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Miller - Almost 6 Year Old Male
Happy Tails

Happy Tails, February 18, 2015

We like to say that Miller hit the jackpot with his new family -- four new people to play and snuggle with, and appreciate his quirky nature. But we'll let him speak for himself.

Although I was adopted into a house full of newbies, they seem to be quickly learning how to adapt to dog life. I'm a great trainer. The small male human is my favourite person to shadow. I sleep in his room and engage him in play multiple times each day. Hanging out with the small female human is like being at a spa, with boundless massages and belly rubs. Both of the small ones bundle me up and take me outside for my daily constitution, which keeps me svelte. The big female human is great for chilling out with. She has a number of 'nicknames' for me, and even a couple of songs that she serenades me with. She could stand to drop a bit of food on the floor every now and then, help a pug out. As for the big male human, I enjoy greeting him with my most coveted toy at the end of the day. He's turning into a pro player of pug-of-war, thanks to my daily work with him. All together, they keep me spinning at a high RPM and indulging my basic pug need to provide companionship to humans in need. I can't wait for spring, when we can spend more time outside in my big new backyard . . . and my paws won't get so cold.


Miller is a handsome, playful pug. He really enjoys playing fetch with his toys and loves walks. Miller would spend his time following you wherever you went, playing with you and cuddling on the couch. He can be really funny about toys and barks and paws at them like he expects them to move by themselves.

He would be much happier as the only pet. Miller hadn't met a cat until he was in his foster home and still barks and charges at her. He gets along with my pug most of the time, but because of his possessiveness of his toys, he would do best being an only dog. He also will chew on the stuffed toys and bite off eyes and ears in a matter of minutes. We recommend a home free of small children, with little toys. There hasn't been a problem with him chewing other things.

Miller seems to be a healthy boy, who just needs to lose a little bit more weight. His teeth are normal, for a dog his age.

Miller will bark when someone comes to the door or if he hears a strange noise. If left alone in his crate, he will whine for quite awhile. Sometimes, he can be anxious about noises and would even tremble a bit. He does seem to have gotten less anxious and is much happier then he was when he arrived on November 16th. I would expect his anxieties to lessen when he feels more comfortable in his forever home.

He is great at doing his business outside. Miller is a typical pug, who doesn't like wet weather. As long as you get him outside, he will not have any accidents. He has never peed in the house.

Miller has a beautiful, soft coat that we just love to rub. He would be a perfect dog for a home where his people are home most of the time and they want a loving, playful companion that they can take for walks anytime. He will happily tag along or snooze away beside you. Belly rubs are also appreciated!

Introduction, November 25, 2014

Miller is a very handsome 5 year old boy. He will be 6 in January. Miller loves to cuddle and likes to play fetch or tug with toys. He has been in foster care for one week and is settling in nicely. We have been to the vet and he had a great check-up. His blood-work is all normal, he tested negative for heart-worm, his eyes look good and teeth are normal for his age. Miller needs to lose a bit of weight, weighing in at 11.2 kg or around 24 1/2 lbs. We will work on that and get to know him a bit better.

He hasn't lived with cats and has been reacting to my cat, although he backs off when I call him.

Miller may have an issue with toys (resource guarding). This will have to be monitored to see how he does with my pug. He might do best as the only pet.

Miller has been sleeping with me and my pug. He seems to be enjoying that extra cuddle time, but Miller is also crate trained, although he will whine for quite awhile when left.

Miller should have a fairly short stay and will probably be up for adoption in early January. We will continue to assess him and see how he does with my cat and dog, as well as meeting other dogs.