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Nova - 9 Year Old Male
In Foster Care

Foster Update, September 25, 2019

Nova continues to be a little character who now rules his foster mom's home. He had a great summer and really enjoyed his short strolls into the lake.

His thyroid meds were recently adjusted and he seems to be doing well. He also recently had a blood glucose curve done. His numbers weren't great so we have adjusted his dose and he will be re-checked again very soon.


Foster Update, July 2, 2019

Nova is continuing to do well on both his insulin and his thyroid medications. He is down to an ideal weight now. He also appears to be feeling much better as he started to chase his tail and has become even chattier, adding some new sounds to his repertoire. He continues to get along well with all new human and fur people that he meets. His thyroid is due to be rechecked shortly so I am hopeful those meds are now perfect. His insulin curve is due to be redone in two months. All in all he is a really delightful little man.

nova sleeping

Foster Update, May 30, 2019

We have started to call Nova "Nugget" because he's just such a cute little nugget. He has started to go both up and down the stairs in the house which shows that he is feeling better and is totally comfortable in our home. He loves his food and has an internal clock set to 7:00am and 7:00pm. If his food is even a minute late he starts to chatter non-stop and jump at the kitchen counter. If that doesn't work he resorts to ramming me in the shins with his head.

He continues to love all of the other dogs in the house and still likes to cuddle with Kitty. If Kitty is not available he now cuddles with Charles (which is kind of amazing because Charles has a tendency to be unpredictable). Charles seems to know that Nova needs a bit of extra patience and he's fine with that. Nova likes to give kisses but with his funky tongue an intended kiss to the cheek often becomes a kiss to the armpit.

At a recent visit to the vet Nova's insulin curve was done and his numbers are much better than the last time. At this point he doesn't need another curve for 2-3 months. This is very good news. The vet also re-checked his thyroid and the news wasn't quite as good. His thyroid is still a little low so his medication has been increased and will need to be re-checked in a month.

All in all Nova seems to be doing really well. The longer he is with us, the more entertaining he becomes.




Foster Update, April 6, 2019

Nova loves all people that he meets (big and small). He has settled into my house seamlessly. Our resident grouchy dog Charles has even taken to him. Like all of our male foster dogs Nova has formed an attachment to Kitty ( she pretends she doesn't like Nova but we know she does).

He likes to have long periods of napping and has an amazing internal clock that tells him when it's 7:30 twice per day for his feeding and insulin times. He always eats well and takes his insulin like a champ. He spends most of his time upstairs and when he feels that he would like company he wails at the top of the stairs for us to either come upstairs and pay attention to him or carry him down to go outside, get him some water and cuddle on the couch. He is a very well behaved boy with only one exception......he lives to shred toilet paper (we are working on that).

Nova had his first insulin curve with us mid-February and his second today. The vet will call tomorrow with the interpretation of the results. I had a fast look tonight and his numbers have gone down from before so I think an another adjustment will be made.

He is a little character who with a little extra effort would fit in just about anywhere.



Introduction, February 20, 2019

Nova is a super sweet 9-year-old puggle with a tongue that goes on for days. He has settled in at his foster home quite quickly because he's a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. As long as he has a human to snuggle and his favourite toys, he's perfectly content. When foster mom goes to work, he naps and plays in his own quarters with no evidence of any anxiety. Nova has a hard time seeing so he is prone to bumping in to walls and other fur siblings but is quickly learning to navigate his way around. He has had no accidents indoors to date. This happy, cuddly boy has been a complete joy! More updates to come as we get to know this little man.