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Reggie - 8 Year Old Male
Happy Tails

Happy Tails, January 24, 2016

When Reggie arrived at my door as a foster I immediately got that warm and fuzzy feeling. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes you just know that this one isn't leaving.

Reggie fit right in and, despite being blind, managed to figure out the layout of the house and how to go up and down the deck stairs. He loves to play with toys and is a very sweet and cuddly boy. Reggie and his other pug siblings are the best of friends and clean each other's ears regularly.

I am so grateful that Reggie made his way into our life. Last year was a rough one with the loss of my 4 originals and foster boy Stanley. Reggie has helped in the healing process.

Foster Update, September 12, 2015

Reggie has been adopted by hist foster parents! Stay tuned for a Haooy Tail.

Foster Update, September 12, 2015

Reggie is like a different dog now that his eye is gone! He loves to play with toys and his pug foster sibling is happy to join in! Reggie isn't especially interested in cats, but he has no problem curling up beside them for a nap. He would do well in a house with other playful dogs and dog-loving cats.

Since his surgery, Reggie has been doing quite well figuring out his new life as a blind dog. Although he is still figuring out the deck, he can find his way up and down the stairs to relieve himself. He also goes to the door to let you know when he needs out. He is very clean in the house.

In true pug fashion, Reggie LOVES his food! He is always in the kitchen with his foster fur siblings waiting for the next meal. Even without eyes, he has learned to do the rounds in the off chance that someone's bowl might still have food in it. He has been enjoying walks as well, post surgery, although we are still working on his leash manners. In the house though, he is the perfect pug. He has yet to bark since arriving at his foster home and although he's not big on kisses, Reggie loves to cuddle with whomever happens to be available. All in all, Reggie is a very happy and sweet boy who will be a great addition to one special home!



Foster Update, August 21, 2015

Reggie came through surgery like a champ! Everything went well and took less time than estimated. He lost 12 teeth, which is less than expected, although he was already missing 9 prior to the dental. Oddly enough, he lost most of his molars on the top and bottom, but kept his small front which are usually the first to go. The vet did note that the dental took longer than expected because more than one tooth was broken off and thus they had to search for the root below the gumline. Conversely, the vet said the eye came out easily and quickly with no complications. The neuter went well too and Reggie was home resting that evening.

Reggie went for a recheck today. Everything on both ends is healing up quite nicely. He still needs to finish up his antibiotics and the vet wants him to continue with his pain medication due to some lingering tenderness in his mouth.

Despite everything that's happening to him right now, Reggie continues to be a sweet little man. He continues to learn the layout of his foster home and is slowly mastering it. Thankfully, he has learned the location of the door so he is able to let his foster mom know when he needs to go out! Once he has completely recovered from his surgery and becomes more comfortable with his surroundings, we will no doubt begin to see more of his personality.

Introduction, August 16, 2015

Reggie is a 7-8 year old boy that came to Pugalug from a shelter in Georgina. He's a large, unneutered boy, weighing in at 6.4 kgs, which is approximately 14lbs. In general, his first vetting went well. His bloodwork and fecal came back normal. The vet said his weight is normal for a pug his size and he has great muscle tone with no issues in his knees or any other joints. However, the same cannot be said for his teeth. Reggie desperately needs a dental to remove several teeth ,including at least one that has broken off. Given that he is already missing teeth, he will likely be left with very few post-surgery. Luckily, pugs don't tend to chew their food so it shouldn't be a problem! The vet also thinks that his jaw was broken during an attack by a larger dog when he was younger. Unfortunately, it was not treated and has healed crookedly - something that is not helping his dental situation in the least. Poor Reggie also lost an eye during the above mentioned dog attack and is blind in the other eye, likely due to its' incredible dryness. The vet recommended removing the remaining eye as drops won't do anything to help his vision at this point and Pugalug agrees. He has been scheduled in for a dental, neuter and enucleation of the eye on August 18th. Thankfully, once he has healed from surgery, there are no indications that he won't live a happy and healthy life!

Reggie has settled quite nicely into foster life. He is a quiet little man, who has yet to bark at anything in his new surroundings. He gets along great with the resident pugs and cats. His favourite thing is to hang out with his pug siblings on the couch or snuggle up to his foster humans for a cuddle. He quickly found the toy stash as well and thoroughly enjoyed investigating the various options. Like most pugs, he loves his food and as been eating well since arriving at his foster home. Reggie has also mastered the stairs on the deck and easily goes up and down them to go outside and do his business.

Overall, Reggie is just a happy-go-lucky pug and would be perfect for a family looking for a quiet, sweet snuggle bug!