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Lola - 2009-2016
At the Rainbow Bridge

At the Rainbow Bridge, August 18, 2016

Rescue is all about doing what's best for the foster dog. On rare occasions that means having to humanely end the dog's life, a hard and heartbreaking decision for everyone involved. Sweet Lola was a 7 year old brindle pug surrendered to Pugalug in early August. The owner told us that Lola had been having some toileting accidents and couldn't lift her front paws well, a chronic condition judging by the abrasions on the top of her paws. Upon Lola's arrival at her foster home, it became apparent she couldn't walk without falling so foster mom took her to the vet that same afternoon. Xrays, blood work and palpation revealed nothing significant to account for the falling, but the vet said she was physically unable to retain her water or walk, and that the problem was in all four legs. Lola was referred to a neurologist three days later for further testing. In the meantime, her incontinence and mobility worsened. We tried diapers on her, but she just kept falling over.

The neurologist kept Lola overnight to do full testing including a myelogram, a CT scan and an MRI. The result was a diagnosis of advanced syringomyelia, a congenital degenerative disease for which there is no fix. We tried a week on prednisone to see if it would give her improved coordination and strength, but she continued to deteriorate. By this weekend, her condition had worsened to the point that she was completely incontinent, excreting when being picked up by foster mom and at random intervals throughout the house, even while sitting quietly. Looking forward, if she wasn't already in pain, she soon would be and quality of life was declining rapidly. With the concurrence of the neurologist, the hard decision was made to humanely euthanize her.

Pugalug wishes to thank Dr. Kilburn of the VEC, the veterinarians of the Front Street Animal Hospital and, mostly importantly, Ann, the foster parent who has cared for Lola. This is never the outcome anyone wants to see.

Run free, sweet Lola. We wish we had had more time with you.

"Don't you believe it's time to let me go?
The clock is winding down and I'm moving slow
I could keep on dancing but it's just for show
Don't you believe it's time to let me go?

One of these days I'm gonna take that ride
Whatever's waiting on the other side
Had a little glory and I still got my pride
One of these days I'm gonna take that ride"
-Emmylou Harris