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Mitsu - 11 Year Old Female
In Foster Care

Foster Update, October 5, 2017

Great news from the world of Mitsu! She had her spay and mass excision surgery the other day and the biopsy of the mass came back as benign with clean margins!! It goes without saying that we are all thrilled to hear that this spunky old gal will recover without any issues. She wasn't even bothered by the surgery itself and was up and bopping around the next morning like nothing had happened! An appointment was made to removed her stitches in a week and a dental will be scheduled at that time. The vet did note that Mitsu's urine was still abnormal, but no cultures developed to suggest an infection. A scan was done on her abdomen to check for stones, but there were none. It's a bit perplexing so the vet placed a call to a microbiologist to see if there are any next steps to be taken. Fortunately, the antibiotics from her surgery will knock out any possible infection that may be present, but not showing in the cultures.

Other than one groggy day spent at the vet, Mitsu has been loving life in Pugalug! She is as energetic as the day she arrived. She enjoys her walks and her new friends. The canine friends are good, but it's the human friends that Mitsu adores! Her favourite place is the park because that's where she meets up with all of her fans! She will go out of her way to say hello to anyone that passes by. Mitsu loves the attention and gets plenty when out and about!

If you are one of Mitsu's fans too, stay tuned for updates about her dental, her latest adventures and when she'll be ready for adoption!

Mitsu   Mitsu

Mitsu   Mitsu

Introduction, September 13, 2017

Welcome Mitsu! This lively old gal was surrendered to Pugalug about three weeks ago and has had no problems settling right in. She is 11 years old, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying everything life has to offer. She enjoys her walks, especially in the morning. Mitsu is most definitely a morning pug and wakes up energized and ready to see what the day has in store! She is a wonderful, curious walker, but her great leash manners makes for a very enjoyable walk as she investigates everything along the way. Mitsu is also great with other dogs and people, including kids! The moment that someone walks through the door, she greets them with plenty of tail wags, affection and the most adorable excited grunts!

Given her age, it's not surprising that Mitsu had a few issues will need to be addressed by the vet over the next several weeks. When she initially arrived, we found that she had trouble holding her bladder, but during the initial vet visit, she was diagnosed with an UTI and those accidents stopped once we started her on some medication. Mitsu behaves beautifully at the vet, patiently letting herself be poked and prodded. The initial vet visit also determined that her nails were far too long and will need to be regularly trimmed in order to shrink the quick back to a point that allows the nail to be a more comfortable length. It will take a while to do so, but Mitsu is so well-behaved that a quick little trim at home every couple of weeks is more than manageable! The vet also noted a large mammary tumour and a biopsy was done. Unfortunately, it came back inconclusive so we've opted to remove the mass completely, which will happen during her spay surgery next week. A mammary tumour is not necessarily cancer. It could also be a benign ademona. We just have to wait and see what the second test says once the mass is removed. Finally, once the above is completed and Mitsu has healed, we will schedule her for a dental.

All in all, Mitsu is a fantastic pug to have in our home. She is so happy, loving and well-behaved. She won't even beg for food, preferring to have our company over the tasty treat in our hands! We look forward to helping her recover from her surgeries and preparing her for her furever home!

Mitsu   Mitsu

Mitsu   Mitsu