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Kiwi - 11 Year Old Female
In Foster Care

Introduction, November 11, 2018

Kiwi has come back to Pugalug due to a medical issue in her adoptive home. She is 11 years old now. Kiwi has adjusted slowly to her new foster home. At first she was confused and hanging out by the front door. However, she is now on a regular schedule, knows the routine, and is enjoying the new neighbourhood.

She is blind in one eye and a little unsteady on her hips so we walk slowly and carefully. She often looks and stands in the direction we just came from, so I gently call her and, as she turns to my voice and sees me, starts a little jaunt forward.

She loves attention and is happy to approach people to be petted.

We are still working on integrating with the resident pugs. Kiwi does not like to have other dogs around her when she is eating so we have a separate area for her at feeding times. She is on Royal Canin Renal Support canned food.

As she is a senior, we have a few medical issues we need to investigate. Her bladder, liver, and hips need to be scanned, and she needs wellness blood work and dental work. She has her first vet visit at Downtown Animal Hospital next week. We'll have an update for her after that vet visit.

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