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Louisa - 6 Year Old Female
Happy Tails

Happy Tails

Louisa, now known as Lola, is doing great!! She is getting more and more comfortable with each passing day, and we are loving every minute of it. We completely understand now when it was mentioned that she was 'bossy'! LOL. We love her character so much. She is the sweetest, most affectionate dog, but is definitely not shy about telling you when she wants something. She always lets us know when it is time for breakfast in the morning. She really is so funny and makes us laugh everyday with her playful puppy manner.

Lola has quickly picked up on the daily routine, and her bowels have become healthy and regular again. We were not able to find the same exact food, but we did our research and she is now loving her new food "Natural & Holistic with no soy, grain, or wheat". We also have been brushing her teeth once every second day, and although challenging, we want the few teeth she has to remain healthy.

Her relationship with our other pug is our favourite thing to witness! He loves her and constantly wants to play. Lola's response is so funny. She will steal his toy and go along and play with it by herself. LOL! We don't know if she did this with her foster brother, but it's quite amusing. Don't get us wrong though. They are loving each other's company and we are loving watching their bond strengthen with each day. They have recently started to subtly cuddle as well, and it is so adorable. I really feel that they are going to be good for each other as they grow into their golden years. During the first two weeks, our pug boy was a bit jealous and would jump in on any affection that we gave to Lola. It was as if he was saying "What about me?!" Thankfully, he has come to realize that his new sister isn't so bad and there's nothing to be jealous about. Lola, on the other hand, comes running whenever there are kisses available. It doesn't matter if we are giving affection to him, or to one another, Lola always finds her way in between to sneak in a few kisses as well! :) We are so in love with this affectionate side of her; we wouldn't change her one bit!

Thank you all again for bringing sweet Lola into our lives! :)



Louisa is a wonderful little girl. Pugalug Rescue was notified of her from a shelter in Toronto, and her previous history was unknown. Louisa is small in size, and very active. The Vet has estimated her age to be about 6 years old.

Louisa is house broken, and is very good at waiting to be taken outdoors. Once she knows it's time for her walk, she will excitedly spin in circles and lead the way to the front door. Louisa does not enjoy cold weather, but once out in it she will promptly take care of business and hurry back indoors. On a nice day, Louisa loves to stroll around the neighbourhood at a quick pace. If a larger dog comes along she will bark and try to pull to get to them.

It is important for Louisa to have another small dog in her home. This will make her much more settled and happy when her people are out of the house.

Louisa loves to play with her toys. She loves to sit and suckle on her favourites, but does not like to be bothered while doing this. If another dog tries to play with her toy while Louisa has it she will bark and growl at them. She does not like to have her fun interrupted. Louisa did play very well with one of our other foster pugs. They would cuddle up together and sleep the afternoon away. She has been left alone for an hour or two, but made it very clear she didn't enjoy it.

Since Louisa arrived to Pugalug in November, she has had four mass cell tumours removed. They were all small and have clean margins. Surgery was very difficult for Louisa as the Veterinarian had a difficult time with intubation due to the scare tissue left from being de-barked. As a result of this unfortunate treatment, Louisa has a very small, quiet bark. When she is excited she will cough uncontrollably.

Louisa's ears must be cleaned regularly. She doesn't care for this and will try her best to wiggle her way out of it. Louisa does not enjoy having her nails clipped, and will try to run away. Her nails were very long and little by little we have been trying our best to trim them.

Louisa is very good in the bath. She will sit or stand patiently while being washed. Once out of the tub, she loves to run around and rub herself up against your pant leg to dry off. Louisa is a fantastic little girl who is full of life. She is the perfect pug to snuggle up close to, resting her head on your shoulder or crawling into bed under the blankets. Louisa loves to be part of any excitement and will make a fantastic addition to any family.

Foster Update, May 30, 2015

This post is a little late, but we thought Louisa's followers would want to know how her surgery actually went. Louisa had 2 cysts removed and 2 mass cell tumors completely excised, which is great news! Louisa's surgery was quite the organized event though. She required an Anesthesiologist to be present due to her history of breathing problems during her previous surgery. The Vet confirmed Louisa has in fact been de-barked, poor thing! Since Louisa's surgery, she has not let anything slow her down. She was back to her spunky self once home and ran off to find her favourite toy. Louisa has had quite the rocky road medically since her arrival back in the Fall, but she always remains full of life and affection. Her furever family will be in for a treat when they adopt this wonderful, sweet little girl!

