360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Buster - 2005-2017
At the Rainbow Bridge

At the Rainbow Bridge

Buster you may be gone but not forgotten. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. For 12 years you were a friend and companion to your fur-brother Jett, human sister Hannah, and of course mom and dad.

We remember the first time we brought you home. You were so small you could barely reach your food dish or climb the stairs. That didn't last for long as you started to grow. Our greatest memories of you are how you always knew it was dinner time and treat time, and the way you would always bark at the beginnings of "Friends" and the Cadbury Easter Egg commercial. Buster you were a sensitive dog who seemed to know when somebody needed an extra cuddle of kiss. You very quickly became Hannah's best buddy and a shadow with daddy. Your adventures at "Pugalug Events" is another memory we will cherish. Buster you had a ball running around and socializing with your other pug pals.

Buster it is time for us to say goodbye and let you enter the Rainbow Bridge. We know you will happy and live life to the fullest in the greener meadows. Rest in peace "Old Man".


Mommy, Daddy, Hannah and Jett