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Molson - 8 Year Old Male
In Foster Care

Introduction, May 12, 2017

Meet Molson, AKA Mo!

Mo is eight years old and came to Pugalug as an owner surrender. He's a real charmer and has made himself nicely at home with us. Upon his arrival, we decided that Mo needed a well-deserved mani-pedi as he was having some issues with his feet. Fortunately, now that those pesky nails have been trimmed (with great protest on his part of course), he has become quite spry and has been eager to explore his new neighbourhood while on his daily walks.

Initially, Molson had a couple of anxious nights with an accident or two, but those have disappeared entirely now that he's settled in. Thus far, he's had no behaviour problems at all other than trying to steal food when given the opportunity, but that's every pug! Mo likes his new food and our dog beds an awful lot and has even started pestering our younger pug to play (much to the youngster's delight)! We do think that Mo might have a bit of vision loss, given that he is a senior, but he's navigating stairs well with just a bit of hesitation. He doesn't mind having a bath either, which was a bit surprising given his pug-ness!

Mo also has a darling personality. For instance, he has a very charming habit of asking you for a belly rub, and if you stop, he leans over and ever-so-gently nibbles your finger to encourage you to start again. It's just so cute when he does it! All in all, Molson is a sweet, cuddly, easygoing fellow and a delight to have around; we're truly enjoying his company.