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Pippa - 8 Year Old Female
Happy Tails

Happy Tails, December 12, 2015

Overnight, Pippa has become an integral member of our family. She has adapted to her new and busy home very well. She is madly in love with her two playmates - my 9 year old daughter and 12 year old son and is a big favorite with some neighbour's kids as well. She has become a lump of love and is carried around by my two kids more than she walks. She loves to play catch and go for walks - when it is not cold out. She has become friends with many dogs in the area, but is definitely dead set against the Santa puppet to which she was recently introduced (haha!)

Pippa is extremely happy and just loves to be loved. She is also very calm and loves to lounge on the couch with her stuffies. In the words of my 12 year old, "she has been the missing factor of our family and not only changed our own lives, but some friends and family as well". We love this little lady and are so grateful to Pugalug Pug Rescue for allowing us the great honour to love her in the way that she so deserves.


Pippa is now ready for her furever home. She is a darling.

She was at the vet last week, due to a lump that seemed to suddenly appear. The results came back that it is a cyst so no intervention is necessary.

She is very playful and loves her walks and can actually walk about 3 km. Pippa lays right down in the grass to get a good sniff. She just adores her foster brother and will follow him around everywhere. She does like wondering around the backyard and she likes to chew on walnuts that the squirrels have left. She likes to eat the green tomatoes that make their way from the neighbour's too. Pippa tries to sneak away with them, but I just take them from her.

Pippa is now going to the back door to go out. She has never had an accident on the main floor but she will go when upstairs or left to wander around the office. It would be wise to keep your eye on her.

She loves her food and will continuously bark while you are getting it ready. If her bowl is left on the floor, she will endlessly play with it. You have to be careful with her as she may try to get out the door and also try to wiggle out of her harness. She is pretty good at following the stay command and has improved a lot since she first arrived. I really do think that she would do well in a home with another dog. If I take her to work with me now, it's like she misses her playmate. She does seem to have a weird habit where she will lick the wall or the kitchen cupboards or a chair leg at times.

Pippa would be a welcome addition to a family. She is a gentle, loving, cuddly and playful pug!

Foster Update, September 4, 2015

Pippa had her dental surgery on Tuesday, September 1. She came through it like a trooper. In total, she had 6 extractions, but that didn't impact her interest in food. She was not impressed with having a half meal on Tuesday night. As usual, the vet put in dissolving stitches so those shouldn't be an issue. She will go for a checkup in 10-14 days. Now that her teeth are sparkly white, her breath much improved! The vet did note that her weight went down to 17.4 so I have increased her food a little, which made Pippa quite happy!

Although still a spunky little girl, I have no issue when bring her to work with me. She rarely makes a noise and is extremely well-behaved. Everyone thinks she is such a sweet little thing. Below is a picture of her sleeping under my desk. She loves to be around people, especially children. She seems to get especially excited around children around ages 5-7 (vs teenagers). Her tail wags and wags and her focus is just on them. Overall, she is a calm and gentle dog, but she does tend to get overly excited when having a treat. She can sit for one, but only for a second or two. She looks at her foster brother sitting quietly and patiently waiting for his treat so then she will sit. I think she would definitely do well with another dog and a family with children. Hopefully once she's recovered, she'll be ready for adoption!


Foster Update, August 24, 2013

This little girl is not the quiet little thing that I once thought. She has come out of her shell. She adores her big foster brother and follows him everywhere, copying his every move. She loves to play and will bark at him repeatedly, demanding he play with her that very instant! There is absolutely no food or toy guarding at all. She just loves everyone!

Pippa also loves her walks and can go a lot farther than I thought. Her leg was a little stiff when she first came into rescue, but it seems to be much improved. This improvement is also evident in regards to stairs. At first, she would go up the stairs and not come down, but now she goes up and down like a pro. I have been working on her house training. Given the chance, she may go in the house, but with a close eye, she doesn't. However, yesterday, and again just now, she went to the back door to go out. Yay!

Pippa will often come to work with me and is ever so quiet (despite her love for playing). She just quietly visits everyone and is always interested in what my coworkers are doing. I do keep her close to avoid any accidents though. At night, she is currently sleeping in an exercise pen and has never had an accident. She can sleep soundly from 10 pm to 9 am, no issues. When she knows you're awake though, she wants your attention asap. I don't actually think she is used to sleeping in a bed. Her preference during the day has been to climb into boxes and has taken to sleeping in the dog toy box. We have noticed that she doesn't like thunder, which isn't terribly surprising. She also doesn't like having her wrinkle cleaned - again not a surprise as most pugs aren't pleased with that either.

Her first vet visit went well. She is healthy overall with no issues. They agree that she is approximately 8 years old. Her weight is 17.8 pounds, which is a good weight for her. Her thyroid results were all fine except TSH. It may suggest a predisposition to thyroid issues. She should be tested again if she shows signs of unexplained weight gain. She had an appointment on August 24 to be spayed, but the vet discovered a very faint scar and very little mammary development so it looks like she has already been spayed. She has an appointment on September 1 to have her dental completed. She should be ready for adoption after that. Pippa is just a wonderful little dog and would be a fabulous addition to any family.




Introduction, Aug 1, 2015

This cute little girl came to Pugalug from Toronto Animal Services as a stray. They guessed her age at approximately 8. She settled right into her new foster home. She is a very sweet, gentle girl. She rarely barks and likes nothing better than to be on your lap. She absolutely loves people and is very cuddly. She does well with children as she was a participant at the summer camp held at Animal Services. She seems to tire easily and is a low energy dog. She loves to wander around the office when I take her to work. She also loves being outside and likes to sniff everything in sight. She engaged in playing with her big foster brother today, which is her second day. She wasn't so sure about him on her first day. We are working on her house training. She has her first vet appointment on Friday, August 7 and we will determine at that time what vetting is needed.