ages and does very well with them. She has a preference for dogs her own size or smaller. She tends to be aggressive with dogs that are larger than she is.

She can be left for a normal workday, but she would be best in a home with people who are home more often than not or being with another furry companion.

Riley loves to hang out on the couch with her people, as well as loves going for long walks. She likes to sleep on the bed with her people (but is not a bed hog). She is relentless in her request to be on the big bed. In the morning she likes to stay in bed as long as possible (very much like a teenage person). When she goes outside, in the morning, she goes to the washroom right away and then wants in for breakfast and a big drink of water.

She likes to be near her people but is not a velcro pug.

Foster Update, January 27, 2015

Riley had a really great Christmas. She received an ugly Christmas sweater and a gigantic bag of carrots. She refuses to wear the sweater but she really enjoyed the carrots.

She met many new people over the holidays which she loved....everyone from 2 to 98....she is a people loving gal.

She also met a lot of new dogs over the holidays and it turns out she wasn't such a fan. When she goes on walks she pays no attention to other dogs, but inside the house she really does not like dogs bigger than she is. At first we thought it was just that she wasn't a fan of Huskies, but it turns out she just generally doesn't like dogs that are bigger than she is. Over this past weekend we tested her with a border collie puppy and an adult Bernese Mountain Dog....what Riley does is bark and bark incessantly at new big dogs. She doesn't attack, but if she were to encounter a dog that was offended by this there could be an issue. We are going to keep working with her on that

Riley is doing amazingly well with her new food. She is almost never itchy any more and her bald patches are starting to grow back. We are now going to start giving her antihistamines every second day and see how that goes. Fingers crossed.

Basically we still think she is perfect and she continues to really show a joy for life in general.

Foster Update, December 12, 2014

Well Riley continues to be a perfect girl. She has settled in very nicely here and continues to love the kids in the house. She also loves the other resident pug and they seem to go everywhere together. We have completed the transition to a new food for Riley and she is doing very well with her new diet. She is less and less itchy all the time. She has been to the vet and the vet said he had never seen a pug her age before in such phenomenal shape. Her weight is perfect, she has great pug eyes and her teeth are also good (amazing!). She also loved the resident cat at the vet's office as well.

Riley is soft like a bunny and when you pet her her whole body goes in to a full body wiggle. She loves to go to the dog toy box in the living room and start to throw toys up in the air all by herself and get everyone else in the house to play with her as well. She is completely unaware that she is 10 years old and should not act like a puppy anymore. She loves to sleep on the big people beds at night and shares the bed like a champ, but she always needs to have one part of her body on her people when sleeping.

She is a joy to have around here and has an absolute zest for life ... She is as close to perfect as any dog could be. She is entertaining, cuddly without being overwhelming and fantastic company (and fantastic secret keeper).



Introduction, December 3, 2014

Riley is a 10 year old female fawn pug who arrived this past weekend and I have to say that so far she is absolutely perfect. She gets along with both my fur kids and my human kids and loves to meet new people. She loves to go for walks and is perfect on a leash and she eats her food like a champ. Riley has settled into sleeping on the big bed and the couch and loves to play with our stockpile of dog toys. In general, Riley just has this zest for life that just makes her so fun to be around!

She will be going to the vet shortly and there will be another update then.