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Molson - 8 Year Old Male
Happy Tails

Happy Tails

From the second Mo (formerly Molson) trotted into our house - and hearts! - he has been the perfect addition to our family. We picked him up in early September and within an hour of meeting him, he was on a 4+ hour journey home sitting comfortably beside his new pug sister in the back seat of the car. In addition to his pug sister, Mo now lives with a cat brother and a human brother, all of whom love Mo dearly. We are working on getting his yeasty ears and flaky skin cleared up as well as building up strength in his hind end with twice daily walks around the neighbourhood. His fur is slowly growing back. Mo is getting more and more brave as he becomes comfortable in his surroundings. He can go up and down the stairs. He still need a boost up to the bed, which we are happy to give him. We are so happy to be able to give Mo a loving and secure home for the rest of his (hopefully long) life. Thank-you to his wonderful foster family and to Pugalug for all you do!


Molson is a cheery little sweetie with no major issues.

When he came into foster care, he had very long nails and they were cutting into his paw pads. He loathes nail trims but once this was completed, to his vociferous protests, he began to walk much better and was happier. Mo is fine at the vet's but dislikes his nail trims. The quicks are still shortening, with trims, and this must be continued at regular intervals.

His vision is a bit lessened, he is 8 after all, but as long as you carry him down steep stairs and gate them when not home he does just fine. Mo had slightly elevated lipids on his vet visit so we've kept him on a low fat diet. He's also kind of a chunk and we've worked on weight loss. He tolerates everything nicely. He is a food thief given any opportunity and so food must be kept out of his reach. He's pretty agile when food motivates him. Mo is pretty good behaviourally and not much of a barker unless spurred on by another dog. He does like to investigate the bathroom trash sometimes but this has lessened. He will also sometimes bring you things like a book or a business card, and doesn't seem to like our taste in literature.

Mo came to us sleeping in a crate but announced he hated the idea on the first night and so has slept with us since. This is an absolute must for any adopter. He will need as much comforting as possible for the first little while. Mo is a good sleeper. He also enjoys a good dog bed. He's very affectionate and likes to nibble your fingers to tell you to pet him.

Mo had a couple of accidents his first night out of fear, but none since. He is very good about bathroom habits. Mo likes walks very much. He loves children and turns into a puddle of love around them, but we don't think he'd do well with rambunctious toddlers. We do not have cats, but he is bewildered by the neighbourhood cat, who likes him and Mo just sniffs her. He is just fine with our other pug and visiting pug and they interact without incident. He doesn't seem to always like small dogs he meets in the neighbourhood and gets snarly (big dogs are okay for some reason). New owners must be vigilant of him meeting new dogs.

Mo is a lot of fun and will be a great companion for a pug-loving family.


Foster Update, June 15, 2017

Mo had his vet check and passed with flying colours. While he's still a little on the chunky side, and has slightly elevated lipids, the vet says that he is forming muscle mass from his walks and the weight will come off soon - we're working hard on it and he is on a low fat diet. He doesn't need anything else in particular vet-wise. He does seem to have slightly decreased vision, which causes him some trouble when descending steeper stairs and thus he has to be carried, but other than that, he gets around just fine.

Mo is a funny dog. He has a kind of "bossy boots" personality - not dominant, just will do funny things to get your attention. He likes to nibble your fingertips to get you to pet him, and if you stop, he'll nibble them again. He managed to grab a few business cards and thought he'd curl up and chew them for a while. I guess he wants to work on his networking. He also grabbed a book off the shelf and voiced his disapproval of English romantic authors by chewing on the corner -eek!

Mo is quite playful now that's he's a comfortable in our home. He likes his chew bones a lot and also squeaky toys. Mo is also incredibly friendly - loves all children and is totally calm with the neighbour's dog-friendly cat, although he's somewhat bewildered by her rubbing on him. He loves his walks now that his nails are trimmed and is quite energetic. A quick side note here - anyone who adopts him will need to get regular nail trims by a professional as he loathes it in, typical pug fashion of course! Even with all his playfulness and funny antics, he's had no toileting issues and will let us know when he needs to go out.

Mo is an opportunist and does like to swipe food if possible, but anyone who has had a pug before probably won't be fazed by that. He has no behavioural problems, he just doesn't see why he shouldn't help himself. He's a merry little bandit of a dog with a loving heart and he's thoroughly enjoyable. It's been quite fun having this silly little boy in our home.



Introduction, May 12, 2017

Meet Molson, AKA Mo!

Mo is eight years old and came to Pugalug as an owner surrender. He's a real charmer and has made himself nicely at home with us. Upon his arrival, we decided that Mo needed a well-deserved mani-pedi as he was having some issues with his feet. Fortunately, now that those pesky nails have been trimmed (with great protest on his part of course), he has become quite spry and has been eager to explore his new neighbourhood while on his daily walks.

Initially, Molson had a couple of anxious nights with an accident or two, but those have disappeared entirely now that he's settled in. Thus far, he's had no behaviour problems at all other than trying to steal food when given the opportunity, but that's every pug! Mo likes his new food and our dog beds an awful lot and has even started pestering our younger pug to play (much to the youngster's delight)! We do think that Mo might have a bit of vision loss, given that he is a senior, but he's navigating stairs well with just a bit of hesitation. He doesn't mind having a bath either, which was a bit surprising given his pug-ness!

Mo also has a darling personality. For instance, he has a very charming habit of asking you for a belly rub, and if you stop, he leans over and ever-so-gently nibbles your finger to encourage you to start again. It's just so cute when he does it! All in all, Molson is a sweet, cuddly, easygoing fellow and a delight to have around; we're truly enjoying his company.