Foster Update, April 20, 2015

Louisa has really been enjoying the spring weather. She loves to be outdoors, and enjoys long walks.

When seeing other dogs, she will bark at them and try to run towards them. Most dogs don't pay Louisa any attention, mostly because of her tiny bark; she's certainly not very intimidating. However, we have been working diligently on correcting this behaviour.

Louisa is scheduled to see the vet again as we have found another lump on her inner thigh. Once we receive the outcome of her visit, we will be sure to do another update.

Foster Update, March 19, 2015

Louisa has had quite the eventful past weekend. Her foster brother Stewie found his furever home, and said his "Goodbyes" to his best friend. The first couple days that Louisa's "side-kick" was gone, she seemed a little lost. She would roam from room to room looking for her friend. Slowly, Louisa seems to have settled, and has spent more and more time on our laps for a snuggle.

Louisa and our resident pug really enjoy playing with their toys. Louisa has occasionally let out a warning growl to our resident pug if he tries to take a toy from her; she is not afraid to show the boys just who is boss!

Now with signs of Spring beginning to show, Louisa has been enjoying longer walks. She is a pleasure to take for a stroll around the block, and loves to keep a quick pace. She also loves car rides, and sits wonderfully in the co-pilot seat.

Louisa is such a treat to have around. She is full of life, and very friendly; a great addition to any family!

Foster Update, February 12, 2015

Miss Louisa continues to entertain. She is so light on her feet, and loves to bounce around and play. Louisa is a very happy little girl, and very social. She has made a few more doggy friends in our apartment building, and happily greets them while out for her walk. Louisa has settled in wonderfully to our family's routine. She enjoys sleeping in our bed, and in the morning while we get ready, Louisa will spread out on our pillows, and wait patiently for her morning stroll. Once we come back inside, she has learned to sit, so I can take off her lead. It is then that Louisa will remind me that it is in fact time for breakfast! She watches closely over my shoulder as I dish out her serving, along with her brother's.

Louisa is such an all-star. She truly has so much love to offer!

Foster Update, January 15, 2015

Miss Louisa is off to quite the eventful start of the New Year. On January 8th, she had dental surgery and 2 lumps removed. The vet extracted a total of 14 teeth, and one lump was removed from under her chin, and the other lump from her right hind leg. Unfortunately, both Louisa's lumps were mast cell tumours, but fairly small. At this time, it has been determined that Louisa will be visiting the vet in the near future to have more of the area under her chin removed. The vet feels confident about this surgery as Miss Louisa has lots of extra skin in this area.

Although Louisa has experienced quite the excitement lately, she hasn't let her surgery slow her down! She is full of energy, and loves to play. Louisa has really taken to our other foster pug Stewie, and the two of them are inseparable. If given the option, Louisa would thrive in a home with another small dog.

At Louisa's last weight in with the Vet, they were so impressed with her current weight of 15lbs. Louisa has an adorably petite frame, and an even smaller bark! When on her walks and greeting new friends, she tends to turn heads with her quiet, yet friendly "Hello!" It's definitely not hard to fall in love with this one!

Introduction, December 8, 2014

Louisa is brand new to Pugalug, who was contacted by a Toronto shelter looking to find Louisa her furever home.

We are unsure of Louisa history, but it was determined that she is around 5 years old. As of this past October, Louisa was spayed and was examined by a vet. Currently, Louisa does need a dental cleaning and perhaps more as she is already missing her incisiors.

Louisa is such a ball of fun! She is a very social girl and loves to play with her toys. Louisa enjoys the company of our other foster pug and resident pug. She will snuggle up against them and nap. Louisa also really enjoys her walks. She leads the way for the other two pugs and will wag her tail happily when we meet others on the way.

One very unique trait that Louisa has is her super small bark. She is also quite petite, which makes her ideal for those living in an apartment or townhouse.

All in all, she has been a joy to have around!